The gossip magazines have a silly week and say little, knowing that half of Spain is ‘out’ due to the December bridge-aqueduct. And the other half is knocked out by the elimination of La Roja in the World Cup in Qatar. However, who says that this Wednesday is in no man’s land? Not to mention, it’s the day of a new episode of the ‘Mamarazzis’ video podcast.

Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez have sharpened the information from the ‘cuore’, no matter how weak it may be. What’s more, the journalists have taken it upon themselves to point out the whole succession of infidelities that exist in thefamous panorama. And very sharp, how can it be otherwise. Although they will still have more of it next Thursday, December 15, in the face-to-face they will have with the readers of EL PERIÓDICO’ at Casa Seat.

The journalists already said last week that the ‘soap opera’ between Alba Carrillo and Jorge Pérez had just started and they were not going wrong: There was much more than kisses between the two Mediaset collaborators and in recent days it has been known that another person from Telecinco left their house to them so that they could unleash a “night of sex and passion“, as Vázquez has defined it. “We don’t have any details left to know,” Vázquez joked.

The importance of maintaining safe sex

In addition, they had sex without a condom and the ‘Mamarazzis’ did not like that at all. “With the epidemic of the human papilloma virus (HPV) and the effects it has on women , they should set an example and practice sex safely,” Fa stressed, who expressed concern about the ex-guard’s wife. civil.

Not only because of his sexual health, but because what was initially a fooling around was actually infidelity, and the fat ones, denied and later televised by all parties. “It was seen from a league away that Alba was lying,” the journalist said about when the collaborator denied all the facts. “It is impossible to regain trust,” the journalist has opined about the marriage.

Did not go to work due to an anxiety attack

The media commotion caused has made a dent in whoever created it. Alba Carrillo is the victim of her own scandals and this Tuesday she did not appear on the set of ‘Fiesta’, where she collaborates, because she was “overcome by the situation,” explained Emma García. The “Mamarazzis” have specified more: she had an episode of anxiety and went to the hospital. “Her mother of hers has said that she has had a strong mental drop,” added Vázquez and Fa.

Jessica Well, new stage in tears

Another very different infidelity, although just as painful, is the one suffered by the model Jessica Bueno. After nine years of relationship and two children in common with the soccer player Jota Peleteiro, he antlered him during the summer with a woman named Míriam Cruz. The couple signed their divorce on December 2 and the magazine ‘¡Hola!’ has caught Bueno crying.

“It was an immediate crush“, our ‘cuore’ journalists explain about the ‘affair’ and they have also given another relevant detail: “When Jota and Jessica were seen happy in summer, the player was already cheating on them”. The model didn’t see it coming, but the ‘Mamarazzis’ did: “When you see a soccer player coming… he runs fast and doesn’t look back,” Vázquez and Fa stated in relation to the reputation that precedes the players. The experience is a degree, and that of Lorena Vázquez and Laura Fa covering the ‘cuore’ press is a degree. Of course, they have made a note. “If you want them for one or several busy nights, then they are perfect,” they have joked.

Omar Sánchez vive a costa by Anabel Pantoja

In the magazine ‘Lecturas’, Omar Sánchez , Anabel Pantoja‘s ex, introduces his girlfriend Marina and affirms that “he had never felt such strong love”. The point is that he says it just when his ex is going through an ordeal after the death of his father. In addition, what at first was an exclusive to introduce his new partner, is actually an interview full of darts for Anabel.

“Omar is nonsense, it is from being a tick,” Vázquez commented, about the oil that the man extracts (we do not know what profession he has, excuse me) from his ex-wife, and that a year has passed since they broke pears. “It’s mediocre . In addition, he makes some very unpleasant comparisons,” Fa pointed out, who is clear about what Omar wants: “He liked this from the tabloids. It ‘s easy money and more comfortable than being a surf teacher.”

Where to listen to episode 14 of ‘Mamarazzis’

Episode 14 of the second season of ‘Mamarazzis’ has given more of itself. That Victoria Federica goes to live in the Palacio de la Zarzuela after arguing with her mother, the Infanta Elena, has not gone unnoticed by journalists. “Let’s see what Leticia says about having her around,” Fa commented jokingly. “She takes a pasture in the ‘photocalls’ and goes to live with Queen Sofía?” Vázquez asked, recalling that in the saraos to which she goes, she refuses to answer questions from journalists.

The journalists have also spoken about the “naturalness” of Laura Escanes and Álvaro de Luna despite living “a very intense relationship” , the new bachelorhood of Sonsoles Ónega, and the optimism and strength with which the ‘influencer’ Elena Huelva faces a setback in his battle with cancer.