What will Netflix cinema bring us in 2023? There are dozens of movies in production with half of Hollywood looking out the streaming window, so you have titles and more titles to choose from. At this moment, it is not possible to predict which will be the best Netflix movies in 2023, much less which projects will be among the most watched movies on the platform, because we already know that silly comedies or anything that Sandra Bullock pulls off her sleeve They have the ability to unseat the most publicized releases, but this article serves as a guide to find yourself in the avalanche of news. In addition, we will update it every week with the release dates of the most anticipated films and with all the information that may interest you.


The Academy Murders – Premiere January 6

 Movie alert for Three Kings Day, with none other than Christian Bale as the protagonist. It is the adaptation of a novel by Louis Bayard that approaches the figure of Edgar Allan Poe, the master of horror literature, from an unprecedented perspective: Bale plays an inspector who must investigate the mysterious murder of a cadet from the famous West Academy. Point in 1830 New York. They found him dead… and with his heart taken from his body. The only one who offers him some help is another cadet, a still anonymous Edgar Allan Poe (Harry Melling, it will sound like Harry Potter) . In the cast, more stars like Gillian Anderson or Robert Duvall.

 Your house or mine – premiere February 10

 Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon work together for the first time in a romantic comedy with a 90s plot. They play two good friends who couldn’t be more different: she longs for the routine with her son in Los Angeles, while he enjoys the changes in New York. But when they swap their homes—and their lives—for a week, they discover that what they want might not be what they really need.

Maestro – premiere in 2023

 Bradley Cooper touched the sky in his directorial debut with A Star Is Born and now repeats himself in front of and behind the cameras with Maestro . It is a very personal biopic about famed conductor Leonard Berstein, author of the West Side Story soundtrack among many other works and artistic achievements. Cooper plays him at different ages, hence there is a lot of characterization work. The script also pays special attention to his love story with the Chilean actress Felicia Montealegre. The cast includes Maya Hawke, Matt Bomer and Jeremy Strong.

The Snow Society – Premiere in 2023

 After 15 years filming in English, JA Bayona returns to Spanish to debut on Netflix with the adaptation of Pablo Vierci’s book about one of the most remembered and debated events of the 20th century: the survival story starring the passengers of the flight that crashed in the Andes in 1972 and spent 72 days in glacial hell before being rescued. It was already a success with the film Viven and now it is being told in the Bayonne style in a production of enormous scope, filmed among other locations in the Sierra Nevada and with a cast without familiar faces to put all the focus on the plot… and surely also to dedicate more budget for the visual part, which promises to be an anthology. In Esquire, Gustavo Zerbino, one of the survivors, told us about his experience.

Tyler Rake 2 – release in 2023

 From the warmth of Bangladesh to the snow. It is from the little he knows about the plot of this action bombshell with more quality than it may seem, which has no less than Chris Hemsworth as the protagonist, Joe Russo (half of the Russo brothers) as a screenwriter and Sam Hargrave ( the stunt director turned filmmaker) in directing. In the following link we speculate about everything that can happen after the end of the first and successful part, which was based on a comic with a very peculiar story.

 BRZRKR – premiere in 2023

 First, you pronounce the title. Second, how does he look like Keanu Reeves? It is that it is the comic that he himself devised together with the writer and journalist Matt Kindt and the Marvel cartoonist Ron Garney. Netflix has bought the rights to turn that comic into a movie starring and produced by Keanu Reeves himself, and which will also have a spin-off in an animated version. What is he about? He is a kind of superhero who is 8,000 years old, an immortal guy who lives in a very violent world. Ah, he’s pronounced ‘berserker’, the name given to Viking warriors who went into battle in such a trance that they were impervious to pain.

Heart of Stone – release in 2023

 “It’s going to be extremely epic,” warns Gal Gadot. It is an action thriller with a very, very large production, with the very clear objective of making it feel as realistic as possible, in the style of Daniel Craig’s James Bond or the latest installments of Tom Cruise ‘s Mission Impossible . . From the plot it is only known that Gadot plays Rachel Stone, an international spy, and that Jamie Dornan, King Lusi and Alia Bhatt have a prominent role in the cast.

 It’s you – premiere in 2023

 You can read the title with the sound of Mocedades, which we put into romantic comedy mode. This is the second film by director Alauda Ruiz de Azua after the acclaimed Cinco lobitos , and part of a very cute premise devised by Cristobal Garrido and Adolfo Valor, the screenwriters of Amor de madre: Javier (played by Alvaro Cervantes) has the gift of seeing the future of their relationships as soon as they give the first kiss. It may seem like a blessing not to waste time on unsuccessful courtships, but things get complicated when he kisses the girlfriend of his best friend. She is Silvia Alonso and he is Gorka Otxoa.

Sister death – premiere in 2023

 Paco Plaza, the creator of some of the most successful and stimulating horror films of recent years such as REC or Veronica, is in charge of this proposal that shows his intentions from the title: it is about a murderous nun. The script is by Jorge Guerricaechevarria ( Hasta el cielo, Las leyes de la frontera ) and stars Aria Bedmar (Tell me who I am) along with a group of actresses who have already shown that terror is their genre: Almudena Amor (Grandma ) , Maru Valdivielso (Veronica, Stories to not sleep), Luisa Merelas (Who kills with iron), Chelo Vivares (30 coins), Consuelo Trujillo(Veronica) and the newcomers Sara Roch, Olimpia Roch, Adriana Camarena, Marina Delgado and Claudia Fernandez Arroyo.

 The Mother – release in 2023

 Jennifer Lopez in action. The Latin star is placed under the orders of director Niki Caro (Mulan) to play a contract killer harassed by multiple enemies who emerges from her forced isolation to help the daughter she abandoned years ago, and who is now endangered. A thriller with its good doses of drama and with a double moral reading reminiscent of Wall Street Scammers.

Luther – premiere in 2023

Not to be confused with Lupin, who is also Idris Elba but has nothing to do with it. Luther was a very successful BBC series with five seasons that ended in 2019, and long before that there was talk of a possible film to put the final tie on it. Netflix came in at the right time and the movie is ready. What we know is that there will be even more action than in the chapters already seen and that there are two luxury additions: Cynthia Erivo and Andy Serkis.

Rustin – premiere in 2023

 Oscar nominee George C. Wolfe (The Mother of the Blues, very good but a bit of a roll) directs the biopic of Bayard Rustin, an essential activist for LGTBIQ+ rights and the African-American community who led the so-called ‘March on Washington’ in 1963. Anti-war to the last consequences, he learned from Ghandi and advised Martin Luther King. In the film he is embodied by Colman Domingo (Euphoria, Fear The Walking Dead) and Chris Rock also appears as a secondary.

The Killer – release in 2023

 Michael Fassbender and Tilda Swinton, how difficult it is to find a more attractive and disturbing couple, star in the new film by the great David Fincher for Netflix, who has found one of the most powerful creative spaces on the platform (Mank, House of Cards, Mindhunter…) . This time he directs the adaptation of a French graphic novel saga created by Nolent and Jacamon, which has been published for almost 20 years. The synopsis gives hints of the tone :“A lonely and cold man, methodical and free of qualms or regret, a killer who waits in the shadows for his next target. And yet the longer he waits, the more he thinks he’s losing his mind, or at least his cool.” “A brutal, bloody, stylish noir story about a professional assassin lost in a world without a moral compass. This is a study in one man alone, armed to the teeth and slowly losing his mind.”

Across the sea – premiere in 2023

 After the enormous success of Through my window (and our ‘I never’ with its protagonists), Netflix did not take long to confirm two sequels. The first is Through the Sea and the peculiarity is that it departs narratively from Ariana Godoy’s literary saga, since it continues to focus on the relationship between Raquel (Clara Galle) and Ares (Julio Pena). Of course, in the plot the brothers of Ares, Artemis (Eric Masip) and Apolo (Hugo Arbues) will maintain an important role.

Phenomena – premiere in 2023

 A Spanish Warren File and with a lot of joking. Carlos Theron, responsible for blockbuster comedies such as Operacion Camaron, I leave it whenever I want or It’s for your good, directs this research group into paranormal phenomena in Spain in the 90s made up of Sagrario (Belen Rueda), Paz (Gracia Olayo) , Gloria (Toni Acosta) and Father Giron (Emilio Gutierrez Cava).

The champion – premiere in 2023

 There is a double from Carlos Theron, who has also finished filming this Netflix film starring Dani Rovira and Marcel Serrano. It also has touches of comedy, but the story is more about the emotional side of the relationship between a young Atletico de Madrid star with character problems and an introverted psychology professor hired by the club to teach him to control his impulses. Two radically opposed personalities but condemned to understand each other against the background of the universe of luxuries and excessive fame of football.

Super Detective in Hollywood 4 – release in 2023

 Eddie Murphy, resurrected for the cinema via Netflix with I am Dolomite, resumes the character that launched his career, that of the vacillating detective Axel Foley, almost 40 years after the first time. There is nothing. This continuation bears the stamp of Jerry Bruckheimer, so there will be action in a big way, and it has two luxury squires: Kevin Bacon and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Rebel Moon – release in 2023

 Something like Zack Snyder’s Star Wars and with Kurosawa airs. Let’s see how that translates into images. Starring Charlie Hunnam and Sofia Boutella, it is an epic space-fantasy about a peaceful colony on the outskirts of the galaxy that entrusts a young woman with the responsibility of raising an army of warriors who can prevent a possible invasion by the despotic Regent Balisarius. It is the copied synopsis, that we still do not understand if we are facing the Zack Snyder creator of incredible universes or the one who makes cash. We’ll be alert.

 Tyrone’s clone – release in 2023

 “A Surreal Mystery”. This is how Jamie Foxx defines his new film in which he stars alongside John Boyega and Teyonah Parris. A sci-fi comedy about an unlikely trio on the trail of a terrible government conspiracy.

Players – release in 2023

 We’re racking up a lot of interesting movies from different genres, but if we go by the numbers, there’s nothing more profitable for Netflix than a colorful romantic comedy. This one stars Gina Rodriguez and Tom Ellis, your friend Lucifer. It’s about a sports journalist from Chicago with a tendency to mess her up on love affairs… It doesn’t sound like much, but behind her are the producers of La La Land, so maybe there’s a surprise.

Chicken Run: The Dawn of the Nugget – estreno en 2023

 Yes, the plasticine chickens that revolutionized animated cinema 20 years ago are back. ‘Dawn of the nugget’ is the subtitle (gives a bit of yuyu) of this unexpected sequel directed by Sam Fell. This is the synopsis: “After defying death in the risky escape from Tweedy’s farm, Ginger has finally made her dream come true: a peaceful island reserve for the whole gang, far from the dangers of the human world. When she and Rocky have a little girl named Molly, Ginger’s happy ending seems final. But on the mainland the chicken world faces a terrible new threat.”

 Blind 2 – premiere in 2023

 Little is still known about the surprising sequel to the film that Sandra Bullock starred in 2018 and that broke viewing records. The platform decided that this second part with enormous media potential should be a Spanish production directed by the Pastor brothers ( Hogar) with Mario Casas as the protagonist along with Patrick Criado, Celia Freijeiro, Lola Duenas, Gonzalo de Castro, Michelle Jenner and Leonardo Sbaraglia. The big mystery is how the story of those monsters you can’t look at is going to be connected to the location in Spain.

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar – estreno en 2023

 A short story by Roald Dahl adapted and directed by Wes Anderson. And with Benedict Cumberbatch as the protagonist to lower the sugar a little. It points to aesthetic delight and also to the danger of stretching, because the original text, from 1977, tells in a few pages the story of a very peculiar guy, Henry Sugar, who has the ability to see through objects and predict the future. with the help of a book. Also in the cast are Ralph Fiennes, Ben Kingsley, Rupert Friend and Dev Patel.

Dept. H – opening in 2023

 And another comic from Netflix, who knows how many we already have. In this case, it is Dept. H, another gem by Matt Kindt (the same as the one in the Keanu Reeves comic) who publishes in The New York Times about a researcher who must solve a mystery at an underwater scientific station. Alice Waddington (her given name is Irene), from Bilbao, is in charge of directing, a talent that mesmerized the fantastic film industry with her debut film, Paradise Hills .

Havok – release in 2023

 Netflix has signed a long-term deal with director Gareth Evans, author of the macabre The Apostle and riveting Murder Raid, and the next thing we’ll see from this Welsh creator is Havok . Tom Hardy acts as producer and protagonist of this story about a policeman who goes over to the underworld and who helps a politician to rescue his son in an environment of pure corruption.

The Pain Hustlers – release in 2023

 Emily Blunt and Chris Evans star in a film inspired by an article published in The New York Times in 2018. It addresses one of those unexpected success stories, that of a woman with hardly any education and a mother without support who starts working at a bankrupt pharmaceutical company and He does it so well that his courage shoots up, which in this case ends in tragedy with a conspiracy involved. Directed by David Yates, director of several Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films, and those who have seen it have compared it to nothing less than The Wolf of Wall Street or The Great American Swindle .

The Electric State – premiere in 2023

 Sorry for illustrating with an absurd image what could be one of the most watched movies of the year… if it’s ready for 2023, because it will be released very late or rather in 2024. It’s a new blockbuster from the Russo brothers for Netflix after The Invisible Agent (and so many other things), with nothing less than Millie Bobby Brown and Chris Pratt as protagonists. This is the plot: “In a retro-futuristic past, an orphaned teenager (Millie Bobby Brown) travels the American West in search of her little brother with a friendly but mysterious robot and a rather eccentric homeless man (Chris Pratt).” Between humans and robots, more actors: Stanley Tucci and Jason Alexander, Giancarlo Esposito and Ke Huy Quan.

Carry on – premiere in 2023

 Here we are also facing a premiere-event. More than for the film itself, because it is the first fruit of Netflix’s agreement with Amblin, Steven Spielberg’s production company. Carry on is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, shot in Hollywood in recent years (Jungle Cruise, Black Adam…), and starring Taron Egerton and Jason Bateman. It is a thriller about a young United States Transportation Security Administration agent who is blackmailed on Christmas Day by a mysterious passenger into letting a dangerous package onto a flight.