There are movies that simply breathe summer . And what does it mean? Whether traveling abroad or staying in town, making new friends or seeking solitude, enjoying a camp surrounded by nature or visiting a European capital, partying with loud music or falling in love for the first time (or second, or third) time.

There are all kinds and colors, from indie comedies to adolescent adventures, from visions of the Nouvelle Vague to classic Hollywood melodramas, from musicals full of rhythm to dramas for which summer is not all joys, of which they are framed between the best current movies on HBO Max and the best recent movies on Amazon Prime Video and others to be found on Filmin or among Netflix movies. 

What is your favorite summer movie?

The Green Ray 


In Éric Rohmer ‘s films , life flows organically and hypnotically, between long conversations and walks under the sun. In this film, which is born from the best films of the Nouvelle Vague, follows a young Parisian who sees her summer plans frustrated by the cancellation of her friend, but who decides to travel anyway to get out of the stifling French capital. 

Mamma Mia! The Movie 

Could there be a movie with more summer spirit than this? Impossible! The famous Broadway musical came to the big screen with a scandalous cast ( Meryl Streep , Pierce Brosnan , Colin Firth , Christine Baranski , Amanda Seyfried , Julie Walters …) and transported us to a Greek island where everyone starts to sing songs from ABBA and past loves spontaneously come to torment the protagonist in the week of her daughter’s wedding. It’s one of those happy movies for shitty times.

Call me by your name 

Who had a summer love like Oliver and Elio’s. This film by Luca Guadagnino , based on the novel by André Aciman , accompanies the romantic idyll between a teenager ( Timothée Chalamet ) and a university student ( Armie Hammer ) through the incredibly beautiful landscapes of northern Italy. 



Many towns take advantage of the summer to celebrate their local festivals, take advantage of the good weather by setting up a fair and organizing music in the main square for all the residents. A true classic that serves as the stage for the catharsis of three cousins ​​( Quim Gutiérrez , Adrián Lastra and Raúl Arévalo ) who are looking for the true meaning of their lives. 

Dirty Dancing 

Who needs trips or excursions when you have Patrick Swayze as your dance teacher for an entire summer? This iconic eighties film directed by Emile Ardolino raised the temperature in movie theaters with its sensual dances and the torrid romance between the protagonists, which was accompanied by a scandalous soundtrack. A film for which time has not passed a day, and that always reminds us of the most bittersweet moments of summer. Also, it is one of the best romantic movies on Netflix.

Moonrise Kingdom

If you’re passionate about the Wes Anderson universe , with its warm color palette, visual symmetry, and irreverent characters, there’s no better choice for summer in his filmography than this 2012 film. Set in the 1960s, it tells how two young lovers run away from their town to live adventures. while their relatives and acquaintances tirelessly search for them trying not to get too distracted by their own dramas and hidden passions. Can you imagine where it is in our ranking of all Wes Anderson movies?

Count On Me


If you were also one of those children who spends the hot summers in the town with nothing else to do but go from here to there with your friends, this movie will represent you a lot. Directed by Rob Reiner and based on a story by Stephen King , it tells the story of four friends who embark on a journey following the train tracks in search of a corpse they have heard about. Curiosity guides them, and in the meantime we will understand how trapped they feel in that place without expectations or future from which they want to escape as soon as possible. Definitely one of the best movies of the 80s.

The Kings of Summer 

This is one of those ‘indie’ movies that will make your day. Jordan Vogt-Roberts (who would later move to Hollywood to direct ‘Kong: Skull Island’) tells us a classic tale of teenage rebellion, with a Stephen King -esque twist (the easy comparison is ‘Count On Me’) and a delirious sense of humor, in which three friends run away from home to live by their own rules in a cabin in the woods. But coexistence and life in nature is not as easy as thought.



A different and profoundly summery coming-of-age that finds its perfect setting in another classic place of the season: an amusement park! The protagonist ( Jesse Eisenberg ), a young man who needs to save money to fulfill his dream of traveling throughout Europe, ends up there as a worker. But what starts out as a reluctant summer job turns into an incredible experience with his new partner ( Kristen Stewart ). It could be one of the best Kristen Stewart movies.