There are many sci-fi miniseries that you can enjoy if you like futuristic, technological and somewhat dark stories, some are based on books, others on ideas about what awaits us in the future, on theories or the power of technology, and all they are addictive in some way.

The magic of science fiction is that it can take many forms, it can jump to different moments in time, even to the past, it can be drama, comedy and even horror (the Alien saga has done it better than anyone), and that it has allowed the most brilliant writers and creators to build all kinds of fantastic worlds and settings that make us wonder if we are heading to that point.

It’s not exactly something new, series like Lost in Space, The Jetsons and The Twilight Zone turned science fiction into one of the best weapons on television, but as we advance and technology changes, the genre has also evolved and sought new ways to surprise us and transform reality into something extraordinary.

And the best part is that, even when it comes to fictional series, there is nothing to ensure that, in the future, we cannot find ourselves traveling to space in a ship like the one in Space Odyssey or “playing” with technology like that of Black Mirror .

10 sci-fi miniseries you must watch:

Invasion, Apple TV+

This Apple Tv+ series features actors such as Sam Neill, Camille Rowe, Shamier Anderson and Rinko Kikuchi, and is a kind of anthology that tells the stories of different characters during a time when the Earth is “visited” by a mysterious alien species that threatens the existence of humanity.

The events of the series unfold as if you were watching them in real time, with each character helping to give you a different perspective and show a different side of the incident.

Foundation, Apple TV+

Based on the science fiction saga written by the great Isaac Asimov, which inspired Elon Musk to want to reach space and create SpaceX, Foundation takes place millions of years in the future, on a planet called Trantor.

Trantor is ruled by an emperor who is a clone of his ancestor and who is to be replaced by his own clone. He is the leader of the empire, but his reign is threatened when a mathematician named Hari Seldon uses a science called psychohistory to predict the fall of the kingdom, which will lead humans back to the stone age

Dr Brain, Apple TV+

This Korean series premieres on November 4. Dr. Brain tells the story of a doctor who develops innovative technology that allows him to “hack” or get into people’s minds. His project is put to the test when he is given a mission to enter the mind of a dead man, who hides the clues to solve a disturbing case.

The doctor is a genius and has the ability to remember everything he sees, so when the experiment doesn’t go as expected, he gets caught between reality and the memories and images he managed to see. The series is full of terror and hallucinations, where technology becomes the “monster” that makes everything worse.

Raised by Wolves, HBO Max

Created by Ridley Scott, Raised by Wolves (which is getting a second season, but it’s still a short series) takes place in a future where humanity was destroyed by a mysterious artificial intelligence created by a group of religious fanatics.

The last survivors are a group of children who are raised by two androids on a strange planet where they must learn to survive, but everything changes when they discover that they are not the last and that the terror they thought they left behind is back.

11.22.63, HBO Max

Based on one of the few Stephen King novels that aren’t exactly horror. This series stars James Franco , who plays Jake Epping, an ordinary man who discovers a portal to the past in the cellar of a restaurant.

Jake discovers that the portal can transport him to a key moment in history, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and is given a mission to find out what led Lee Harvey Oswald to commit the crime and try to prevent it from happening, with the promise that it will help change the world for the better.

Tales From the Loop, Amazon Prime

Starring Daniel Zolghadri, Paul Schneider, and Rebecca Hall , this is one weird sci-fi story. The story introduces us to the inhabitants of a city that is on a device called “The Loop”, which is a machine built to discover and explore the mysteries of the universe, allowing them to experience things that all kinds of events contradict the laws. of physics and the possible.

WandaVision / Loki, Disney+

The first series of Marvel and the third series for Disney are some of the best things to come to streaming.

On the one hand, WandaVision uses the formats of the classic series to tell the story and to show the evolution of Wanda, who gradually realizes that her world is not what it seems and that there are many things she must deal with. cope. The series paves the way for the sequel to Dr. Strange and tells us about alternate realities, chaos magic and the multiverse.No, these series are not connected, but they have something in common, they are all foreign and they all have science fiction elements that have to do, in one way or another, with time travel.

Equinox is based on Danish legends and true crimes, and tells the story of a woman who, after having suffered a tragedy, begins to receive clues that lead her to discover that the case that marked her family is not over, and that a mysterious disappearance could have something to do with a religious ritual gone wrong.