The Venezuelan Tirone José González Orama , better known as Canserbero , was and continues to be one of the icons of Latin American hip hop, leaving his mark on the world of rap from his first appearances on the street to becoming one of the greatest exponents of this gender. Inspired by Greek mythology, he adopted his stage name from the dog’s name Hades, and had a knack for blending poetry, pain, love, and reality into his themes.

Canserbero not only became known in Venezuela, but also in other Latin American countries such as Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Peru.

8. It’s Death

Written by: Canserbero | Produced by: Kpu

We start this list with C’est la Mort , the track that opens the album Muerte de Canserbero from 2012, and which we could say is the best known of this artist.

Featured lyric: The Devil is my friend, but if he’s not careful I’ll blow his teeth / Culture knows shit to me, I do rap for all my people / There are many who talked about me and now they pull my balls head on / I am the eternal heart of winter against those who always envy me

7. Jeremiah 17:5

Written by: Canserbero | Produced by: Kpu

We continue with a bonus track from the album Death , inspired by the biblical verse that reads as follows: “Thus says the Lord: Cursed is the man who trusts in man, and makes flesh his strength, and his heart departs from the Lord.”

Featured lyric: The most treacherous you may have in front of you / Drinking your cold ones, or sharing your hot dinner / I hope those who always lie will drown / And once in hell, may they burn forever

6. Prison Song

Written by: Canserbero | Produced by: Afromak

One of the most heartfelt leit motifs of Canserbero ‘s career is how he used his lyrics as a poetic denunciation in which he crudely exposed the shortcomings and negligence of his country’s political, social and judicial system, and proof of this is this track, which uses a sample of Graham Nash ‘s Prison Song, one of Tyrone’s favorite songs.

Featured lyrics: And in case one day I saw the one who killed my brother / And in my hands there was a weapon of those weapons that I reject so much / I can sing this hymn to myself / When they are putting the steel rings on my arms

5. Machiavellian

Written by: Canserbero | Produced by: Afromak & Kpú

We take a turn from the raw verses about life to immerse ourselves in the emotions of love: despite the title, Machiavellian deals with the end. 

Featured lyrics: I only write sad verses / You turned me into some pathetic / I reread what you wrote / When we were happy or more or less happy / And I felt like butterflies what I now know are worms / I’m in those times when drop by drop / The mind is exhausted, the days go by and you hardly notice it / The routine is relentless, a bad mood wraps you up

4. Of life as a film and its tragedy, comedy and fiction

Written by: Canserbero | Produced by: Unknown

Sampling the song Acapulco by Jazeboo, Canserbero once again gives us a lesson about life in this track that he never included on any of his albums, but which is undoubtedly one of the best known of his career.

Featured lyrics: Sometimes good and sometimes bad / But if I’m sure of one thing, it’s that they can never send me / To the areas where hypocrites have to pay their torment / Because I tell the truth even when I lie

3. Thinking of you

Written by: Canserbero | Produced by: Kpu

We enter the final stretch of this count with the song Pensando En Ti, one of the best-known tracks on the Vida de Canserbero album. 

Featured lyric: Time heals wounds in an obvious way / Although no wound heals without leaving a scar / I would so much like to have the voice of a singer / To not only recite, but sing to you / Well, my only defense is to explain this misunderstanding to you / Give me another chance and I swear will you want to grow old with me

2. It’s Epic

Written by: Canserbero | Produced by: Kpu

As the title says, this is one of the most legendary tracks of Canserbero ‘s career , where he narrates almost an epic poem in a hip-hop key. It is a lyrical fantasy produced by where he explains how he takes revenge on his brother’s killer, killing him during a gunfight, and also dying on the spot while appearing to travel through a tunnel that ultimately leads to hell. 

Featured Lyric: I remember being beaten and moved / To a spot in one of the circles with a bunch of people / “For vengeful and murderous, you will burn forever / For all eternity as punishment!”

1. Stone World

Written by: Canserbero | Produced by: Kpu

And we come to number one with another of the raw and dark stories of the artist, who, as if he were a neighborhood poet, narrates an event that affects the lives of three people, and which they only realize when it is too late: tells of Carlos, a policeman who leaves for work, and who says goodbye to a wife he doesn’t love and a son he ignores before abusing his authority all day before ending up with a sex worker and murdered. 

Featured lyric: It’s April 3 at 2 in the morning / Carlos has to patrol at night all week / He has a son he loves and a wife who pretends to love her / The three of them live in a world of stone (Ah-ah)

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