Whether narrating it from the point of view of the victim, the accused or the witness, talking about real crimes is one of the most recurrent themes in series or documentary series in recent years. There are them of all tastes and moments and each one uses different tools to bring the story to the viewer, but all the proposals we bring are interesting and have, beyond the case itself, an interest in its narration. Thus, we recover six titles where a crime that has occurred in real life is the absolute protagonist and that you can see on Vodafone TV, the largest aggregator of movies and series that includes HBO Spain, Disney + and Amazon Prime Video.

‘The Oath’ (HBO )

NXIVM was first marketed as a program led by the world’s highest IQ person, designed for executive success and optimizing student experiences and behaviors. If a student brought friends, her level and rank increased in the company. Kind of like a discount code, but in a big way. Not too surprisingly, it ended up being a cult that encouraged self-destructive behavior and a totally questionable philosophy of life.

What is more surprising is that it also established a series of social clubs where men and women were separated to improve their gender; they talked about their masculinity and they controlled their calories, organized themselves into groups dominated by wives and ended up being meat for sexual use by the leader. The escalation of violence and the transformation of a scam into a sexual sect is almost incomprehensible, but real enough to have ended up being tried in 2021 with prison sentences that are anything but a joke.

‘O.J.: Made in America’ 

The OJ Simpson case was show meat and from the moment it started it was followed by the cameras of the press (in fact the night car chase is now television history). In 1997, the athlete went from being a hero of the nation to being accused of the death of his wife. The documentary exhaustively reviews the entire case, from its beginning to the end of the judicial process; it is very well constructed and manages to get the viewer trapped by something whose ending he already knows. In fact, it is the perfect example of a good documentary.

Originally presented as a film, the documentary series also focuses on the importance for racial activism that surrounded the figure of the athlete, gives a complete context image and makes it easier to understand the relevance of someone like OJ for the society of his time and place. 


LuLaRoe began to move as a multilevel company selling abnormally ugly tights, the idea of ​​entry did not sound bad; Aimed at busy mothers who needed to earn an income with flexible hours, it was advertised by word of mouth by white American women as the solution to all their problems. Behind her hides a family from the Mormon environment (it will be relevant in the documentary) that has amassed huge amounts of money. A multilevel company is something legitimate, the problem comes when it becomes a pyramid scheme that invites saleswomen to do the most surreal things to be able to buy the first order that they will in turn sell to their friends.

The series combines interviews with saleswomen who have left the company with the owners themselves and their large family who ended up holding positions of great responsibility without any preparation for it. The result is a story that manages to explain very well the passage of a company to a deception with almost sectarian overtones that ended up sitting on the bench and that still has many complaints to clarify.

‘The Faceless Assassin’

Michelle McNamara started out as a common true crime aficionado, until she became obsessed with the Golden State Killer. Her fixation reached the point of getting involved with the investigation, following each one of the clues and continuing with the criminal case. The series could stay there and it would be interesting, but it gives it a twist by making Michelle the main character and explaining the community of amateur researchers who make real progress.

That of The Faceless Assassin is the story of an obsession that conditioned the last years of the protagonist, but that did not fall on deaf ears. In recent months, in addition, HBO has incorporated a final episode recorded during the pandemic where it continues with the story of the already convicted murderer from the Golden State. 

‘Bug Maze’ 

One of the points that true crime series usually have is the opinion of the viewer, it is difficult not to have your own when you are presenting a case and evidence and, sometimes, it does not coincide with that of the jury or judge. Jeffrey MacDonald was a married doctor with two daughters whose house was attacked, resulting in his family being killed and him simply being injured. Under this premise, the case experienced moments where the accusation of outsiders was defended with the intention of emulating an attack like that of the Manson family and moments where the accusing finger was placed on MacDonald himself.


Time has punished many of our attitudes and views of a few years ago, an exemplary case is that of Lorena , from the perspective of 2021, thinking of frontally mocking a woman who reports an assault in prime time would be scandalous and, at the very least, would raise voices against him that would make clear the non-acceptance of society. It wasn’t like that when Lorena Bobbit cut off her husband’s member, we hid a history of assaults because the headline was funny..

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