Sometimes it seems that, in the world of art in general and cinema in particular, violence is admirable and sex something to be ashamed of. That’s why, at the box office, more movies are censored for their risque content than for their explicit aggressiveness. What a world we live in! Here we come to claim eroticism as a necessity with the most erotic movies on Netflix in Spain . Unfortunately, there are not many that we can find in its catalogue, and not many that coincide with the best erotic films in the history of cinema, but the few that are take us on exciting, different journeys and, of course, charged with sexuality and hot moments.

We are talking about films of all kinds and with different mixes of genres . For example, we can resort to erotic thriller classics such as Paul Verhoeven’s ‘Basic Instinct’, where a crossing of legs kept the entire planet on edge in the early 90s, or ‘Wild Games’ by John McNaughton, whose plot has not aged too well, but its eroticism is still exciting. There are erotic movies that will also make you think, and others that will make you laugh, cry… The most important thing? Let them make you part of that intimate moment. Although that is only capable of achieving the best sex scenes in the history of cinema (and, for that matter, the best sex scenes in the series).

From the classics we jump to the present, with films like ‘Newness’ by Drake Doremus that explores sex conditioned by social networks and the age of technology, and also portraits of non-normative sexualities such as the extremely intense ‘Duck Butter’ by Miguel Arteta or the brilliant and award-winning ‘Young and crazy’ by Marialy Rivas. In addition, in search of eroticism, we will also find films that are undoubtedly sexy and toxic: this is the case of ‘365 days’ by Barbara Bialowas, which we recommend seeing knowing its sexist messages and its shameless romanticization of sexual abuse (and also its two sequels). , ‘365 days: That day’, which has been released in 2022 and is already among the worst Netflix original movies); and ‘365 more days’, which is on its way to joining the same list. Fortunately, we can combine them with the hilarious ‘Kiki, love is made’ by Paco Leon, where the most original sexual philias become a festive and positive celebration of the pleasures of sex. After all, there has to be everything! Sex and eroticism are diverse areas.

Without further ado, and if you’ve already reveled in our galleries of nude actresses for script requirements and also nude actors for script requirements, we explored the Netflix movie catalog to find those movies that celebrate erotic encounters in many shapes and colors. . Open the window that the environment is going to load and enjoy in moderation!

365 More Days (Barbara Bialowas, Tomasz Mandes, 2022)

The third installment of the ‘365 days’ saga continues to be a little more of the same. In fact, the plot progresses quite little. The relationship between Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka) and Massimo (Michele Morrone) continues to hang by a thread while Nacho (Simone Susinna) tries to do everything possible to separate them. Even so, he maintains his trademark sexual charge (be careful, this time there’s a threesome and everything), although it’s not that surprising anymore.

365 days: That day (Barbara Bialowas, 2022)

It seemed impossible, but the sequel to ‘365 days’ is on Netflix and it is still just as questionable as the previous one, but undoubtedly loaded with sex and eroticism. Based on the novels by Blanka Lipinska (who co-wrote), the film begins with the wedding of the leads, Massimo (Michele Morrone) and Laura (Anna Maria Sieklucka), leads to marathon sex sessions during their honeymoon and finally we see how their relationship stagnates a bit in the routine and Massimo’s duties with the mafia he leads. In that rift between the two, Nacho (Simone Susinna), his new outfielder with Spanish parents, will play an important role.

Fifty Shades of Gray (Sam Taylor-Johnson, 2015)

EL James ‘s novel came to the big screen with this film (and two subsequent sequels, ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ and ‘Fifty Shades Freed’) that raised the temperature in movie theaters despite the bad reviews it received. Dakota Johnson stars as Anastasia Steele, an innocent English literature major who meets a powerful businessman, Christian Gray ( Jamie Dornan ), who drags her into his world of unorthodox sexual practices. It may not be a big deal, but the ‘365 days’ trilogy has almost ended up leaving it for good.

Duck Butter (Miguel Arteta, 2018)

Alia Shawkat and the Catalan Laia Costa are the soul of this film by Miguel Arteta , which explores the limits of falling in love and intimacy. In it, we meet two young women who, faced with their lack of success in their love lives, decide to carry out a kind of experiment: for 24 hours nothing will exist but them and their bodies and their shared life. In this context, everything becomes more intense, emotions are on the surface and discussions reach a stratospheric volume.

Homesick (Anne Sewitsky, 2015)

If you’re looking for something sexy on Netflix, but also a movie with an interesting story, this Norwegian movie might have what you’re looking for. Directed by Anne Sewitsky , it follows a 20-something girl who meets her slightly older brother for the first time, and something sparks between them. They have never known where the limits of familial affection between siblings lie, and their way of exploring it would make purists blush.

Young and accommodating (Marialy Rivas, 2012)

This fantastic Chilean film by Marialy Rivas speaks honestly and without mincing words about what it’s like to have a sexual awakening in adolescence without following the established rules. We meet Daniela, a 17-year-old girl who comes from a conservative family and who maintains an internal struggle between the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat have been instilled in her and the impulses that little by little become more intense, especially her attraction to another woman. Yes, an erotic tape can not be pretty, intelligent and original and still raise the temperature.

365 days (Barbara Bialowas, 2020)

Be careful, we harshly criticize ‘365 days’ for its macho and toxic content, but it cannot be denied that its sex scenes are one of the most explicit and long-lasting that we can currently find in the Netflix catalog. And perhaps that is simply what we are looking for in this list, despite everything. The protagonist of this film by Barbara Bialowas kidnaps a woman because she knows that she is the love of her life and she also knows that in less than 365 minutes she will fall in love with him. If we had known that it was going to become the trilogy that it has been, perhaps we would have been even tougher. Among all the questionable sex scenes, this is, of the three films, the only one in which there is some morbidity, the most politically incorrect.

Kiki, love is made (Paco Leon, 2016)

How could one of the most free, erotic-festive and unique films of recent Spanish cinema not be on this list? Paco Leon signs this choral erotic comedy full of great moments and, above all, great sexual affiliations. The Madrid summer had never been so full of passion, especially thanks to a cast made up of Belen Cuesta, Natalia de Molina, Alex Garcia, Candela Pena, Luis Callejo, Luis Bermejo, Alexandra Jimenez and more. Did you also learn the name of all the affiliates?

White Girl (Elizabeth Wood, 2016)

Elizabeth Wood writes and directs this film that The Hollywood reporter described as “sleazy, scary and sexy as hell.” It was in official competition at the Sundance Festival, and it’s going to bring you bittersweet emotions: yes, it has great erotic content, but it also portrays a youth doomed to disaster. The story follows a college girl partying in New York, looking for drugs and thrills, who suddenly finds something authentic to hold on to. There is a high erotic content, but also drama and hard scenes, we warn you.

Newness (Drake Doremus, 2017)

Although critics pointed out its predictability, nothing can take away from this Drake Doremus film its erotic character among the movies in the Netflix catalogue, and that is precisely what we are looking for in this list. Los Angeles, two young people and social networks as a destabilizer, as one more protagonist: this is how this film full of sexual encounters is composed. They star Nicholas Hoult and the Catalan Laia Costa , who came out this 2022 with ‘Five little wolves’.

To love (Esteban Crespo, 2017)

Having a large erotic component does not mean giving up original stories: this film by Esteban Crespo , which investigates feelings such as love and its intrinsic relationship with pain, escapes all conventions. Perhaps it has less of an erotic component than its companions on the list, but the passion of its characters (played by two great promises of Spanish cinema: Maria Pedraza and Pol Monen ) does not go unnoticed.

Tie me up (Pedro Almodovar, 1989)

If you’ve already seen ‘365’ and survived, you deserve to see the good version . Yes, because in Almodovar ‘s tape there is also a rather dangerous argument about the love between a woman and her kidnapper. However, everything is more graceful, more subversion, more divers in the bathtub, more Victoria Abril and more Antonio Banderas . Well, and more Loles Leon, that’s good for any movie, erotic or not.

Unfaithful (Adrian Lyne, 2002)

Diane Lane made the world believe that even Richard Gere’s wife might need to throw a little white in the air from time to time. Adrian Lyne, also director of ‘9 and a Half Weeks’, ‘Fatal Attraction’ or ‘Lolita’ , manages to turn this story of passion and desire into a thriller that upset many of their ideas about female sexuality, especially that of a mature woman. .

Elisa and Marcela (Isabel Coixet, 2019)

Although we cannot say that it is the Spanish ‘Life of Adele’ that many believed, this fiction based on a true story has a lot of sex. The protagonists of it are Natalia de Molina, Greta Fernandez and an octopus. Yes, it is Galicia until the last consequences. At least there is no paprika involved…

Porn for Beginners (Carlos Ameglio, 2018)

Funny Latin American comedy set in the 80s about an amateur filmmaker who is offered the chance to shoot with a famous pornstar what would become the first pornographic film in the history of Uruguay. If they get it or not, we won’t tell you, that’s precisely what the movie is about. It is also another warning that making movies is never easy, not even porn. It’s not on our list of the best movies in the world of porn, but it makes you laugh.