Living a life of lies can seem quite exciting, although, for most laymen, it is probably mostly a situation of anxiety, stress and nervousness. Luckily, there are spy movies that give us the scoop on what life undercover can be like, without having to live it for ourselves. For fans of the best thrillers (on netflix), psychological, or detectives. Also for those who are passionate about serial killer or true crime stories. 

These are the best spy movies of all time.

Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation stars Gene Hackman as a surveillance expert who becomes obsessed with recording a seemingly mundane conversation, suspecting it reveals a murder. Coppola’s incisive cinematic techniques, especially in editing, capture the film’s paranoia and plot fixation at a visceral level.

No one likes explosions more than director Brian De Palma ( The Price of Power , Carrie ). Hell, he even finds a way to blow up a giant fish tank with gum in Mission: Impossible, his most commercially successful film. But what’s most impressive here is how De Palma squeezes the tension out of quieter moments, like when Cruise breaks a bead of sweat to keep from raising alarm bells as he walks into CIA headquarters.Mission: Impossible

Daniel Craig’s first film breathed new life and personality into the most famous secret agent of all time, anticipating changes without which he might not have survived the MeToo era. But, beyond its importance in the historical future, we have one of the most impressive films in the franchise, with many dramatic final twists, the famous trains and casinos so typical of the character’s classic films and, of course, Eva Green .

The man that knew too much

We could have stayed with the British version, from 36, where Peter Lorre comes out as a villain. However, Que sera, sera, by Doris Day and our always admired James Stewart have just opted us for the color and Hollywood classic. It does not matter, both were directed by the same, Alfred Hitchcock. We already know what that means, narrative perfection of intrigue and suspense and that we don’t know much about what happens in the film. It doesn’t matter, he’s the McGuffin for scenes as mythical as the shot on the gong at the concert.

Doug Liman and Matt Damon at the controls managed to bring together the best of 007, Rambo and Mission: Impossible in a franchise that revolutionized the action thriller of the 21st century. However, nothing like the first where we find an amnesiac Jason Bourne in search of his identity while he finds love with Franka Potente (one of our favorite names) and discovers, like who doesn’t want the thing, his extraordinary abilities to kill.Rambo.

One of Alfred Hitchcock’s greatest films, it is a pivotal addition to the spy movie canon, with the iconic direct’s trademark narrative shining through in the film’s plot twists and suspense. 39 Steps tells the story of an ordinary man who becomes involved in an espionage network aimed at stealing information about the British Army. However, the more trapped he is, the more difficult it will be for him to get out of the web of lies.

Based on the true story of the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, Argo chronicles the mission of US CIA agent Tony Mendez to save six US diplomats by disguising himself as a film crew scouting locations in Tehran. . Ben Affleck stars as the lead, with performances from Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, and John Goodman, among others.

Charlize Theron plays an undercover MI6 agent sent to Berlin just before the fall of the Wall to investigate the murder of a colleague, as well as uncover a list of all the double agents working in the German city. In addition to Theron’s incomparable appeal playing a secret agent, Atomica ‘s vibrant aesthetic and ultra-80s soundtrack make it a memorable film from start to finish.

In this second installment of James Bond, Sean Connery plays 007 who finds himself caught up in a Cold War-era stunt. When he is lured to Istanbul by a beautiful woman, he soon realizes that she has fallen prey to plotting her own murder.James Bond, Sean Connery plays 007.

The Coen brothers are masters at portraying bumbling idiots who get into very bloody power struggles. In Burn After Reading , Brad Pitt enjoys his role as a trainer at a gym who works out alongside Frances McDormand. When these bumbling two come across a CIA agent’s draft memoir, they plan to sell the text so they can pay for all of their dream cosmetic operations. Needless to say, it doesn’t work well. It’s like adapting No Country for Old Men into a comedy.

With death on his heels

It’s not the best Hitchcock movie, but it’s still a Hitchcock movie, and it’s far from the worst. It’s also the best accidental espionage movie ever: Cary Grant is at his best comedic moment as a cocky ad exec who is mistaken by the Soviets for an American spy. It’s clear that Hitchcock doesn’t take anything too seriously, which allows him room for some of his most carefully calibrated and surprising scenes. The plane chase through a cornfield is basically the starting point of Steven Spielberg’s entire career, and De Palma ripped everything else out of it. Can you blame them?