Season 12 of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ will premiere on September 24 on the American channel CBS, responsible for its broadcast since the beginning of fiction.

Thus, the season premiere will be on Tuesday, September 25. Then there will be an episode on VOSE every Friday and that same chapter can be seen the following Thursday in a dubbed version, that is, seven days apart from the US.

Season 12 will be the last

After months of rumors, the producers of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ finally announced in a statement that season 12 of the series would be the last.

Although it continues to be a broadcast success for CBS, it was said that the high production costs (the actors alone are paid close to a million dollars per episode) would be a drag on the future of the series when it came to conduct negotiations, especially wage negotiations.

However, the reason that ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is over is another…

Jim Parsons doesn’t want to be Sheldon anymore

The day after the end of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ was announced, the news broke that production costs were not the reason why the series will end after the twelfth season, but the fact that its protagonist wanted to leave it. Apparently, the CBS network tried to close an agreement for Jim Parsons to continue in the series for two more seasons (13 and 14) but the actor rejected the offer, moved by his interest in participating in other productions. There can be no ‘The Big Bang Theory’ without Sheldon Cooper.The actor has been excited and grateful for this experience, as he assured in this emotional letter.

Mayim Bialik doesn’t want the series to end

As Fotogramas reported a few weeks ago, actress Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy Farrah Fowler since the fourth season of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, has not been very happy with the news of her announced ending. “She is me and I am her. And soon she will not be able to continue creating her,” she assures.

Which characters return?

As expected, all the main characters of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ will also be next season: Jim Parsons (Sheldon), Johnny Galecki (Leonard), Kaley Cuoco (Penny), Simon Helberg (Howard), Kunal Nayyar (Raj ), Mayim Bialik (Amy) and Melissa Rauch (Bernadette).

We will also see many secondary characters and surely many guest star cameos, but none of them have been confirmed at the moment.

There will be a connection with ‘Young Sheldon’

As we told you recently, in season 12 of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ we will see a connection between it and its spin-off series, ‘The Young Sheldon’, which successfully premiered last season also on CBS. As showrunner Steve Holland has assured, in the next season we will see the adult version of the character of Tam, Sheldon’s best friend during his childhood, as we see in the spin-off. We’ll also find out why he hasn’t been mentioned for all these years in the main series.

What will we see in season 12?

The showrunner Steve Holland has not given precise details about the plots that will be explored in the new season but assures that “there are certain stories that we want to tell that we have not told yet, we do not know what will happen after season 12 so this is a good opportunity to tell them”.

Exploring Superasymmetry

Without a doubt, one of the plots that will be explored in the next season will be Sheldon’s discovery of Super Asymmetry. Comments Holland: “For years we’ve talked about how smart Sheldon is and we’ve shown it, but it was important for us to give him a big win and show that he’s as smart as we’ve claimed. This is going to be an interesting and fun story, especially as He and Amy are going to be in it as a team and a married couple.”

We will see Professor Proton again

Professor Proton, played by legendary actor Bob Newhart, will appear again to Sheldon for the last time in season 12 of ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Details of his appearance are unknown but the episode will air this year, making it the sixth time the actor has appeared on the series as a guest star.