These movies will teach you to realize that you will never be as depressed as Bridget Jones eating ice cream and singing ‘All by myself’ in pajamas.

Breakups can be very painful, and overcoming them is a hard road full of reproaches, loneliness and lots and lots of chocolate. But there comes a time when you realize that you have to look to the past to stay with the good, and look to the future to rediscover yourself. 

Better… Single (2016)


This recent movie starring Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson helps demystify love and relationships, and draws a conclusion you can apply to yourself now: loneliness is underrated. 

Adèle’s Life (2013)


More than showing us the ravages of a breakup (which too), this winner of the Palme d’Or shows us a relationship in its entirety, with its bad and its good moments.

The bright side of things (2012)


Well, it may seem obvious, but that’s what life is all about: always finding the bright side of things to move forward. In this Oscar-winning film by David O. Russell we find a Bradley Cooper upset by infidelity and subsequent (and violent) breakup with his girlfriend, whom he is not willing to let go. 

Ruby Sparks (2012)


Given his little success in relationships, Paul Dano ends up creating with his stories a perfect girl for him about the role in this film from the creators of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris . 

Blue Valentine (2010)


After a breakup, you have to gauge to what extent that relationship canbe recovered. If your problems are temporary, if you really need some time (although in practice it never works) or if your love is doomed to failure. In this film, Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams face a “romantic getaway” in which they will test their emotional stability. His are the conclusions.

500 days together (2009)


This very hipster (yet so original and effective) romantic comedy gives us one of the wisest lessons on this list: don’t idealize love. Or people, since we are. What Joseph Gordon-Levitt does is project his relationship desires and ideals onto a woman ( Zooey Deschanel ) whom he doesn’t understand at all. If this is what has led you to the breakup… Take note and learn. But don’t be discouraged: that wink at the end of the film tells you that, despite everything, life goes on.

Step of you (2008)

What can be worse than your partner breaking up with you? Easy: that you find her soon after with her new boyfriend. This classic situation is the one that picks up the film by Nicholas Stoller , in which Jason Segel (who is also the screenwriter) is unable to turn the page after his girlfriend ( Kristen Bell ) breaks up with him. If this situation sounds familiar to you (and a lot), you should take a look at it. If it doesn’t help you draw conclusions, at least you’ll have a laugh.

Something Happens in Vegas (2008)


Beyond romance or comedy, this Tom Vaughan film brings to the table a very important issue in relationships (and breakups): self-confidence. Ashton Kutcher doesn’t have the guts to do anything with his life, and Cameron Diaz doesn’t have the guts to have the love life he wants to have. She especially gives a great lesson in the film, which is the need to love oneself, to find oneself, before sharing life with another person.

The Holiday (2006)


In this film by Nancy Meyers you have models to choose from: a widower with children, recent breakups and impossible and masochistic loves. So take the one that most identifies with you and look in the mirror, although they all come to the same conclusion: life is made up of stages that begin and end. And that travel is highly recommended at this stage, especially if you run into Jude Law or Kate Winslet along the way.