Details continue to come to light about the new romance between Gerard Pique and his current girlfriend Clara Chia, who have been the target of criticism and rejection by fans of Shakira, the ex-soccer player’s ex-partner, and who was a Barcelona defender until a few weeks ago , because all the love mess has made the image of the Catalan go to the floor, leaving him a single label on the front page: “unfaithful”.

The version that all the media had about the relationship between Clara Chia and Pique was that they had met a year ago and it had become established when the footballer and the singer decided to end the relationship in the midst of a crisis that had no solution, as as revealed by international media, however, sources close to Gerard made it clear that this is not entirely true.

It is said that Clara and Gerard met three years ago, within the framework of the 2019 Davis Cup, where the two Spaniards began to speak and go out together. One of the places that received them at the beginning of their idyll of humor was the Bar La traviesa, where they would have started their love affair and the rest is history, since the divorce of the ex-soccer player with Shakira has been one of the most covered news and followed by all of 2022.

These new statements would confirm that Pique was unfaithful to Shakira for a longer time than was considered, and some even affirm that there were more than 50 occasions in which the Catalan would have been involved in love and sexuality with other women, as said by the journalist and paparazzi Jordi Martin on the program I know everything on Channel One.

“He has failed her not only with Clara Chia, but countless times. Shakira is finding out now about everything, since she has broken up with Gerard, she is finding out about numerous infidelities. A Bar Refaeli, year 2012; year 2016, her ex-partner Nuria Tomas; two years ago with a girl in a disco in Barcelona… I can tell you that there may be more than 50″, assured the Spanish communicator.

This type of statement and information that is gradually coming to light is leaving Pique in a much more dishonorable position, since he continues to be the villain throughout history and this has not only permeated Shakira’s fans, who have canceled Gerard from moment one of the break with memes and awarding him the last spiteful songs of the Colombian.

The footballer’s fans are also disappointed with their idol, because he not only disrespected his wife of 12 years and is the current mother of his two children, Milan and Sasha, but his performance in football dropped, he did not shine with the talent that made him famous a decade ago and this whole situation even led him to retire permanently from football, a clear sign that the defender they knew and fell in love with is no longer there.

Now, the one that is re-emerging like a phoenix is ​​the singer Shakira, who after staying very far from the media with her divorce and releasing her last two hits Te felicito and Monotonia, has accelerated her transition to her new life with the signature of her final divorce, which granted her permanent custody of her two children and with which she consolidates her move to Miami, where she has already bought a mansion with all the pertinent comforts, in addition to being ready to release her next album at any time and now she is enjoying the juicy profits of being the official face of Burberry’s holiday collection.