We tell you what you must do in the ghostly flow event to get all the rewards.

Starting today we have a new game mode or event for Genshin Impact , in the form of “ghostly flow” that for the next 10 days allows us to participate in a few missions with various levels of difficulty each and get a lot of rewards.

Basically, in “ghostly flow” we will have a series of challenges designated each day, although in a week absolutely all of them will be unlocked in case you have missed one of the days.

Today, the first day of the event, the challenge called “Electrogranic Victory” is now available, and we tell you exactly what you must do to overcome it in its four levels of difficulty, the rewards you can get and much more.

Genshin Impact: how to play Ghost Flow and all its rewards

We are facing a kind of fighting tournament for travelers, and you must overcome each of the missions and confrontations to get rewards.

Celebration date

The event is now available and will be until August 30.

The participation requirement is to have reached adventure rank 30 above and have completed the archon quest “Ritou’s escape plan” and the world quest called “Chisato’s letter”.

How to play

Once the event starts, simply follow the directions on the map so you can teleport to the designated location and start the corresponding challenge that is active at that time.

We have a challenge available each day, until completing all seven. From the seventh day all the challenges will be available in case you have missed any of them.

The name of the challenges are as follows:

  • Electrogranic victory
  • Horizon thunder
  • Nothing can stop me
  • Master of connection
  • They call it skin of steel
  • Breakers
  • The elephant against the whale

Difficulty levels

Perhaps the most notable novelty of the challenges is that each one consists of two modes: beginner and experienced. The curious thing is that within the beginner we have three other levels at the same time in the form of normal, difficult and extreme. Obviously if you overcome a higher difficulty, the previous ones will be completed automatically.

In each of the challenges you will find different opponents and technique mechanisms, so it would be a good idea to do all of them.

First mission: electrogranic victory

Completion requirements

As you have seen, we have up to three completion requirements in each of the difficulty levels and in each of the modes. Overcoming them is a must if you want to move on to the next more advanced one.


As usual we have a ton of rewards including Protogems, Hero Ingenuity, Mystic Refinement Ore, Talent Enhancement Materials, Blackberry, and much more.

So take advantage of the first day of the “ghostly flow” event in Genshin Impact to not only have fun, but also to get many rewards.

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