Pokémon Unite is updated to version 1.2 with its arrival on iOS and Android mobile devices, introducing news, new Pokémon and buffs and nerfs in others: these are the patch notes.

The successful MOBA from Tencent and TiMi Studios, Pokémon Unite , has just landed on Android and iOS mobile devices, after a few months on Nintendo Switch where it was downloaded more than 9 million times. The gameplay of titles like League of Legends or DOTA 2 was transferred to the Pokémon world in short and addictive games that you can play wherever you want.

Version 1.2.1 of Pokémon Unite came out on September 22, in parallel on Switch and on mobile, with several new features in the form of new Pokémon, missions, battle pass, but also many nerfs that we detail below.

Pokémon Unite: all the news of version 1.2: nerfs and patch notes

Pre-registration reward

The first novelty is a reward for exceeding five million previous registrations in the mobile version. Whether or not you did the previous registration, you will receive these gifts . If you play on Switch you can also use them, but only after you have linked your Switch account with the mobile account. 

  • AEos Coupons
  • Pikachu United License
  • Holotuendo de Pikachu Matsuro

To claim this and other rewards given for the game’s launch on mobile, tap your character icon in the left corner and look under Events. 


  • Added a new Battle Pass : Gravity 094, with items inspired by outer space
  • New special missions to receive Zeraora’s Unite license if you didn’t get it in the initial promotion on Switch
  • Two new characters: Mamoswine and Sylveon (coming soon)
  • Added spectator mode
  • Added Offline Mode for Nintendo Switch
  • New event focused on equipped items
  • Changes in text, interface and design of some fashion items

Pokemon Adjustments

When looking at the new nerfs and buffs, also keep in mind those that occurred in the August 4th patch.


  • Shadow Slash: Reduced recharge time, modified area of ​​effect of the movement
  • Cheap Shot: Reduced cooldown, increased duration of unstoppable status while the move is active


  • Slash: Now the number of hits of the move is less, but the amount of damage of each hit is increased.
  • Spark: The time between uses of the move has been increased to make it easier to use. The number of hits dealt by Cruel Volt now also increases when performing a basic attack while Spark is active.
  • Cruel Volt: Reduced the recharge time of the move. Reduced the amount of damage taken while using the move.


  • Fire Punch: Modified targets affected by burns.
  • Flamethrower: His movement speed is increased more.
  • Flare: Reduced move recharge time
  • Ground Collision Unite Move: Now works like this: grab an opposing Pokémon and launch it to the ground from the air, after which it can temporarily fly over any obstacle. 


  • Giga Drain: Damage reduction taken is greater.
  • Petal Dance: Increased damage dealt, reduced cooldown, increased dash speed.


  • Fiery Ball: Increased damage dealt to opponents. Reduced reload time.
  • Nitrocharge: Reduced recharge time
  • Igneous Chilean Unite Movement. Fixed the error that occurred when the movement activation failed.
  • Flame Sea: Modified when its effect activates.


  • Increased your overall attack
  • Flight: Reduced movement recharge time. Your dash speed while flying is increased.
  • Unite Move Flaming Blitz: Unite Gauge Charge Speed ​​Increase


  • Increased his defense and space defense
  • Rough Skin: Adjusted the interval at which skill effect activates.


  • Lowered his Attack and Max HP.
  • Smoke Screen: Fixed a bug with Smoke Screen+ activating before it was upgraded.
  • Double team: Improved behavior of the copies it creates.
  • Water Shuriken: Fixed a bug that affected speed reduction. Now activates faster.
  • Torrent: Attack increases less when the ability is activated.


  • Reduced his Special Attack at max level
  • Destroyer: Reduced damage dealt to opponents
  • Magical Glow: Reduced damage dealt to opponents
  • Song: Fixed a bug that affected sleeping opponents.
  • Great Charm: Adjusted interval in which the skill effect activates

They cry

  • Empowered Attack: Increased damage dealt to opponents
  • Surf: Reduced damage dealt to opponents
  • Dive: Reduced movement recharge time
  • Unite Move Predatory Burst: Reduced damage dealt


  • Surge Fist: Reduced damage dealt
  • Point Blank: Increased damage dealt. The number of hits of the move is higher.
  • Point Blank +: Fixed a bug that affected the damage dealt.

Alolan Ninetales

  • Blizzard: Changed the way the move deals damage when the blizzard hits an obstacle
  • Unite Move: Snow Ring: Bug Fixes
  • Snowfall: Troubleshooting


  • Cotton Curl: Fixed a bug that affected HP recovery at the end of the movement
  • Blade Cyclone: ​​Improved its effects and adjusted its movement to better suit the controls


  • Empowered Attack: Fixed a bug affecting damage dealt
  • Psycharge +: Bug Fixes


  • Yawn: Fixed a bug affecting opponents asleep by movement


  • Tongue: Fixed error that occurred when attracting rivals with the tongue
  • Fixed a bug that affected movement times

Mr. Mime

  • Barrier: Upgrading the move makes its maximum number of uses available again
  • Defense Changer: Fixed bug that affected the defense change


  • Modified your contact area


  • Basic Attack: Fixed a bug where opponents’ special defense would be reduced when using basic or empowered attacks.
  • Surf: Modified area of ​​effect


  • Unite Somanta Epic Movement: Fixed bug that affected pushing. Fixed error that occurred when using it on super jump springboards.


  • Quick Spin: Fixed a bug that would slow the movement speed of opponents hit with attacks while Quick Spin was active, and others.

Regigias (Wild Pokemon)

  • To improve match balance, defeating him will temporarily increase your team’s scoring speed and prevent your goals from being blocked.

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