In such an inhospitable territory, and unfortunately so much in vogue these days, such as the Amazon, where there is a whole plethora of undiscovered fauna and flora, where there are still communities that have not had contact with Western man and where secrets acquire, Due to its inextricable orography, a different dimension, presenting an old-style thriller is a success. If we add to this a social criticism focused on the life of the indigenous people , a constant denunciation of the mistreatment of the jungle by economic interests, an exaltation of the ancestral bond of the human being with the land and a fantastic halo, they will obtain Green Frontier .

Directed by Laura Mora Ortega ( Killing Jesus, Men Also Cry ), Jacques Toulemonde Vidal and Ciro Guerra ( Embrace of the Serpent ), and created by Jenny Ceballos, Diego Ramírez-Schrempp and Mauricio Leiva-Cock, Green Frontier invites us to connect with the singularities of an unknown world such as the Amazon (although anyone would locate it on a map) through a luminous, green noir in broad daylight.Let’s situate ourselves: Puerto Manigua, Colombia, today. Several white women, belonging to a Christian religious community, are found savagely murdered. Detective Helena Poveda (Juana del Río), whose past is related to the area, is sent from Bogotá to take charge of the case.

Once in Puerto Manigua, they assign Reynaldo Bueno (Nelson Camayo), an indigenous member of the Nai community who fell out of favor with his peers some time ago due to his disagreements with his father, as a companion on the ground. The Local Police, except for Reynaldo himself, do not collaborate more than necessary because they are immersed in other interests that are much more productive for their pockets and that it is not convenient to air. The Amazon triangle formed by the borders of Colombia, Brazil and Peru, whose epicenter turns out to be Puerto Manigua, harbors many secrets.149BvbedykR_h2bX0k7HgNw.jpegThe femicide that both police officers are investigating takes a different course when they discover the body of a woman who shows no signs of aging . And that is when the two characters appear on the scene who diametrically change Helena’s vision: Yua (Miguel Dionisio Ramos) and Ushë (Ángela Cano), the first an indigenous Arupani and the second, a Mananuc, and both keep the great secret of the Manigua (a kind of maternal and divine Amazonian Gaia or Gea that shelters and protects all living beings in the jungle -literal meaning of the term-, uniting them as a whole that ranges from the most insignificant to the most universal).

However, both Yua and Ushë, when they connect with Helena and Reynaldo, confess a capital fear. Inside the Manigua, the white demon is present and threatens to reach the Space of Lights (also the Workshop of the Gods), a real world, coming from another, also real, superior that influences the daily life of the Manigua and everything what it houses. But everything takes a capital turn when the white demon to which they refer comes from another time, specifically from 1949 , and turns out to be Joseph Schultz (Bruno Clairefond), a former member of the Nazi party who entered the Amazon jungles to escape defeat. German.

Upon meeting Yua and Ushë, he discovers that they do not age and that in the indigenous communities they are called the Eternals. His goal, since then, will be to achieve immortality and access the Space of Lights. As if that were not enough, Helena, who had lived in Puerto Manigua when she was little, meets Efraín Márquez (Andrés Crespo), a businessman with dubious hair who tells her substantial information about her parents.

Among the successes of Green Frontier is, first of all, the use of indigenous languages ​​such as Tikuna and Huitoto (which is a mixture of dialects). On the other hand, the cast is Colombian and indigenous (as Ciro Guerra himself did in Embrace of the Serpent ). Both details give it a substantial point of truth for the future of the story.

The creation of an endemic mythology, but with a clear universal character, added to the metaphor of the Amazon as the Earth (the great lung) , women as protagonists and/or victims (almost 1,800 women murdered in Colombia during the years 2017 and 2018) and the conflict between indigenous and western communities (the clear opposition between justice and its application to each other, or technology versus arcane wisdom) are the major themes that this eight-part miniseries proposes. Sufficient reasons to enter that area of ​​the planet that risks being lost forever.

‘Green Frontier’ is available in full on Netflix.