The countdown has finally begun for Stranger ‘s return for Season 6 over a year after Season 5’s emotional finale, and the latest premiere announcement wasn’t the only piece of good news for fans. Starz released the opening titles for season six, and this time there’s more variation than the usual year-to-year changes. In fact, the song shows a big change in the first seconds of the title and raises questions about what it means for what is to come. It’s not Extraño anymore , he only sings a song about «a girl who left» but now also «a boy»!

The version of “Skye Boat Song” for Stranger ‘s opening credits has seen many changes from previous seasons, with versions ranging from French to Caribbean. to colonial, even with a Season 2 version featuring Jacobite drums. No matter how the background music was adjusted or how many choral voices were added, it was always a song by a girl gone, not a boy. What does that mean for season 6?

Well, the theme song still has a line for “gone girl”, so the change shouldn’t be taken as a sign of that. Strange is about to shift from focusing on Claire to focusing on Jamie or Roger or Young Ian. And it’s worth noting that the original lyrics to “Skye Boat Song” were about a “boy” and were changed to “girl” for the Starz series.

But if changing the song for season 6 makes more sense than just I miss trying something new, then the addition of a male singer, as well as the usual female singer, could be an indication that the story format will be different. And that would logically suggest that Jamie would play a larger role in season 6, as I can’t imagine any other male character getting the kind of screen time that would better known than Jamie.

And while the “gone girl” refers to Claire who accidentally went back in time and started the entire saga, Jamie is also in uncharted territory compared to what she had known for most of her life. New characters are coming to Fraser’s Ridge to complicate things for him, and also the upcoming American Revolution is something that could be of particular importance to him after the failed Scottish uprising at Culloden. Could that qualify Jamie as the boy in the song?

Or did Strange just want to try something new, acknowledge that Sam Heughan’s Jamie is just as much of a lead as Caitriona Balfe’s Claire, and pick a new version of the familiar song for season 6? Clips from the current season, interspersed with the original opening titles, don’t reveal much about what’s to come.

There’s Jamie on horseback, characters (apparently including Brianna) shooting target practice on the ridge, a shot of what appears to be the back of young Ian’s head with feathers in his hair, someone behind bars, presumably the hand of Claire on Jamie’s bare back, Jemmy is running in the woods, Claire is running with a rifle and fighting on the ridge in the distance, Marsali apparently spinning yarn, possibly Fergus drinking in front of a fire, a man praying in front of a cross, and a group of horses going over a beach.

For now, we can only speculate on what is to come, but the end of the Drought is in sight. Strange returns to tv on Sunday, March 6 at 9 pm ET on Starz for a shorter-than-usual season 6. Even if it is still months away, the date could have been much further and it is clear that there is much to look forward to.