What do you have left to cross off the list?

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    On Schindler’s List

    A story that reveals many realities of the Holocaust times. The story is about a German businessman and member of the Nazi party who invests a large fortune in saving 1,100 Jews in Auschwitz during World War II. A classic that should not go unnoticed on your list of most watched movies.

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    Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

    The story of the most famous magician is postulated as one of the favorites to watch over and over again. And it is that since you listen to the soundtrack of the film, the fantastic stories of this little magician and his friends come to mind. Without a doubt, this saga will hook you (although we doubt that you have not seen it).

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    The 1972 film reveals how the Corleone family engages in the dirtiest and most mafioso acts to rise to the top of the Sicilian clans, a fortune that is almost lost on American soil.

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    The Lion King

    Disney has given us the best childhood with movies like this. The Lion King is a children’s classic that also managed to touch the hearts of adults thanks to the unforgettable scenes of Simba the cub , a little lion who is looking for his way to the kingdom of the jungle but who changes his destiny to live in a relaxed way in the company of Timon and Pumbaa until he has to go back to his duties.

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    The Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King

    The third film in the trilogy was one of the most awarded in history, equaling Titanic.

    What will be special about the story of Frodo on his way to Mordor? You’ll have to find out.

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    Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

    Next to the rest of the films in our gallery, Snow White is the one that has been the most surprising to us, but being Walt Disney’s first animated feature film (1937) , it all makes sense.

    It is considered as the watershed of cartoons.

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    An American horror and suspense film by Albert Hitchcock . It is hailed as one of the best films in cinema history and has been immortalized by the screaming scene of  Marion Crane (Janet Leigh).

    You cannot leave it off your list if you are a big fan of this genre.

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    Violent times

    Also known as Pulp Fiction , this Quentin Tarantino work weaves together crime stories set in Los Angeles. This director is characterized by ironic humor and violence (You will remember Kill Bill or Once upon a time in Hollywood ) but this film became his greatest success.

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    Star Wars, Star Wars

    This is the first of the great Star Wars saga , (the fourth in internal chronology). This George Lucas film has been considered a milestone in the history of cinema and currently has countless fans (the most faithful).

    He had big profits, until ET came along , another character from outer space.

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    Jurassik Park

    The 1993 film directed by Steven Spelbierg takes us to an amusement park with dinosaurs created artificially as clones that put the lives of many people in danger. It was one of the highest grossing movies until Titanic came to take the place in 1997.  If you like science fiction and adventures, this is your thing.

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    “Home phone”

    Do you read it with the ET tone of voice ? It is normal! This science fiction story by Steven Spielberg (yes, too) fell in love with many after being one of the highest grossing in history, surpassing Star Wars and Jurassic Park .

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    From the creators of Titanic, this blockbuster film took the hits thanks to its never-before-seen special effects and visual technology . The story is set on Pandora and is set in the year 2154. A conflict of interest between humans and native tribes is intertwined with an unexpected love story .

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    Titanic was an unprecedented success and has won several Oscars with many more nominations.

    Unforgettable performances by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were a big step in their respective artistic careers, not to mention Celine Dion ‘s glorious song . Surely you have crossed it off your list for several years, are we wrong?