Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro (Guillermo del Toro, Mark Gustafson, 2022)

Despite the fact that ‘Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro’, like the story, is darker than you think, we have decided to include it in this list because, despite certain somewhat macabre moments present in the original story itself, it achieves that balance for viewers of all ages . Set in Italy during the 1930s, del Toro’s stop-motion animated musical version is itself an unsubtle political critique. Without a doubt, one of the most outstanding premieres of 2022 .

Dreamland (Francis Lawrence, 2022)

Jason Momoa puts his Atlantis trident aside for a moment to star in this adventure film in which he plays a large half-man, half-monster creature with a mission: to help a girl find her father , missing in a mystical dreamland. . If you’ve already seen it, dry those tears and be sure to read the explained ending of ‘Dreamland’, the emotional film directed by Francis Lawrence.

The Spirit of Bridge Hollow (Jeff Wadlow, 2022)

Halloween is a special day for all those who enjoy trick or treating, but what if skulls, clowns, spiders and other paraphernalia came to life? Now that’s a neat trick. Marlon Wayans (‘Scary Movie’) returns to comedy in one of those horror movies that isn’t terribly scary, but is still top-notch entertainment . Next to him, Priah Ferguson , one of the revelations of ‘Stranger Things’.

Monster House (Gil Kenan, 2006)

You’re a twelve-year-old boy and you’ve gotten it into your head that strange things happen in the house where an old man lives, just across the street from you. It’s Halloween and your suspicions are confirmed when you see how the house is about to devour your best friend. But you are a child and few people take your words seriously. The solution? Start investigating on your own. Gil Kenan would make his directorial debut with a film that would take some of the elements of the best haunted house movies and transform them into a very enjoyable animated comedy for the whole family .

Spider-Man: A New Universe (Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey and Rodney Rothman, 2018)

Before we could enjoy the innumerable surprises that awaited us in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, in 2018 came the best Spider-Man movie , starring Miles Morales , who here will assume the mask of Peter Parker and must face Kingpin in a universe that includes four alternate versions of Spidey. Our favourite? Peter Porker, aka Spider-Ham .

The Boss Baby (Tom McGrath, 2017)

Based on the book by Marla Frazee, ‘The Boss Baby’ has the ideal sense of humor to enjoy as a family . And it is that, who is not going to be amused by a baby in a suit and tie? We know you gobble up videos of kids doing funny things on Instagram and TikTok, and that’s not too different. The film follows a family that welcomes a new member, a very unusual baby who changes the life of her 7-year-old brother, who until now was an only child and now has to deal with an extraordinarily bossy little boy.

Back to the Future (Robert Zemeckis, 1985)

A time machine in a DeLorean! It may have been decades since the success of ‘Back to the Future’, one of the best films of the 80s, but it is still a great family classic to enjoy at any age and in any circumstance. It is full of fun, adventure, science fiction, romance… Everything you are looking for . Follow young Marty McFly as he travels back in time, where he meets the teenage versions of his parents. If you are left wanting more you can always continue with the two sequels.

A Chance of Meatballs (Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, 2009)

The directors of ‘Class Boy’ and The LEGO Movie’ made their debut in 2009 with this funny film in which the young scientist Flint invents a machine capable of making food fall from the sky. If you like disaster movies like ‘Moonfall’, animation and a good helping of laughs , you’re in luck, because ‘Cloudly with a Chance of Meatballs’ is a luxurious feast.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (Jon Watts, 2017)

Tom Holland first appeared as Spider-Man in ‘Captain America: Civil War’, but it was in this 2017 film where he was finally able to take the leading role and show that the suit suited him like a glove . literally and metaphorically. ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ is the first of a trilogy of a very fun and familiar adolescent Spidey . If you’re already clear about where it fits in the chronological order of Marvel movies and series, go ahead with it!

E.T. el extraterrestre (Steven Spielberg, 1982)

One of Steven Spielberg’s best films, ‘ET the Extra-Terrestrial’ conquered the hearts of half the world in the 80s and it seems that its magic has not dissipated. The unlikely friendship between a boy of divorced parents and an alien makes up one of the most emblematic films of the time and a family adventure perfectly balanced in its sense of humor, entertainment and its darker parts .

Little Women (Gillian Armstrong, 1994)

Louisa May Alcott’s famous novel has led to great adaptations, including the most recent one directed by Greta Gerwig in 2019, but many will remember this 90s version as the most iconic. With a fabulous cast including Winona Ryder, Susan Sarandon, Gabriel Byrne, Trini Alvarado, Samantha Mathis, Kirsten Dunst, Christian Bale, Claire Danes and more, Gillian Armstrong’s ‘Little Women’ invites us to experience the family melodrama of these four sisters in the years of the American Civil War.

The Karate Kid, the moment of truth (John G. Avildsen, 1984)

If you’re already looking forward to ‘Cobra Kai’ season 5, you might want to take a walk through the movie that started the franchise first : The original ‘Karate Kid’ is available on Netflix for those who want to go back to the 80s and live the story. by Daniel Larusso, a teenager who finds in karate and sensei Miyagi the power of martial arts, which does not always have to do with being the first to give the flying kick.

The Addams Family (Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan, 2019)

The Addams family has gone through the big and small screen in many ways (watch out for the new Netflix series created by Tim Burton, ‘Wednesday’), but one of the funniest has been this animated saga directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg tender. In it, we meet Gomez and Morticia, who are preparing the visit of their large family to celebrate the ”Mazurka with saber” in honor of Pugsley, a rite of passage to become a man worthy of the Addams family.

El Grinch (Yarrow Cheney y Scott Mosier, 2018)

It’s never too early to start enjoying the best Christmas movies on Netflix, right? Especially if it’s a perfect movie for the whole family. In this animated version, quite different from the one starring Jim Carrey, ‘The Grinch’ follows a green guy who sets out to steal Christmas because he is fed up with the fact that the inhabitants of Whoville continue to increase the size and noise of their celebrations every year. year.

The call (Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, 2017)

Still haven’t felt the call? And what are you waiting for! One of the best Spanish films on Netflix, this musical by Los Javis became a public phenomenon first on stage and then on the big screen. The story follows a young woman who does not stop dreaming of God singing to the rhythm of Whitney Houston, while all around her feelings and the desire for freedom emerge both in her and in her best friend and her musical partner.

The Sea Monster (Chris Williams, 2022)

After traveling to infinity and beyond with ‘Lightyear’, we sail the seas again in one of the great animated films of recent years that recovers the adventurous and fantastic spirit of cult works in this field such as the trilogy of ‘How train your dragon’ . Actors of the stature of Karl Urban, Dan Stevens and Jared Harris give voice to characters with whom it is difficult not to empathize from the first bars. Everyone to board!

The Mitchells against the machines (Michael Rianda and Jeff Rowe, 2021)

With a frenetic pace, a hilarious sense of humor, and a handful of cultural references, ‘The Mitchells Against the Machines’ has become one of the best and most entertaining animated movies on Netflix. Directed by Michael Rianda and Jeff Rowe , and produced by the greats Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (who also produced the Oscar-winning ‘Spider-Man: A New Universe’), it follows a family who, while on a road trip, find themselves with a technological insurrection that threatens to destroy humanity.

The Adam Project (Shawn Levy, 2022)

Ryan Reynolds leads this sci-fi action adventure that’s perfect for a family evening : family plots, important messages for the youngest, incredibly entertaining pace, recognizable actors… ‘Project Adam’ follows a time traveler who he travels back in time in search of his lost wife, but his path crosses with his twelve-year-old self. They star Zoe Saldana, Catherine Keener, Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo and more. Is it among the best or among the worst Ryan Reynolds movies?

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (Jake Kasdan, 2017)

The perfect mix of action, adventure and comedy is found in this belated sequel to ‘Jumanji’, which wants to introduce the famous (fictional) game to a new audience. And, for this reason, he does it through a video game. Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillian star in this film in which four teenagers find themselves immersed in a video game where their lives are in real danger. And, by the way, you will find themselves. Skimming there with the best action movies on Netflix.

My Neighbor Totoro (Hayao Miyazaki, 1988)

A classic of Japanese animation that must be passed down from generation to generation as an inalienable intangible heritage. And it is that Hayao Miyazaki ‘s film is not the flagship (and corporate image) of the acclaimed Studio Ghibli by chance. In it, she tells us the story of two sisters who go to live in the countryside with their father to be closer to her mother, who is recovering from an illness in a nearby hospital. In the forest that surrounds them lives a magical being, called Totoro, who makes the wind blow and travels in a gatobu. Normal that we got sentimental when ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ turned 30 years old.

Matilda (Danny de Vito, 1996)

One of the most indisputable classics of family cinema from the 90s is waiting for you on Netflix: a mini-superheroine with telekinetic powers who seeks to leave her home to do good with her abilities. Adaptation of a story by Roald Dahl , the story makes children laugh as much as adults. It is one of the best adaptations of Roald Dahl.

Jumanji (Joe Johnston, 1995)

If you’re a family that loves board games, watch out for this Robin Williams movie : it might convince you never to try a new game again. The adventures that the characters in this classic 90s film have to live are pure entertainment, with images that will take a long time to leave your head. Sure, it’s one of the best Robin Williams movies.

Zipi and Zape and the marble club (Oskar Santos, 2013)

Based on the classic comics by Jose Escobar, this Spanish film is made to enjoy as a family, especially when different ages come together . We meet the iconic Zipi and Zape, two mischievous twins who are admitted to a school where games are prohibited. We already know that this is not going to work for them, that they will find all possible ways to have a good time.

You want to know more? Back in the day we interviewed the new Zipi and Zape and their director Oskar Santos.

Bumblebee (Travis Knight, 2018)

After several ‘Transformers’ movies dominated by Michael Bay’s testosterone, this Bumblebee spin-off offers us something different: a family adventure, set in the 80s, Spielbergian- inspired and with a lot of heart . Starring John Cena, the film follows the silent yellow car we met in the previous films, Bumblebee, who hides out in a Californian town and ends up befriending a teenage girl (Hailee Steinfeld).

‘Transformers’ prepares a new trilogy after a short break, so we will have robots for a while.

Of Love and Monsters (Michael Matthews, 2020)

Dylan O’Brien, who knows a lot about teenage dystopias after the ‘Maze Runner’ trilogy, stars in this adorable survival film in a hostile environment . Lucky that he has the help of one of the best dogs in cinema. The story follows a young teenager who learns to survive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with gigantic monsters.

Shrek (Andrew Adamson y Vicky Jenson, 2001)

This early 2000s animated classic found the perfect balance between being an adventure for the whole family and also a very badass festival of cultural references. This is ‘ Shrek ‘, the story of an ogre who must become a hero for a day to recover the long-awaited intimacy and solitude of him in his swamp. But, oh, how many turns life takes, especially with a talking donkey as a squire and a princess with many secrets as the damsel in distress who doesn’t need a rescue. Where do you place it among the best animated films in history?

Spirited Away (Hayao Miyazaki, 2001)

The masterpiece that leads Hayao Miyazaki’s best films, winner of the Oscar for Best Animated Film, is also a story about what it means to grow up . The passage from adolescence to the adult world is represented here with an ‘Alice in Wonderland’-style adventure, in which a girl must survive in a magical world inhabited by gods and strange creatures.

Enola Holmes (Harry Bradbeer, 2020)

Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven in ‘Stranger Things’) leads this adaptation of Nancy Springer ‘s novels , which imagine the adventures of the sister of Sherlock Holmes (who, in this film, is played by Henry Cavill, becoming a new Sherlock Holmes from cinema). Thus, Enola Holmes decides that she wants to be a free and independent woman, and forge her own path as a first-rate investigator, following the wit of her mother (Helena Bonham-Carter) and, of course, that of the famous brother of her A fun and charismatic film to enjoy without pretensions.

Ponyo on the Cliff (Hayao Miyazaki, 2008)

Having all the Studio Ghibli filmography in the Netflix catalog, you cannot expect less than, in this list of family films, several of them appear. It couldn’t be any other way: Hayao Miyazaki has some ideal films for all ages, like this ‘Ponyo on the cliff’, a reimagining of the story of ‘The Little Mermaid’ with an environmental message involved. A brilliant, endearing and funny film. In what position will it be in the ranking of the best Studio Ghibli films?

How to Train Your Dragon (Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders, 2010)

Already a success in animated films, ‘How to train your dragon’ is always a fantastic option to enjoy some family time. Also, if you are left wanting more, it has two sequels to continue the story! Directed by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders and set in a world of Vikings and dragons, we follow the path of the hero Hiccup, who encounters an unusual dragon that will help him see things in a new light. It has a good position, as it couldn’t be less, among the best Viking movies.

Nicky, the witch’s apprentice (Hayao Miyazaki, 1989)

Among the Studio Ghibli films there are all kinds of stories, but this is one of the most innocent and luminous . The protagonist of it, Nicky, is an apprentice witch who moves to a new city to make a living and develop her powers. In order to survive, she starts a delivery service that will bring her many headaches, but it will also teach her what is truly important in her life. A different vision that joins those reviewed in our collection of films ‘Witches, more than witches’.

The house with the clock on the wall (Eli Roth, 2018)

Surprising turn in the career of director Eli Roth , going from pure terror in proposals like ‘Cabin Fever’ and ‘Hostel’ to this fantastic adventure film to watch with the family. With a tone very similar to that of tapes like ‘Goosebumps’, Roth’s film presents an orphan, his witch uncle and his eccentric neighbor on a quest to find a clock hidden within the walls of his mansion that will prevent the unleashing of the wrong. They star Owen Vaccaro, Cate Blanchett, Jack Black and Kyle MacLachlan .

Apollo 10½: A Space Childhood (Richard Linklater, 2022)

The new film from Richard Linklater (‘Boyhood’) is a true nostalgic, adorable and exciting wonder . The animated film shows us the adventure of the space age of the 60s in the United States from a different perspective: that of the director’s childhood. The Apollo lunar mission, which gives the film its title, will be the center of a story of a bygone era and feelings that never completely go away. One of Richard Linklater’s best films in its own right.

Hotel Transylvania (Genndy Tartakovsky, 2012)

The entire saga created by Genndy Tartakovsky is on Netflix, and it’s time to give it a try (or watch it for the umpteenth time). The story stars Universal’s most famous monsters, from Dracula to Frankenstein, including the Invisible Man or the Mummy , but in a way we’ve never seen them before: running a hotel, the Hotel Transylvania, where they protect themselves from the threat of humans.

Peter Pan, the great adventure (PJ Hogan, 2003)

The kids of the early 2000s fell in love with this PJ Hogan movie: because of the classic characters created by JM Barrie, because of the incredible music of James Newton Howard, because of the teen idol material that Jeremy Sumpter had… It all played out . his favor to make it a very interesting adaptation of Peter Pan, with its high-flying adventures, evil pirates and magical worlds where growing up is forbidden. Okay, it’s not a live-action Disney remake, but it has nothing to envy.

Kung Fu Panda (Mark Osborne y John Stevenson, 2008)

This is not just another animated film: this is an action-comedy-adventure marvel that you should check out (with or without kids) ASAP. Mark Osborne and John Stevenson directed this first installment of the ‘Kung Fu Panda’ saga, which follows a panda bear named Po who, against all odds, discovers that he is destined to be a hero, reminiscent of the Bruce Lee of kung fu movies. fu and martial arts. Among the original voices they brought together Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Lucy Liu and Jackie Chan .

The Croods. A Prehistoric Adventure (Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders, 2013)

This animated film showed that we are still fascinated by the prehistoric period, and all the stories that can be told by sharpening our imagination. Here we follow a family that, after the destruction of their home by a great earthquake, is forced to emigrate in an unknown and terrifying world, where they will meet an open-minded nomad who leaves them all fascinated, especially the Grug’s daughter.

You didn’t expect this, but you know that it has an important place among the best films of Nicolas Cage’s career, since he gives voice to the protagonist.

Vivo (Kirk DeMicco y Brandon Jeffords, 2021)

This is the year of Lin-Manuel Miranda , who recently premiered ‘En un barrio de Nueva York’ and now lands on Netflix with another of his musical compositions, ‘Vivo’. In the style of Pixar and Disney movies (children’s animated movies, wow), this film follows a kinkajou (a kind of bear from the tropical jungle) who must fulfill the last wish of his best friend and musical partner: to bring a song from Havana to Miami.

Superkids (Robert Rodriguez, 2020)

In the spirit of films like ‘Spy Kids’, Robert Rodriguez returns to take up the story of his film ‘The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D’ to give us family cinema that mixes action, comedy and fantasy. In the film, we see how a band of alien invaders kidnap the superheroes who protect the Earth from the forces of Evil, and it will then be the task of their children to unite to save their parents, and, incidentally, the world. Pedro Pascal leads a cast that includes Priyanka Chopra , Boyd Holbrook and Christian Slater .

The day of yes (Miguel Arteta, 2021)

What would it be like to spend 24 hours saying yes to absolutely everything to your children? That is the fun bet of ‘El dia del si’, one of the direct premieres on Netflix in 2021 that presents Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez as the poor parents who make this drastic decision advised by a therapist. The reason? That he always says yes and she looks like the bad guy. Now they will see, with crazy consequences, what it would be like if the poor mother that Garner embodies was not the one who set certain limits. It is also worth it to teach your children why you do well to say “no” to certain things. Will it be among the best Spanish movies on Netflix?

The ‘Madagascar’ saga (2005 – 2012)

The three films in the ‘Madagascar’ saga are available on Netflix to the delight of the little ones in the house. And the older ones, too. This animated adventure follows a group of animals who escape from a zoo to discover that the great city of humans is also a veritable jungle . It could easily have been listed among the best Ben Stiller movies.

Karate Kid (Harald Black, 2010)

Ok, maybe we don’t like the potato as much as the original ‘Karate Kid’ from 1984, but we assure you that it is a great option for the whole family. With Jaden Smith ( Will Smith ‘s son ) taking over as a karate trainee and Jackie Chan taking over as Miyagi, this film brings back the epic and thrills of martial arts with a modernized story. Although the base remains the same: a young man who wants to learn to defend himself against those who bully him in high school and gain confidence in himself through the fight. It’s one of the most unnecessary remakes ever.

Tales at nightfall (David Yarovesky, 2021)

Be very careful with this movie! It contains the perfect combination between family cinema and horror cinema, with touches of comedy and extravagance that make it a very special film. And on top of that, it’s produced by Sam Raimi . The story, based on the novel by J.A. White , follows Alex ( Winslow Fegley ), a boy obsessed with scary stories who ends up being locked up by a wicked young witch ( Krysten Ritter ) in her trendy New York apartment. There he meets Yasmin ( Lydia Jewett), who is also trapped and realizes that she must tell a new scary story every night to survive. Now, if you’ve been wanting more horror when the kids go to bed, don’t miss the best horror movies on Netflix.

The castle in the sky (Hayao Miyazaki, 1986)

It is one of Hayao Miyazaki’s lesser-known films , but also one of his most luminous, entertaining, and charismatic adventure stories. A true gem to discover on Netflix, through its two young protagonists: a girl who keeps the secret to find a floating island lost for thousands of years and a brave boy who will help her get out of this dangerous adventure alive. we include among the best fantasy films in the history of cinema?

The footballers (Miguel Angel Lamata, 2018)

There is no sport that creates more obsession in our country than soccer. We take it so seriously that the group of children who are the protagonists of this film are willing to do whatever it takes to save their team, Soto Alto FC, which has suffered too many defeats and is about to drop to second place. We are crazy about football movies. Directed by Miguel Angel Lamata , this comedy for the whole family promises to make us have a good time between goals and childhood dreams.

Klaus (Sergio Pablos, 2019)

It may be unmistakably Christmassy, ​​but this Sergio Pablos film is captivating at any time of the year. Nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Film, this production by The Spa Studios and Atresmedia Cine tells us about the origins of Santa Claus (in a beautiful and unexpected way) through the story of an apprentice postman who must learn to fend for himself. even when his father cut off the tap. It is one of the best Christmas movies in the history of cinema.

The Bread of War (Nora Twomey, 2017)

Sometimes, stories starring children can make us understand -both adults and children- the impact of problems to which perhaps we are not paying enough attention. This film by Nora Twomey , nominated for an Oscar, takes us to the center of Afghanistan, and its dramatic story -with the occasional touch of humor- can make us learn a lot. Not everything is laughter in life. It is one of the best animated movies for adults.