Has Friends managed to keep you glued to the TV and are you looking for similar series?

Stop looking, we have the answer. Right here we leave you a wide scramble with the best series similar to Friends .

It goes without saying that Friends is a series cucumber, and for that reason we are going to get you to relive the same emotional connection again. And what better way to do that than by giving you this list of the best Friends-like shows ? We hope it’s perfect.

To achieve this, we investigate the main genres (Drama, Comedy, Romance) of Friends, similar searches on our website and changes in search engine trends. Thus, in these recommendations you will be able to see a great variety.

First of all, if you want to know more details about Friends, we recommend you go through the post we have about it. Without further ado, here you have the TOP of the best series similar to Friends:

1. Modern Family

Even though several of you see the decision to put Modern Family together with the best series similar to Friends a failure, but for FeverSeries it is reasoned.

2. Crash

Many of you may see the decision to add Crash among the best series similar to Friends something unusual, but for us it is discussed.

Crash Information:

Original Name: Crash Release Year: 2008 Seasons: 2 Seasons IMDB Rating: 6.8 Main Actors: Eric Roberts, Seth Blanchard; Linda Park, Maggie; Dana Ashbrook, Jimmy

3. Crazy for you

Among our recommendations for series like Friends, it was impossible for Crazy for you to be missing .

The series revolves around the lives of Camilo and Juancho, two friends who work in Maestro Guzmán’s orchestra, both of whom share the dream of one day becoming the most renowned musicians in the tropical genre. On this long journey to fulfill their dream, they meet Daniela, a woman with a good economic position who wants to be famous and live from music just like them. Daniela will have to hide from her family that she is part of a musical orchestra, and from Camilo and Juancho that she comes from a high-class family. 

4. Leaving class

In our post about the best series like Friends, a series like When leaving class should be included .

Its plot is set in the 7 Robles institute (located somewhere in Madrid), where a very large group of teenagers of all kinds interact, go on a spree, fall in love, etc.

5. Luimelia

In an article about series like Friends, a notable series like Luimelia should be included.

6. Gossip Girl

Many of you may see the decision to introduce Gossip Girl with the best Friends-like series as a system error, but we think it’s totally justified.

The posh kids at a private high school in Manhattan always get their way, until an anonymous blogger named Gossip Queen spies on their every move.

7. This Is Us

This Is Us was not going to be missing in an article on series like Friends .

This provocative and honest series follows a very unusual group of people who suddenly find their lives intertwined with each other in the most curious ways possible, exploring their own conflicts, deprivations and difficulties. They soon discover that many of them share common elements in their lives (some of them have birthdays on the same day), even more than any of them could expect. 

8. Togetherness

In our post about series similar to Friends, we must definitely put Togetherness .

Brett (Mark Duplass) and Michelle (Melanie Lynskey), a married couple looking to rekindle the passion in their relationship, find themselves in conflict when Brett’s friend Alex (Steve Zissis) and Michelle’s sister Tina (Amanda Peet) they move with them to the outskirts of Los Angeles. These two couples living under the same roof have to deal with keeping the spark of their relationship alive while trying to pursue their individual dreams.

9. I am Bea

In an article about the best series similar to Friends, you have to put Yo soy Bea without a doubt .

The series, which once aired on Telecinco, tells how Beatriz Pérez Pinzón, a very ugly but quite intelligent 27-year-old girl, starts working at the well-known trend magazine Bulevar 21. There she falls in love with her boss, Álvaro Aguilar. , the young and recently appointed director of this magazine.

10. Dash and Lily

Some of you may find the choice to put Dash and Lily among the best series like Friends something that makes little sense, but I think it is more than justified.

At Christmas, opposites attract. Dash, the cynic, and Lily, the optimist, exchange messages and challenges in a red notebook that circulates through the streets of New York.

11. Bella Calamities

Among these recommendations for the best series similar to Friends, Bella Calamidades could not be missing .

Once upon a time, in a very distant town, there was a mysterious young woman whom everyone called “the lost soul”. People thought she was crazy, because she dressed in rags and they only saw her at night, when she went out for a walk through the cemetery, the place where she lived. What no one knew is that this dirty young woman with a lost look was the same girl who years before had suffered a lot after the death of her father.

12. The Heartbreakers

In our post about series like Friends we have to put a remarkable series like The Heartbreakers .

And with this brilliant series we have finalized the list with series like Friends. I hope it has served you and we want to help you again in these parts.