Famous for being elusive and private in many ways, it should come as no surprise that Frank Ocean , seemingly out of nowhere, shows up with a new project. It is, after all, what the former Odd Future member does best . In 2016, Ocean showed up and quietly built a ladder to fulfill his obligations to Def Jam records and then the next day, to much surprise and an equal amount of critical acclaim, released a new full-length album on his own label. , so we know that Ocean is full of surprises.

While we’ve been waiting for a new music project for a while, this weekend Ocean was announcing his new luxury brand Homer via Instagram and a Financial Times front page interview , where he talks about his inspirations and how to acquire the products, so we tell you everything that is known so far about the brand.

What is Homer?

As usual for Ocean, the name it doesn’t say much more than, presumably, a predilection for the epic poetry of ancient Greece, although he is saying that his intention with the name is “to set history in stone”. First of all, Ocean refers to Homer as an “American luxury brand”. Designed and based in New York, it has so far focused on high-end jewelry and printed silk scarves as the brand’s first offering, all of which are made in Italy.

What parts can be purchased?

“Homer” by Frank Ocean. 

The pieces themselves are a collection of many bracelets, many chains, many earrings, and a selection of other jewelery that even cater to the oft-forgotten tongue piercing. They boast not only craft credentials, but also notable sustainability ratings. Materials are including handcrafted 18K solid gold, handpainted enamel, and recycled sterling silver. However, what is most interesting is the use of laboratory-grown diamonds, a more ethical and ecological alternative to traditional stones extracted from mines. The prices have been located between USD $395 to USD $1,898,000.

Where can they be purchased?

“Homer” by Frank Ocean. 

Adding to the exclusivity of the new brand, Homer will only be available through the brand’s new boutique at 70-74 Bowery, New York, which is opening Monday, August 9. To the disappointment of fans, this means that although appointments can be booked through the homer.com website , there is no sign of a web store. Homer is not an offshoot of Frank Ocean merchandise . It hasn’t been created with the people who buy Ocean’s records in mind. It is, however, an extension of the artist’s creative output: every detail, from the pieces themselves to the catalog (a joint graphic and photographic effort by frequent collaborator Tyrone Lebon and Ocean himself, respectively) has been carefully considered and artistically Elaborated.

Where can I see the pieces?

“Homer” by Frank Ocean. 

Ocean fans can request the brand’s catalog on the official website, but in advance, we tell you that not only is the image of the campaign clearly contemporary, closer to the aesthetics of PC Music and Vaporwave than to classic advertising luxury, but the pieces themselves are cheerfully infused with color and brightness.

More collaborations are coming

Between pages of product photography and campaign images, the catalog also is containing something of an easter egg: a jacket, in a soothing icy green, and complete with a familiar triangular badge. Accompanied only by the words PRADA, Homer and soon, it seems that it is the first indication of a collaboration with the Italian firm and his luxury brand, and proof that Homer already is moving among the upper echelons of luxury brands.