In the almost three decades that she has been on stage, Laura Pausini does not remember a year in which there was not an armed conflict and, now, the situation in Ukraine fills her with uncertainty as to whether she should continue making music, but only for a moment: “ Even if there is a war, especially for the people who live there it is fair to continue” because “hope and dreams come through art,” she says in an interview with EFE.

In the case of the Italian, her form of art has always been singing, a passion that has led her to win awards such as the Grammys, the Golden Globes and the Sanremo Festival in 1993, the starting point of her career and a very special moment that she wants to commemorate in her autobiographical film Laura Pausini – A pleasure to meet you, which will be released in April.Italian artist Laura Pausini poses in an image.

The idea for the film came about during the pandemic, when the 47-year-old singer had time for the first time in decades to get bored. “I thought that the best way to feel alive again was to take a trip to my past that I had forgotten,” she recalls wistfully.

In that return back in time, Pausini, one of the most important voices in Italian music, made a discovery that surprised her: “I had spent more time in my life as a celebrity than in my life as a non-celebrity.”

“It’s a trip to my adolescence and childhood, to the countryside where I was born, among the school books, the songs I listened to… it was like opening a box,” he explains in a video call with Efe amid promotions for his new single, Box, which will be the soundtrack of her film and in which an adult Pausini chats with her adolescent self to assure her that she has not forgotten her because she lives in it.

Hopeful for the good reception of the song and its video clip, recorded in her childhood room that is still intact in the house where she was born in the small town of Solarolo (center), the singer admits that she is looking forward to seeing how people will react to a very personal film with which he expects something unique: “I want to know if the public identifies with me as I identify with them”.Italian artist Laura Pausini.

Before the premiere, Pausini will be the mistress of ceremonies, along with two of her friends, the singer Mika and the presenter Alessandro Cattelan, of the Eurovision Song Contest, an opportunity that caught her by surprise: “I didn’t expect them to call me to present it because when there is music in between, what I normally do is sing”.

The artist, a true star who accumulates thousands of fans in Spain and Latin America, tries not to reveal anything that the trio has prepared for the Turin contest in May, but advances that it will be “a great show” at the height of the motto of this year, “The sound of beauty”, to launch “a message of union and peace”.

Asked if she would have liked to represent her country, Pausini responds with her typical self-confidence: “This show is great, I love the concept of uniting the music of Europe,” she says, despite the dramatic moment the continent is experiencing and which makes him wonder sometimes if he should stop making music.

“Inside me the answer is always no. Although there is a war, especially for the people who live there, it is very important to tell them that there is life outside. Hope and dreams should not remain in words, many times they both live through art, so I think it’s fair to continue”, he explains about the conflict.

He acknowledges that when he gets home at night and sees that the television only talks about war “and it’s not a movie”, he feels “uncertainty” because he would like to “be there and help”, but then he remembers what many people write to him: “They tell me that I am helping them in my own way, with music.”

“I have been a singer for 29 years and honestly I do not remember a year of my career without a war. There are such as in Afghanistan that has been going on for many years, there are many mothers who lose their children, there are men who lose their lives. Unfortunately, if you go to Google to search for wars today, you don’t know how many there are. Of course at this moment it is happening” in Ukraine with Russia, which with “its elections” is making Europe suffer.

After 30 years in the music industry, Laura Pausini thinks about the future with the strength of a woman with a successful career behind her and happy to know that the conditions of women have improved in her sector, an achievement she celebrated yesterday , March 8, but remembering that “there are still many things to do”.