Even though we’re starting to get out of the house more, this was another great year for devouring any anime that came our way. However, we ended up almost stuffed, because in 2021 there was a lot to see.

Here is a selection of what we liked the most in Sugoi Cast!, and before you complain, of course we got excited and screamed with Jujutsu Kaizen , Attack on Titan The Final Season and the premiere in Mexico of Demon Slayer —Kimetsu no Yaiba— The Movie: Mugen Train , but we wanted to take advantage of this list to talk about other titles.

The best anime of 2021

To your eternity

1. To your eternity

Fushi’s story is not like anyone else’s and that was what conquered us the most about this anime. Well, we are talking about a being that has to go through several painful and emotional transformations to discover what it means to be alive and find his own goal.

Without a doubt, the evolution of the protagonist is glorious and all the other characters he meets throughout his journey steal your heart. So much so that it is perhaps the anime that made us cry the most in this 2021 and not a tear was free. In addition, we could also give her the award for the best villain, since she also develops little by little and silently until she gives us the best (or worst?) Version of her.Ranking of Kings

2. Ranking of Kings

Without a doubt, this was the year of the unusual protagonists, as this is one of the best animes of 2021 thanks to Prince Bojji.

Not only do we applaud him for opening up the levels of representation (he’s deaf and mute, so throughout the anime there are scenes with sign language), but he also has the most charming personality of all. Bojji inspires us because regardless of the limitations that life puts us, he always decides to show his bravery, courage and determination.Odd Taxi

3. Odd Taxi

It is undoubtedly an anime that stands out from all the others for being a slice of life that is mixed with mystery, drama and even black humor. 

Everything takes place in a world with anthropomorphic animals where our protagonist is a taxi driver (who is a walrus) and yes, as you expect, he listens to all kinds of stories from his passengers.

But what’s wonderful about all of this is that these conversations go beyond the mundane, as the characters deal with quite current issues (from the frustration of going viral to the path of being an idol ), which makes them very fascinating. And if that is not enough, we applaud the development of the plot, since everything is guided by a common thread that consists of solving the disappearance of a student.Horimiya

4. Horimiya

Of course, among the best anime of 2021 there is a high school love story because what would life be without romance, drama and existential crises?

Although it has all the elements to be a classic cliché, Hormiya stands out for the great direction behind the story and the development of characters, especially that of Miyamura, who even delves into all the psychological baggage that both the main characters and the characters carry. the secondaries.

Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon a Time

5. Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 Thrice Upon a Time

After more than 20 years we finally had the epic conclusion to Neon Genesis Evangelion and, for us at least, it was worth the wait and the drought that Hideaki Anno put us through.

Obviously it’s not perfect and it also caused a lot of conversation among fans, but it’s amazing to think that Evangelion has been the director and creator’s way of dealing with depression and for that reason it’s comforting to see the hopeful ending with which this saga ends.The Night Beyond The Tricornered Window

6. The Night Beyond The Tricornered Window

The paranormal and curses are taking a lot of strength in anime, and this story is proof of that. As a curious fact, Gege Akutami (the mastermind behind Jujutsu Kaisen, and who also usually puts these issues in this title), recommended fans to have mangaka Tomoko Yamashita on their radar, for his way of building stories as emotional as is.

This anime contains many interesting themes: curses, special connections, and a bit of romance that unfortunately fades a bit at the end. Blue Period

7. Blue Period

Another trend that we have seen today (and that is appreciated) is to see the world of art in a more real way: it is not only to present the beautiful side when creating a work, but also everything that it entails in a parallel way: in the case of Blue Period, school stress, family problems, the few options that exist when there are limited economic situations, the fear of a blank canvas, adapting to what a university wants to see… and an eternal etcetera.Komi San Can't Communicate

8. Komi San Can’t Communicate

This anime has taken NOTHING to position itself as one of the favorites of the season, and that is that the protagonist, Komi, despite her beauty and charm, has such high levels of anxiety that it is impossible for her to interact with a world that, otherwise fact, he loves her very much. Vanity No Card

9. Vanity No Card

GOOD GOOD! For those of you who are fans of vampires (or let’s not go far: for those who were dark in their youth), get ready because this anime has EVERYTHING you have dreamed of: spectacular costumes, gorgeous characters, all the elements that a good vampire story should have, fantasy settings… and an infernal flirtation between all the characters. Enough, we give up. Tokyo Revengers

10. Tokyo Revengers

If the otaku community had their eye on one anime this year, it was definitely  Tokyo Revengers . And it’s not surprising: Ken Wakui’s manga has been a resounding success with millions and millions of copies sold around the world (and it’s already coming to Mexico! In case someone in the public collects manga).