“Paint It, Black” Confirmed To Be Finishing Recording First Album With New Tracks In Nearly 18 Years

Those of us who attended the concerts to see the Rolling Stones singing left the venue knowing, deep down, that this was not going to be the last tour for Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards. On their “Sixty” tour, the artists have shown more than ever that music and age have no relationship, that the passion for the show can be stronger than any wrinkle, and that they have well deserved the title of legends of the music. Now, those of “Paint it, black” surprise their audience again, as they have announced that they will release an album with new songs and, of course, they will go on tour to present it. A news that Keith Richards already hinted at a few months ago and that is now confirmed.

Unbelievable but true: its components are almost 80 years old, it is no longer that they have just toured the planet, but that they have almost finished their thirty-second album. It is an album that they have announced through recording sessions, and that it will be the first to contain new songs in almost 20 years. “ I can reveal the plan of the Rolling Stones to release a new album next summer. I am told that Jagger, Richards and Wood have gathered in New York over the last fortnight for recording sessions along with a host of world-class session musicians, to complete the initial recordings of their first production of original material in 18 years.”, confirmed through “The Sun” the journalist Simon Boyle. A team that includes Steve Jordan, who, as on the last tour, replaced the late Charlie Watts.Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards y Mick Jagger, en 2012

Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards y Mick Jagger, in 2012.

“After Charlie’s death there was some uncertainty about what to do next. They had dates scheduled for states, so they pulled through despite the pressure. But afterwards it was not clear what the future would look like. However, now that they have been able to reflect, they all feel that the right thing to do is to continue doing what they have always done as a band, make new music and, hopefully, get back on the road to present it to their fans”, explain the journalist’s informants from “The Sun”.

Without Charlie

In this way, it becomes the first album of new songs by the Stones after 18 years, since they released “Blue & Lonesome”. Although in 2021 the band released a reissue of “Tattoo you”, it was a version of the album they released in 1981, with additional parts recorded by Watts before his death. As Jagger admitted in 2021, “Charlie put down some work, some riffs and stuff like that. Without Charlie it will be very difficult, we have some tracks that obviously have Charlie , but if we do new things, he will be gone.

Boyle assures that the relentless and incombustible sense of the Stones is proven by the fact that, once they release the new album, they will embark on a new tour of America and Europe. A piece of news that will put an end to all the rumors that have ensured that the “Sixty” tour was the last tour, as well as throwing back into the air the big question of whether it will be the last tour of the “Start me up” band. A question that, however, is erased from the mind of anyone who has recently been able to attend a concert by the band, given the strength and power that emanates from Jagger’s voice and Richards and Wood’s instruments.