Are you a fan of Marvel movies and series, do you want to give yourself a gift and don’t know where to start? Do you need to surprise a marvelita with a special detail? We are going to review some of the Marvel comics that have served as inspiration , to a greater or lesser extent, to some of the best Marvel movies. In fact, we will also point out some of the best Marvel series on Disney+, because you can no longer just talk about one medium, now Marvel is a genre in itself that is fed back through movies, series and, of course, comics.

A succession of winks, ideas, plots and comic book outcomes that we have been able to recognize in the Marvel Phases of each stage of the UCM , not including those Marvel Phase 5 movies and series that are yet to come and that will have Kang as their main nemesis. , the Conqueror, the new great villain of Marvel. Therefore, we are going to look back to remember important pieces that make up this Marvel puzzle , such as ‘Iron Man’ , the psychedelic ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ , ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’ and the dramatic ‘Infinity War’ , one of the highest grossing films in cinema history.

This text may contain slight spoilers.

‘Iron Man’ (2008) -Movie

It is curious about Tony Stark because, until 2005, he was not a major character in comics, but he has managed to position himself as one of the most important in the UCM. And what changed in that year? The ‘Extremis’ comic with which Warren Ellis and Adi Granov would reset and redefine Iron Man. John Favreau ‘s film would take this comic as a reference to narrate the origin of Iron Man, almost panel by panel, while the story arc of the ‘Extremis’ virus would be adapted in his own way by Shane Black in ‘Iron Man 3’ .

‘Hawkeye’ (2021) -Series

The premiere of ‘The Avengers’ in 2012 changed the status quo of one of its characters, Clint Barton. Hawkeye had never enjoyed a long series. What did Marvel Comics do? give it to him Matt Fraction and David Aja would execute one of the best comics in recent years in which they would take our archer to a more urban environment to show what Barton does when he is not dedicated to being an Avenger, such as facing a gang of Russian mobsters alongside Kate Bishop, something that would inspire the ‘Hawkeye’ series .

‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ ​​(2014) -Movie

One of the best UCM movies, thanks to that script whose plot was reminiscent of spy tapes from the 70s and 80s (the presence of Robert Redford in a work that draws on classics like ‘The Three Days of the Condor’ is no coincidence ‘). Ed Brubaker and cartoonist Steve Epting would resurrect Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers’ World War II battle buddy, to give us one of the best stages of Sentinel of Liberty. The plot developed by the Russo brothers in which Bucky is rescued by the Soviets to be turned into a super soldier, a direct inheritance from the Brubaker comic from which the title was taken.

‘She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk’ (2022) -Series

‘Hulka’ is the series that has aroused mixed feelings among Marvel fans. Many things can be attributed to him, but respect and fidelity to the main character cannot be one of them. Here, we are going to underline the importance of two comics. The first of them includes that unbeatable stage of John Byrne leading the character, after incorporating Jennifer Walters as a member of The Fantastic 4 to replace Ben Grimm. It would be in his own head, known as ‘The Sensational She-Hulk’ , when Byrne would surprise everyone by playing with new ways that consisted of breaking the fourth wall, talking to readers and addressing (rebuking, actually) the writer himself. Something that ‘Hulk Lawyer’he did from the beginning and which reached its culmination when Jenn walks through Marvel Studios to speak face to face with KEVIN.

Along with Byrne’s solo series from the late 80s and early 90s, we also mentioned a more modern phase of the character as a direct influence, that ‘She-Hulk’ by Dan Slott in which the writer showed how the lawyer would enter the law firm specialized in superhuman law to focus on the cases of heroes and villains that no one else could -or would want- to carry, just the common thread of the Disney + series.

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ (2017) -Movie

Taika Waititi would enter Marvel and revolutionize the, until then, solemn son of Odin to bring us a fresher and more comical version of the character. The New Zealand director takes plots from different comics, mixes them and covers them at his whim until he comes up with a plot that manages to unite these brushstrokes. A potpourri that went well here thanks to a script written by six hands by Eric Pearson, Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle , which would take as a reference the ‘Ragnarok’ developed by the author Walter Simonson , to combine the epic with the comic, and in the we see a lot of characters like Hela, Surtur and Skurge.

The other clear reference is that ‘Planet Hulk’ by screenwriter Greg Pak in which the Emerald Giant is sent to Sakaar after the Illuminati decided to expel him from Earth to prevent him from causing more damage (actually, a crude excuse for not involving to the character in Civil War , that event of great importance in Marvel that would have been resolved with a couple of good slaps in time from Banner to our facing heroes).

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ (2022) -Movie

“Our love broke from using it so much”, something that could be applied to Taika Waititi and his Thor, by delivering a film inferior to ‘Ragnarok’ forcing the character of the character to the point of embarrassing others. Here he would look at ‘The Butcher of Gods’ , the first self-conclusive arc of Jason Aaron ‘s stage in front of the god of thunder, to introduce Gorr the Butcher of Gods, the villain of the fourth film. Waititi would also look at one of Aaron’s later stages by incorporating the plot in which Dr. Foster ( Natalie Portman in ‘Love and Thunder’ ) battles cancer while she holds the mystical hammer Mjolnir.

‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’ (2020) -Series

The first -and best- Marvel series starring Vision ( Paul Bettany ) and Wanda Maximoff ( Elizabeth Olsen ) took many references, not only from some of the great American sitcoms of disparate eras, such as ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’ , ‘Bewitched’ or ‘Malcolm’ , also from two comics in particular. ‘The Vision and the Scarlet Witch: A Year in Their Lives’ compiles the stage of Steve Englehart and Al Milgromfrom 1985 in which The Vision and Scarlet Witch settle in their new home in Leonia (New Jersey) to live their new life and in which they will become parents of Billy and Thomas. Of course, the series was not going to miss the opportunity to adapt ‘The Vision’ , a title awarded with the 2017 Eisner Award for the best limited series by Tom King , one of the fashionable authors, with which it shows by through Vision “what do androids dream of”, and it is not exactly with electric sheep, but with a happy, nondescript life, with the family and in a small residential neighborhood.

‘Ms. Marvel’ (2022) -Serie

Kamala Khan is one of Marvel’s newest characters, making her debut in Captain Marvel #14 in 2013 to debut with her own title a year later. The first season of the Disney+ series is based precisely on the work carried out by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona , with special attention to that first arc under the umbrella of ‘Out of the ordinary’, which invites us to Learn about the origins of Marvel’s first Pakistani superheroine, an obsessed fan of Carol Danvers who wrote fanfics .

‘Captain America: Civil War’ (2016) -Movie

A third of the adventures of Steve Rogers disguised as a super event that would mark a turning point within Marvel and all its protagonists, an Avengers divided and facing two sides, that of Rogers himself and that of Tony Stark, in a movie which takes as a reference the work carried out by M ark Millar and Steve McNiven in the comic ‘Civil War’ around a new law that would subject the heroes to reveal their identities.

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ (2018) -Movie

The film in which, finally, absolutely all of our heroes join forces to face a Thanos who, after years in the shadows, decides to do the dirty work himself and go in search of the Infinity Stones. The Russos and the screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely were inspired by several stories, but we are going to highlight two that are very worthwhile, both by the same author: Jim Starlin . The first would be ‘Thanos Quest’ , included in ‘The Rebirth of Thanos’ , a compilation about this cosmic saga. In it, Thanos is dedicated to going for the Gems, and it is a very interesting comic because it shows his ingenuity and persuasion to get the precious Gems. The other does not invite misunderstandings:‘The Infinity Gauntlet’ , one of the most important Marvel events in charge of Starlin himself, George Perez and Ron Lim in which, as in the movie, the heroes try to stop the Titan. Look here for the famous snap. Snap!

‘Avengers: Endgame’ (2019) -Movie

There are several comics that served as inspiration for ‘Avengers: Endgame’ , such as ‘Fear Incarnate’ in which Steve Rogers raised Mjolnir or ‘The Age of Ultron’ (not to be confused with the movie), but if we have to stay with one alone, our choice is ‘Siempre Vengadores’ , by Kurt Busiek and the long-awaited cartoonist Carlos Pachecho , one of the best stories of the group in which, through twelve issues, the Avengers must travel through time to avoid a future catastrophe, as our heroes did in the 2019 movie to prevent the arrival of Thanos.