Here we are once again like every Friday and we have prepared some cinematographic novelties that we are going to recommend for this weekend. Prepare popcorn, here we come with 3 recommendations from HBO Max, Prime Video and MovistarPlus+.

Despite the fact that on many occasions finding the perfect movie to watch a weekend can be a task only for the most skilled, nothing stops us and we return once again, like every Friday, to offer you the news that some platforms bring and thus lighten you something the task

As we also do every week, we will not only offer you three new movies , the series also have a place on this day of the week and you will be able to see, in another article, three series recommendations so that you do not get bored. Who knows, maybe we will open new doors to other types of themes.

Today’s three recommendations are from HBO Max, Prime Video and MovistarPlus+ and we hope they hook you.

On the one hand, we bring the new Top Gun movie, which did so well at the box office at the time, which is now coming to Prime Video. On the other, we leave you with a fairly recent Warren terror from HBO Max and we end with a somewhat striking MovistarPlus+ movie about a somewhat manipulative genius of the lamp.

The Warren Files: Compelled by the Demon (2021), HBO Max 

In 1981, just a few years after Michael Taylor’s particularly violent Ossett Murder case shocked the UK, and Janet Hodgson’s grisly Enfield Haunting case in The Conjuring 2 (2016), seasoned Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren find themselves in Brookfield, Connecticut.

After the complicated exorcism of David Glatzel, an eight-year-old boy, Arne Johnson, a young friend of the Glatzels, begins to show increasingly strange behavior, so there is no choice but to take action, since they assume that the demon now dwells in it. It premieres December 30 on HBO Max.

Top Gun: Maverick (2022), Amazon Prime Video 

Paramount Pictures

Surely many of you have already seen the first one. Well, set 30 years after its predecessor, military awards, medals and decorations for extraordinary heroism in combat , the distinguished US Navy Captain Pete Mitchell (Maverick), will have to return to action.

After spending years avoiding promotions after the events of Top Gun (1986), Maverick must now face an ugly past and an uncertain future as he is tasked with training the next generation of elite fighter pilots for a nearly impossible suicide mission.

It premieres December 30 on Amazon Prime Video.

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Three thousand years waiting for you (2022), MovistarPlus+

Dr. Alithea Binnie is in Istanbul conducting a study of humanity. She is she, suddenly, she will stumble upon an intriguing glass bottle in which the Djinn, or the Genie of the bottle, lives. 

He offers her three wishes in exchange for her freedom. This raises two problems. First, she doubts that she’s real, and second, because she’s a student of history and mythology, she knows all the stories about wishes gone wrong. 

After all, trickster Djinns love to manipulate the innermost desires of humans to serve their own selfish ends. This movie opens on January 1 on MovistarPlus+.