Christmas movies are usually made for a time of love and happiness, but not always: it can also be a time of terror, blood and death with the best Christmas scary movies . And it is that there is no genre like horror movies, no matter how we turn the matter around. No matter the usual academic ninguneo, the crises of ideas, the most contagious fashions or the classism that envy of success entails. There is no genre like horror (or like horror movies that you will never want to see again because they are scary), but the mix with Christmas movies makes it even more special.

Scary movies scare us, but they also captivate us, they make us travel to places that are impossible to fathom outside of their subject matter, they reveal facets of ourselves that we were unaware of, and they go through censorship (as some of the best horror movies of 2022 have shown). . On the other hand, with Christmas just around the corner, it is true that the atmosphere begins to smell like powder, so we have compiled here titles that mix Christmas and horror, from new Christmas movies of 2022 to classics that you should not miss. In addition to nougats, Santa hats and gifts waiting under the tree, we know that you like to include a good Christmas movie among your customs, and that’s what we’re here for .

It is a tradition that all families should adopt, although we know that many already do it: sit around the TV and put on a good title in harmony with the celebrations, which gives us those vibrations that we like so much at these parties, with a cup of something warm between the hands and the wool blanket on the legs. Sure, the best Netflix movies to watch as a family will give us entertainment for all ages, but what we want here is to push the limits of the most typical Christmas movies that can also be some of the best horror movies on Netflix. None of ‘How beautiful it is to live’ (which is counted among the best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime Video) or the kitsch of ‘Love Actually’:here we come to see blood and guts with films like ‘Krampus’, ‘Black Christmas’ or ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’. With those titles, who could resist .

If you have already taken a look at the best Christmas movies on HBO and the best Christmas movies on Disney+, two of the platforms that offer us typical Christmas content for these very important dates, it is time for you to go down more specific paths. . and terrifying. Some will have the pleasure of being among the highest-grossing Christmas movies of all time, because we already know how well horror works, and others are hidden gems that deserve your time . Ahead!

‘Christmas Bloody Christmas’ (2022)

Set on a Christmas Eve filled with neon and conversations about Heavy Metal and horror movie reboots, two friends spend Christmas night drinking whiskey and flirting until, by twists of fate, they have to face an unruly killer robot Santa Claus outside of control.

With ‘Christmas Bloody Christmas’, Joe Begos gives us the most badass Christmas movie of the year with one of the craziest slashers in horror movies.

Black Christmas‘ (‘Black Christmas’, 2006)

Remake of the Bob Clark classic in which we go back to a university residence. There, several students prepare to spend Christmas without knowing that this was previously the home of Billy, a boy with a terrible childhood and whom everyone presumes dead. A strange phone call, made from inside the house, will mark the beginning of a series of horrendous crimes.

‘Silent night, death night’ (‘Silent Night’, 2012)

Remake of the 1984 film with a fairly similar story and the occasional great death, including that of an unbearable girl. A maniac disguised as Santa Claus manages to terrorize the inhabitants of a small American town.

 ‘A Christmas Horror Story’ (2015)

In the city of Bailey Downs, all the joy and festivities of these dates will be affected by the arrival of various evil spirits, zombie elves and Santa’s worst enemy, the demon Krampus. Several Christmas stories full of peace, carols and blood.

‘In the interior’ 

Miguel Angel Vivas dared with this remake of the unpleasant and indispensable French film ‘In the interior’ (‘A l’interieur’) in which Rachel Nichols gives life to a young, pregnant and depressed widow who tries to rebuild her life after a fateful traffic accident in which he partially lost his partner and his hearing. Now, about to give birth, she lives in an isolated house when, one Christmas Eve, she receives an unexpected visit from another woman with sinister intentions.

‘Parking 2’ (‘P2’, 2007)

Once again, Christmas Eve is the worst night for Rachel Nichols. On this occasion, she plays Angela, an executive who, after leaving work late and going to the parking lot, will see how the building guard has different plans for her that night, and none of them will be what she expected. Also, we have a Wes Bentley more creepy than ever.

‘Krampus: Bloody Christmas’ (2015)

When Max sees his family fall apart, he loses faith in Christmas. This will arouse the wrath of Krampus, a mythological demon who stalks the boy and his relatives to torment them at parties and make them live through hell. Toni Collette returns to the role of a long-suffering mother in a horror film.

‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ (‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’, 1984)

At the age of five, Billy (it seems all Christmas killers have the same name) witnesses his parents being brutally murdered by a man dressed as Santa Claus. Years later, the young man, upset by his past, begins a series of macabre crimes disguised as the murderer of his parents. After this, you will never see Santa Claus in the same way.

‘Ana and the apocalypse’ (2017)

The sleepy town of Little Haven is invaded by a horde of the undead who threaten to make your Christmas parties much worse than having dinner with your mother-in-law. Anna and her friends will face this threat with all their energy and her best musical numbers.

Criticism of ‘Ana and the apocalypse’.

Dick Maas, the director of ‘Amsterdammed’ and the terrifying ‘The Elevator’, introduces us to a diabolic Saint Nicholas (not Santa Claus) who, instead of leaving gifts, leaves a trail of blood on the night of the 6th of December…

‘Beware of strangers’ (‘Better Watch Out’, 2016)

One of the most liked films at the 2016 Sitges Festival and more than unfairly treated. A mix between ‘Home Alone’ and ‘Scream’ in which a babysitter, Ashley, must defend the child she is taking care of from some strangers who have broken into the house. Soon, the girl will discover that it is not a normal assault.


Chapter of the anthology series of horror films ‘Into the Dark’ produced by Blumhouse for Hulu directed by Nacho Vigalondo, ‘Pooka’ introduces us to an actor in low hours who has to dress up as a strange stuffed toy for the Christmas campaign and finds himself “possessed” by the toy’s murderous personality… With a rather accomplished final twist.

‘The advent calendar’ (2020)

Eva, a retired dancer due to an accident that left her in a wheelchair. she receives from her friend Sophie gives her an old advent calendar as a Christmas present, a wooden object that has magical powers: each window that opens contains a surprise that causes repercussions in real life. And almost all bad.

‘Rare Exports: A Hooligan Christmas Carol’ (2010)

Jalmari Helander has won the Sitges Festival twice. The most recent was this year’s edition, thanks to ‘Sisu’, but in 2010 he surprised with his first feature film ‘Rare Exports’, where he presented an evil version of Santa Claus more in keeping with the dark Nordic origin of the character.

‘New French Extremism’

A banner of ‘New French Extremism‘, the film by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury is a bloody festival unfortunately for Alysson Paradis’s character, a pregnant widow who has to survive alone at home after an attack by a strange invader on Christmas Eve.

‘Dead End (Shortcut to hell)’ (‘Dead End’, 2003)

The four members of the Harrington family travel in their car to the grandparents’ house, to celebrate Christmas. When the father, Frank (the Lynchian Ray Wise), decides to take a shortcut, he is unaware that he is making a serious mistake: a woman dressed in white emerges from the forest to sow death in her path. The nightmare has only just begun.

‘The day of the beast’ (1995)

One of the best films by Alex de la Iglesia. Forceful as if it had dozens of titles behind it, but daring as if it had just entered a film school, the script for ‘The Day of the Beast’, signed by the director and Jorge Guerricaechevarria, introduces us to a priest who has deciphered in the Apocalypse according to San Juan the date and place of the birth of the Antichrist: December 25, 1995 in Madrid. Together with Jose Maria, a satanist and from Carabanchel, and Professor Cavan, an esoteric motorcycle salesman, he must find the exact place of the dark advent to put an end to the demonic baby.

‘The sinister cabin (The Lodge)’ (2019)

Those responsible for the great ‘Goodnight Mommy’, Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz, make up a new badass film with a macabre final twist set in the middle of Christmas, with a young woman locked in an isolated cabin with her partner’s children while inexplicable events happen .

‘Black Christmas’ (‘Black Christmas’, 1974)

During the Christmas holidays, sorority girls prepare to return to their families after throwing a party. During it, the young women receive strange calls from a stalker who will end up killing them one by one in what will be the blackest night of their lives.