Hippie, by Paulo Coelho. A reading experience in Granada.

Coming from different parts of Spain, we meet at Granada airport. Some first tentative contacts between people unknown to each other and united at the same time for a purpose: to enjoy a weekend reading the latest book by Paulo Coelho: Hippie .

The transport arrived immediately and, although they had told us something, it was quite a surprise. Also a preview of the adventure we were going to undertake in a few minutes.

As soon as we got on the road it was time for the introductions. The group was made up of Marisa, Sara and Tamara, who had won the contest organized by Comunidad Coelho, representing Gemma, accompanied by Adriana, from Editorial Planeta; We were also on behalf of the literary websites: Javier, from Todoliteratura, and the undersigned, Selin, from Anika Between Books . We were seven, just the capacity of this version of Magic Bus that as soon as we saw it, we made it part of us.

From there we headed towards the first scheduled stop: Beneficio, which is a community that maintains the hippie spirit that Paulo Coelho lived in his youth and which is what he conveys in his book . In a place, which its inhabitants have made even more welcoming, about two hundred people live; some permanently, others seasonally or temporarily. A simple life, without hard drugs or alcohol.It is true that we arrived like other tourists, but we immediately felt at ease and we toured part of the place animated; not everything, because it is quite extensive and soon we would have to continue with the program. Of course, it was also time to start leafing through the book in a relaxed moment and with everyone together.

The combination of reading, self-motivation and the place gave us a very positive first impression, also fostered by an environment in harmony with nature and between people. The truth is that we would have been there all day.

It was time to continue the route to Trévelez, the town located at the highest altitude in the Alpujarra . An excellent viewpoint welcomed us during the meal with suggestive views of the surrounding mountains.

The journey there and back attracted many glances, especially because of that peculiar Magic Bus that drew attention wherever it went, in addition to the fun of those of us who were inside, delighted to participate in the festive atmosphere and willing to be in good humor. to make us notice

It was dusk when we arrived at the rural farmhouse where we would spend the night and the following day. The weather was fine and we took the opportunity to cool off in the pool. After dinner, prepared with the collaboration of all, and some after-dinner food, the couple of waiters went to the apartment we had for ourselves, while the women stayed in the house with more space since there were five of them.

The first light of the morning cleared us up and seeing that there were no signs of movement in the other house, we spent some time reading . I guess we are more reserved and we went to sleep right away, while our companions would have continued a long conversation. And maybe reading.After a lively breakfast, a yoga session awaited us, also some chi kung at the end, which was very interesting, thanks also to our understanding instructor, who patiently put up with our blunders and more than a laugh in the difficult positions, especially for me, that day I had difficulties with balance.

Shortly after the final relaxation, the interviews with the winners of the Coelho Community contest were conducted. They turned out very well and provided their interesting opinions on different aspects of the novel , which you can see in the videos that have been uploaded on social networks by the Coelho Community .

The morning had already passed and we all set out to prepare the meal, with good results for the hunger we had made. After a long after-dinner meal until they came to pick us up to go to the airport.

It was time to say goodbye, not knowing if we would meet again all together. For two days, a few heterogeneous people had formed a compact group and shared a unique experience. We will always have the memory of how a book had united us .