Talking about Donald Glover is talking about one of the geniuses of modern comedy, an actor who has gone one step further and has had no limits to demonstrate all his talent in various facets: as a writer, as a director, as a producer and, of course, as an interpreter.

Community was the project that put him on the radar of many people, the series allowed him to show all his talent in comedy, to later be the spearhead of what would come next.

Atlanta is an ambitious project from every point of view and we are not saying this because of the budget, but because of the themes it deals with, the performances by the cast (led by Glover), the combination and transition between drama and comedy in the history, and obviously the music.

When mentioning music, we need to bring up this artist’s musical alter ego: Childish Gambino .

Next, our Track by Track of 3.15.20 .

1. 0.00

A cinematographic introduction, as if it were a sequence of memories, memories or even a trip to the future in a film, in this way we can describe this theme that opens the album.

2. Algorhythm

If we translate the title of the song, we will get the meaning of it. This theme works like an algorithm both in composition, production and references. Childish uses effects to make her voice sound computerized in the verses, in which she refers to society as an alienated entity that responds to self-imposed algorithms.

3. Time (Feat. Ariana Grande)

We must start from the fact that we never saw a collaboration between Childish and Ariana Grande coming , much less that it would sound so good with a futuristic vibe but at the same time that it reminds us of the pop rhythms of the 80s and early 90s that we hear in songs from artists like George Michael . In this song, Donald questions realities that seem to be absolute, such as the presence of stars in the sky, but at the same time confirms a fact that is unquestionable: time is running out.

4. 12.38 (Feat. 21 Savage, Khadja Bonnet & Ink)

One of the most experimental songs on the album, based on the R&B genre, Gambino tells us about his escape with a girl and the adventure that resulted for both of them, using euphemisms and analogies to describe their sentimental and carnal relationship. , a relationship where excesses play a leading role. The theme features verses from 21 Savage, Khadja Bonet, Ink along with some nods to figures such as actress Tracee Ellis Ross and singers Chaka Khan , Toni Braxton and SZA .

5. 19.10

In this issue, Gambino explores what it means to be a person of color today, beauty, and all that comes with it. The first verse has him impart the wisdom of his father to whom he listens, while the second verse focuses on how the world seeks to capitalize on the beauty of black culture, something many people have taken to defining as “appropriation.” cultural”.

6. 24.19

Childish’s voice changes tonality as the song goes on, accompanied by a saxophone in the background in one of the verses. With elements of gospel and funk, this track is a thank you to her beloved for all the things she’s done for him, from cooking him rice, to moving to California to keep their relationship afloat.

7. 32.22

A transition gives way to this aggressive theme both in its rhythm and in its lyrics, which begins with a sequence of heavy panting and develops between murmurs. All the attention lies in the powerful production of the theme, the use of effects that give the feeling that we are in the middle of a futuristic jungle with a tribe.

8. 35.31

In this song, Gambino shows us what a country-inspired song made under his vision and art sounds like, with his indisputable stamp on instrumentation, backing vocals, production and lyrics. Although the fundamental premise of country music is to tell stories, in this song the musician tells us about the experiences of a boy who from a very young age found himself having to sell drugs to survive.

9. 39.28

In the background, a piano accompanies the interpretation, or we can say, the narration of the verses that Gambino does with the help of effects that distort his voice. This theme lets you know how much he misses his beloved, who possibly died under circumstances that the song does not make clear, beyond the fact that a party and a body involved are referred to. To some extent the song seems to be a confession when heard between the lines.

10. 42.26

The only song we had heard from the album before is Feels Like Summer . Gambino contrasts two realities in this theme: the summer spirit that invites us to relax and not worry about problems with the song’s melody, but that in its lyrics calls attention to the various problems that the world faces during that time of summer. year and in general: temperatures rise, communities do not receive water, deforestation, air pollution and more.

11. 47.48

In a much more acoustic vibe and with an experimental funk base for the song’s melody, the lyrics emphasize living in the present while contrasting with images of danger and violence that have become a constant in our lives. lives with the rise of digital media and social media. Gambino makes us reflect on the importance of love through a conversation with her son in one of the verses.

12. 53.49

Gambino closes the album on a much happier note with this song, a celebration of life, love, and even more importantly, self-esteem in the midst of a wounded world where hate is the norm. Gambino alternates between singing and rapping in a fluid performance over an experimental funk instrumental, highlighting love in every aspect of his life.