For a few years, the boom in erotic literature grew after the success of some novels that made the genre little by little accepted and not hidden. In many bookstores the best erotic books went from being “hidden” to forming the central axis and sales increased due to these readings.

It is inevitable to thank a novel like 50 Shades of Gray since, thanks to it, erotic books began to emerge and become known. However, we cannot say that it was a genre that began with this book. The erotic has been around for a long time, but not many opted for it in their reading. Therefore, today we are going to recommend some of the best erotic books.

The best erotic books

The best erotic books

Now that you know a little more about erotic literature, surely you would like to know which are the best erotic books that exist. And although we cannot put them all below, because we would not finish in a long time, we have chosen a selection of them to give you some recommendations.

Of course, it will depend on the taste of each person to like or not the choice or the book itself.

Our recommendations are:

50 shades of Grey

This book, written by EL James, has conflicting opinions. There are those who like it and those who don’t. Who says it’s well written and who doesn’t. But we have not placed it here because we consider that it is really one of the best, but because it was the one that opened the literary genre, normalized it and catapulted it into sales.

Before, erotic books were hidden and little was said about having read a book of these characteristics; well it seemed taboo. But with the success of this book things changed, and much is owed to him.

On the other hand, it is impossible to deny that it was a best-seller and that it reached almost every corner of the world, so it is not so bad if it became the most read book for a long time.

Story of O

This novel by Pauline Réage , published in France in 1954 was quite a revolution. First, because at that time writing about erotic themes was not the norm; but if it also included a female character so liberated by sex, even less. In fact, there were two fronts, those who completely rejected the novel and others who accepted it.


The Decameron is not in itself a novel, but rather 100 stories or short stories that were created by 7 women and 3 men. It’s written in the 1800s and the stories, all of them erotic, stand alone, so you can read them separately.

In it you will find different characters such as kittens, doctors… One of the best known is Alejandrina and her 7 bodies.

Ada and the ardor

Vladimir Nabokov ‘s one of  the best known is Lolita, but also this one, Ada and the ardor is one of the best erotic books. He wrote it when he was almost 70 years old and it tells the love story between Ada and Van, two lovers who commit incest.

In fact, many experts consider it to be one of the best texts in history (apart from the story it tells).

Lady Chatterley’s lover

DHLawrence is the author of this novel that tells the story of a marriage. Due to the consequences of the First World War on the man (it leaves him in a wheelchair forever and unable to have sexual relations), his wife feels uncontrollable sexual desires. Until this moment, she is able to resist. She until she meets Oliver, the ranger, and succumbs to pleasure and sexuality.

It is a novel that in its time gave much to talk about because the author himself was characterized by thinking that sexual relations were not only that, but also served to get to know the characters in a more intimate and personal way (including in the real life).

Tell me what you want

Ask me what you want meant for Megan Maxwell , its author, the boom in her sales. And it is that, this Spanish author (don’t be fooled by her pseudonym), until she published that novel she only wrote romance (chick lit or from Scotland), and she dared with a risqué story. And the result has not been bad, especially considering that Warner is currently going to adapt it to a film.

The story centers on Eric Zimmerman, a businessman from Germany who must travel to Spain. There he meets Judith, a very attractive employee with whom he begins to play, fantasize and give free rein to his most hidden desires. Of course, also from submission and domination (but at another level from the previous ones).