Spider-Man’s version of Homecoming , Far From Home and No way homeIt’s already out of print, so it’s normal for rumors to circulate about Sony’s alleged interest in incorporating the character of Miles Morales. Without giving up, of course, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Tom Holland’s Peter Parker has grown up, forced to mature not just by a death in the family, but by the possibility of more deaths (he now understands how much he has to protect the people he cares about) and his character it has to evolve. We’ve seen enough of teenage Peter Parker. And we have been left with more desire for Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker. What’s next for Spider-Man coming of age? That is the starting point for the new Tom Holland films as Peter Parker in the MCU, which will already be part of phase 5 of the MCU. This is assuming that Tom Holland continues.

Spider-Man: No way home in which Kraven appeared, but since we cannot ignore them, there are only two words that go around our crazy head: Secret Wars . An alleged leak has started circulating that Marvel has plans for Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield… they want them in Secret Wars ! The Russo brothers drop every chance they get that the next project they want to tackle at Marvel, if Marvel lets them, is Secret Wars , so white and in the bottle. In case you didn’t know, in the history of Marvel we have had two Secret Wars (three if we take into account the sequel to the original Secret Wars Secret Wars II), one in the eighties and another in the second decade of the 21st century.

Seeing how Marvel Studios works, it is clear that it is not going to adapt one or the other, but is going to bet on a hybrid, taking things from one and the other and developing its own Secret Wars , whose essence is a battle royale between all the heroes and villains of the marvel universe The latest iteration of Secret Wars is all about irreversible damage to the multiverse, which would fit right in with a Marvel Phase 5. Along the way they have to introduce The Fantastic 4, who should take Doctor Death by the hand, essential to be able to sink their teeth into both the first and the last Secret Wars. And if the original meeting of the symbiote and Peter Parker had not occurred in the first Secret Wars , giving rise to one of the most iconic images in Marvel history, we would not be talking about all this. Of course there are rumors (from one of the most reliable leakers) that Tom Holland’s next suit as Spider-Man will be the black suit… of the symbiote.

 Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios and CCO of Marvel, has made it clear how Marvel’s history is embodied in its films and series in the form of images that are recreated, but that do not have to follow the original plot of the comic in which they are inspired. Now look at the Hawkeye aesthetic based on the original comic by Matt Fraction, but with a substantially (but very substantially) different plot. The Black Widow movie was inspired by a cartoon by cartoonist Phil Noto. The first adult Tom Holland Spider-Man movie could walk in the direction of Secret Wars, like the rest of Marvel movies and series, after the toll of Secret Invasion for which they are already preparing us. Because Kit Harington’s character in Eternalsand the Power Broker character in Falcon and Winter Soldier point directly in that direction. But, of course, that’s the big picture. Another thing is retail. To get to that point, we must first tell three stories that take us there.

 Spider-Man 4: Argument

Until Spider-Man: No way home was released, an alleged leak had circulated that spoke of a three-season Disney + series with the adventures of Spider-Man in his first year of university and among which the three would be interspersed. movies that Sony would be working on. The problem with this leak was that it was based on the fact that at the end of Spider-Man: No way homea new Peter Parker took over from Tom Holland, something that has not happened. Which is not to say that it is absolutely necessary. Because there is more Spider-Man. There’s, in case you don’t remember, Miles Morales who might be a much better fit for a TV series than Tom Holland’s Parker. Now suppose that Tom Holland doesn’t continue. A completely new melon opens with Miles Morales that would leave the door open for Holland to return for Marvel Studios choral films within the MCU and that would have a closed development in the Sony ecosystem only with Morales. We would have two Spider-Man for the price of one (the price is a cliche, as you can imagine). And since the multiverse exists, the character of Miles Morales could be thrown in if it worked.

 Tom Holland has made it clear during the promotion of Spider-Man: No Way Home that really the agreement that Sony and Disney have finally reached is not so much that they are going to develop three new films or that the character of Spider-Man has to appear in three of Marvel’s ensemble films, but Sony is open to talk whenever they need the character. So we can have Miles Morales as the new Spider-Man in the new trilogy and Holland in the possible Secret Wars .

Amy Pascal has hinted that Tom Holland will continue as Peter Parker after Spider-Man: No Way Home . “This is not the last movie we’re going to do with Marvel, [this isn’t] the last Spider-Man movie. We’re getting ready to do the next Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland and Marvel. We’re thinking of this as three movies, and now we’re going to move on to the next three. This is not the last of our MCU movies,” Pascal said in a promotional interview.

And then there is the discarded plot for Spider-Man: No way home that Holland hinted at in an interview: he only dropped that it involved Kraven, but diving into old leaks we have found some information that can give us some clue. The movie, he recalls: Supposedly, it revolved around Kraven the Hunter, who had been hired to kill Spider-Man and took the assignment very seriously, basically because he was dying and it was his last assignment. Peter asked Happy for help, who in turn asked a SHIELD agent for help… one Jessica Drew (yes, Spider-Woman). At the end, in the shadows, was Norman Osborn. This was roughly the argument. If where it says Norman Osborn you put Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine.

It is also revealed that this is Kraven’s last hunt and that he is terminally ill. Spider-Man is essentially the grand prize of him before he died, but he doesn’t really want to kill Peter. He tries to prolong the hunt as long as possible so he can savor it. “It is implied that Mysterio may have something that can help Kraven, and perhaps he is holding him until Peter is dead. In a twist, we find out that Mysterio has, in turn, another benefactor, and that benefactor is none other than Norman Osborn, who is running to be a senator,” he continues.

Spider-Man defeats Kraven, and Kraven reveals Mysterio’s location to him, where Peter defeats Mysterio inside a grand illusion. Norman discovers Mysterio’s identity and all the goings-on about him publicly and takes credit for clearing Spider-Man’s name, which swings public opinion in his favor. “Peter meets with his friends and family, and the debacle ends,” the plot concludes.

Spider-Man 4: Release Date

As the release schedule is configured and since Sony’s Spider-Man movies fit into the MCU, they would have to start in phase 4, with which we would already be in 2024, at the earliest for them to link up with the rest. of Marvel movies.