Years before his spider-senses began to surface, English-born Tom Holland began acting at the age of 12, playing the title character in the London production of “Billy Elliot” in 2008.

He continued to work steadily in industry, garnering critical acclaim for both his on-screen and off-screen work. Meanwhile, the American-born Zendaya launched her career on the Disney Channel comedy circuit in 2010 with “Shake It Up.” Before dancing, singing, and doing trapezes in 2017’s “The Greatest Showman,” she even independently released her own music.

While these Marvel stars grew up on opposite sides of the pond, their on-screen chemistry as Peter Parke/Spider-Man and Michelle “MJ” Jones is undeniable. However, it’s their close relationship off-screen that has kept us all wondering: was there really something between them or were they just friends?

Tom Holland and Zendaya: What happened between them?

Tom Holland and Zendaya met during Zendaya’s tryout audition for “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” but things got off to a rocky start. “My first meeting with Zendaya was very embarrassing, actually, for me,” Holland said in an interview in 2016. “It just wasn’t my most enjoyable moment.” Zendaya said: “I don’t remember this, but he says there was some kind of awkward hug.”

Thankfully, things picked up after this awkward, but entirely platonic and professional encounter. “We did the first scene together, and I think that’s when the producers picked it up,” said the British actor. “Before she walked out of the room, they knew that she would play her character.” The chemistry between them was simply undeniable from the start.Fans began calling them “Tomdaya” in the summer of 2016, when Tom Holland and Zendaya began appearing on each other’s Instagram feeds. By the following summer, the media confirmed that they were dating, but the actors just laughed off the rumors.

Zendaya even strongly refuted the gossip in August 2017, telling Variety: “We’re friends. He’s a great guy. He’s literally one of my best friends. These past few months we’ve had to do press tours together. There are very few people who You can understand what that’s like at 20.”

However, she wasn’t too concerned about the rumors about their relationship, telling Entertainment Tonight: “It happens all the time and of course we expected it. I mean, it comes with the territory. It comes with the job, so everything’s fine.”

In December 2017, a source told the media that Tom Holland and Zendaya were reportedly together, but were trying to keep their alleged relationship quiet for “privacy reasons.” (If true, we can’t say we blame them.) However, Kiya Cole, the mother of Zendaya’s friend and fellow Disney Channel star Skai Jackson, publicly confirmed the duo’s relationship status the following September. And it is that she, through social networks, said that they were trying to keep a low profile while they went out.

After spending much of her life working in the industry, Zendaya is understandably cautious when it comes to keeping her personal life out of the spotlight, and if she was with Tom Holland at all, she’ll most likely never say so. , because to date he has ALWAYS tried to hide his love interests.If they were together, the couple never confirmed it. In fact, through social networks they have made it very clear that they are good friends. When it’s each other’s birthday, they always congratulate each other with a personal, especially funny post.

In fact, the couple have gone to great lengths to shut down the rumors. Tom had to publicly say that he was single, until he finally revealed on Instagram that he had a girlfriend.

And suddenly, one joyful day in July, the couple was caught kissing again. Despite the fact that neither of the two have shown signs of a hidden romance for months, The Sun managed to get new photos of the couple giving themselves a passionate kiss inside a car. 

Would you have liked to see them together?