One more year at this time it is time to remember all those great artists who are leaving, but who leave us so many works as a legacy, either in the cinema or on the small screen . It does not matter from where, if from behind the camera or leaving great roles in film or on television. But it is inevitable: every year it is time to say goodbye even if it costs us.

2022 was just beginning and on the same day we received the sad news of the death of actor Sidney Poitier, one of the greats of Hollywood and one of the winners of the Oscar for Best Actor. The filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich, director of films such as ‘Paper Moon’, ‘Lio en Broadway’ or ‘Mascara’, also died. At the beginning of the year, Ivan Reitman, the director to whom we owe, among other things, the story of Ray, Venkman, Egon and Winston and Ecto-1, also left us forever. That is to say, the history of the Ghostbusters, the stories with which several generations have been marked. A true symbol of cinema that his son Jason honored so well in the third part, released at the end of 2021: ‘Ghostbusters: Beyond’, one of the best films of 2021.

In spring, in Spain we said goodbye to Juan Diego. At the age of 79, we said goodbye to another of the greats of our cinema, working on some of the best films in the history of Spanish cinema. There remain as an example of his career ‘The innocent saints’, ‘Ham, ham’ or ‘The trip to nowhere’.

Also leaving after a long and hard fight against cancer Olivia Newton-John. Whoever was -and will continue to be- the sweet Sandy was remembered by all her colleagues from ‘Grease’, especially by John Travolta, who dedicated a few words to her that moved all her followers. The history of cinema closed a chapter with the death of Jean-Luc Godard, one of the fundamental pieces of the Nouvelle Vague. Or the great Angela Lansbury. She seemed immortal, but the versatile actress passed away at the age of 96, leaving hordes of nearly orphaned fans around the world. Or Ray Liotta, the one who will always be remembered for being ‘One of ours’ left this world at 67 years of age. Monica Vitti, William Hurt, James Caan, Paul Sorvino, Tony Sirico, Anne Heche, Kirstie Alley… And so many other names.

At the very least, we will have his brilliant and immortal legacy as a part that will stay with us forever . For this reason they do not go away at all. This is for all of you and you. May the force be with you wherever you are!

At 94, one of the greats of Hollywood cinema of the 60s left us. There he leaves works like ‘Guess who’s coming to dinner tonight’ or ‘In the heat of the night’ or ‘The lilies of the valley’, a film for the who became the first African-American to win the Oscar for Best Actor in 1963.

The same day that Poitier left us, so did the person in charge of titles such as ‘Paper Moon’ or ‘La ultima pelicula’ among many others.

The one who was the protagonist of ‘Forced Parents’ or the voice of the adult Ted Mosby in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ left us in January at the age of 65 due to a head injury.

The French actor, whom we knew as the young Hannibal Lecter in ‘Hannibal’, ‘Only the End of the World’ or in ‘Long Engagement Sunday’ or as Yves Saint-Laurent, died of a brain injury caused by a ski accident .

Due to a fire in his home in Madrid, the actor who appeared in the series ‘Central Hospital’, ‘Personal Reasons’ or ‘Al salir de clase’.

The Italian actress, star of films such as ‘La aventura’ or ‘El eclipse’, died in February at the age of 90.

The man we have to thank for the first two ‘Ghostbusters’ movies said goodbye to us in February. At least he got to see his son Jason pick up the legacy and make the third part that connected directly to his father’s two previous tapes.

The American actress left us in February at the age of 84. She appeared in titles like ‘M*A*S*H’ or ‘Pret-a-Porter’.

Films like ‘Kiss of the Spider Woman’, ‘Children of a Lesser God’, ‘On the Edge of the News’, A History of Violence’, ‘Fire in the Body’ or ‘Captain America: Civil War’ had the Hurt’s involvement. The actor passed away in March, a week before his 72nd birthday.

He became known mainly for ‘Marriage scenes’, although he had a long career in both film and television. He died at the age of 57 from lung cancer.

Morse was known for playing Bertram Cooper in the series ‘Mad Men’. The actor was 90 years old.

Juan Diego left us in April after a long illness. In cinema he leaves us works from ‘The trip to nowhere’, ‘Ham, ham’ to ‘I don’t know how to say goodbye’ and on television appearances such as ‘Father Courage’ or ‘Los hombres de Paco’.

The former pediatrician Andrea Valverde died of cancer in April. She was 52 years old.

Hagerty became known for playing the doorman of the building in the series ‘Friends’. He also participated in series like ‘Murphy Brown’ or ‘Emergencies’. He passed away at the age of 67.

Liotta will always be remembered for the leading role that Scorsese gave him in ‘Goodfellas’. But he wasn’t the only one: ‘Blow’, ‘Hanibal’, ‘John Q’, ‘Cop Land’… The actor died in May at the age of 67.

In July, Sonny Corleone was also leaving. The actor of ‘The Godfather’ passed away at 82 and leaving a legacy with films, in addition to Coppola’s masterpiece, such as ‘Misery’, ‘A Bridge Too Far’ or ‘Thief’.

In July, actor Antonio Ibanez died at the age of 34 after fighting cancer. The actor left jobs in series like ‘Aida’, ‘Arrayan’ or ‘La que se avecina’.

The Paulie Gualtieri we met on ‘The Sopranos’ passed away in July from heart problems.

Mira’s father left in the summer, leaving a career full of roles like in the series ‘Law & Order’, ‘Moonlight’ or in roles like ‘The Cover’, ‘Nixon’ or ‘Romeo + Juliet’.

Sandy from ‘Grease’ will always be eternal, and we owe that to the Australian actress, who left us in August at the age of 73. She left a great career both in the cinema and on television.

Heche passed away due to a car accident in the summer. ‘Donnie Brasco’, ‘Volcano’, ‘The smokescreen’, ‘Without a trace’ or a new version of ‘Psycho’ are some of his works on the big screen.

One of the great names of French cinema, and of the seventh art in general, left us at the age of 91 and with one of the most relevant filmographies in history. ‘At the end of the escapade’, ‘Band apart’, ‘Contempt’, ‘Pierrot the madman’, ‘La chinoise’ or ‘Farewell to language’, to name a few.

We met her as Nurse Ratched from ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, by Milos Forman. Fletcher died at the age of 88.

Harry Potter fans, and cinema in general, cried to say goodbye to Hagrid, that is, to actor Robbie Coltrane. He was 72 years old.

The comedian seen in ‘Will and Grace’ died on October 24 after crashing his car into a building. In his filmography there were numerous appearances on film and on television such as ‘Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman’ among many others.

One of the last legends of the golden age of rock and roll, passed away at the age of 87 in October. Her extensive legacy was picked up on film (and her life was seen in the 1989 film ‘Great Ball of Fire’).

In addition to being the father of Jennifer, John had several jobs in his acting career. He passed away on November 11 at the age of 89.

At the age of 91, the actor Paco Merino said goodbye. He leaves an extensive career to remember with numerous interventions in theatre, cinema (‘Get off to the Moor’, ‘Everyone in jail’, ‘Un franco, 14 pesetas’) or television (‘Aguila roja’, ‘El comisario’, ‘ The Serranos’)

On October 11 we said goodbye to Jessica Fletcher, Mrs. Potts and the novice witch. Angela Lansbury was one of the European actresses with the longest career, whether carried out in cinema, television or on stage.

The former brother of backstreetboy Nick Carter was found dead on November 5, aged 34. In addition to his career in music, Aaron had participated in movies and in various series, such as ‘Lizzie McGuire’ or the first ‘Sabrina’.

Cara passed away of unknown causes at age 63 in November. She started acting as a child, appearing on television shows. However, she became famous for her songs in ‘Fame’ and ‘Flashdance’.

From ‘Top Gun’ to ‘Die Hard’, or the ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ series. Actor Clarence Gilyard Jr. has died at the age of 66.

The protagonist of such iconic titles as ‘Look who’s talking’ or the series ‘Cheers’ died at the age of 71 due to recently diagnosed colon cancer.