It’s been a while since the news came that Netflix might change its prices and, most importantly, Netflix might not allow account sharing outside of the same household. 

And while it initially sounded like far-off news, arriving sometime in the future, that dreaded future seems to be drawing near: You won’t be able to share your Netflix account anymore, or at least you won’t be able to do it for free. You will have to pay an extra for each user that you will add to your account.

Obviously, this news came as a jug of cold water for most Netflix users. Who doesn’t use their sister’s account or share the same account with their parents, why pay the premium rate then? and, above all, how much will Netflix cost now if we finally can’t share an account?

Below we tell you the essentials about what could happen regarding Netflix prices and fees. 

Can we continue sharing the Netflix account?

Yes, but paying more than what you were paying until now. This new system has already been put into practice in countries such as Chile, Costa Rica or Peru. 

In these countries, the price of the fee remains the same, with one exception: if you want to use the account outside of your home, you will have to pay an extra $2.99 ​​for each person who uses your account. 

Netflix’s director of innovation, Chengyi Long, stated that, although the company has always promoted sharing an account with different people in the same household (hence the existence of the Premium and Standard plans), it is true that it also there has always been confusion about the use that could be given to this possibility of sharing. 

In other words, among his statements we can read that Netflix did not expect that the possibility of being able to access the same Netflix account from several screens simultaneously would lead its users to share the account. 

So how much will it cost to share a Netflix account?

Given Netflix’s current prices, sharing an account would cost the following: 

  • Basic plan, no HD, just one screen: €7.99 (Cannot share)
  • Standard plan, with HD and two screens: €12.99 (+2.99 = €15.98)
  • Premium plan, with Ultra HD and four simultaneous screens: €17.99 (€20.98, €23.97 or €26.96, depending on whether you share with 2, 3 or 4 people respectively)

Obviously, when sharing an account, the price would also be divided between the people you share, which will still make the price cheaper in some cases. However, what Netflix will achieve with this extra price is that each user pays a minimum of €6.74, which is almost the initial price of Netflix.

Can Netflix be used in one house?

Although the news started to raise the alarm that each Netflix account could only be used in one house, the truth is that Netflix has not said anything yet about the possibility of IP tracking to make this possible. 

The truth is that it would be quite unfair to those people who travel frequently or who live in more than one house. Netflix would lose a lot if each user had to pay a bill for each house instead of per person. 

Netflix’s idea with this new measure, which is still in a trial period, is for each user to pay on their own. By paying those €2.99 each user would have their own username and passwords. 

The company has confirmed that this measure will reach all countries at the beginning of 2023, that is, there is very little left for the price of Netflix to rise again.