Tupac Shakur, also known as 2Pac , was an acclaimed rapper in the 1990s. His controversial life and denounced art made him an eccentric character.

He was a talented man, to the point of building a new genre (Gangsta Rap) and being considered the King of Rap.

Phrases and verses of 2Pac, a legendary rapper:

1. Misdirected hatred is the misfortune of the races.

Belonging to a race that was sullied by the racism of the time, Tupac, a benchmark of rap, was a critic within his lyrics about the context in which he lived.

2. I’m not saying I’m going to rule the world but if I keep talking about how dirty it is someone is going to have to clean it up.

A blunt phrase about the values ​​that prevailed in his life time.

3. If you make it through the darkness of the night, it will be a very sunny day.

No matter what comes, hope is the virtue that brings balm in the storm. This is shown by the author in his sentence.

4. Why am I dying to live if I live to die?

Reflection on human nature and the society in which he was incorporated during his career in this world. It is a question that puts anyone to meditate.

5. Each one has the maximum memory for what interests him and the minimum for what does not interest him.

A teaching about the interests of each individual within society and how that can succumb to the vice of indifference about what is universally important.

6. I am not saying that I will change the world, but I guarantee that I will light the flame of the brain that it will.

Many of his songs were critical and reflective on the subject of racism. She tried to use his art to raise the heads of others who did not understand the magnitude of what the problems that were being experienced implied.

7. Now that I lie down to sleep I pray to God to take care of my weapons if I die before I wake up, I pray to God to take my soul.

Sadly, this phrase hints at the pain and moments of dejection that the singer had during his life.

8. Keep your head up. Do what you have to do. And then, inside you, I will be reborn.

Being able to do things at the right time, regardless of the circumstances, will always be an achievement, whatever it is.

9. I was born not to make it but I made it.

Sometimes more is exceeded than expected. Tupac teaches that conditions don’t always determine what you can be.

10. They dare to judge me without even knowing me.

A phrase that teaches the mistakes that are generally made within interpersonal relationships.

11. Everyone is at war with different things… I am sometimes at war with my own heart.

Adversities are part of nature. There will always be conflict of any kind, the important thing is to know how to mediate each one.

12. The past is what determines our future.

His philosophy of life is aimed at giving meaning to what he lived through, given that his end will be like a compass for what is new to be done.

13. You grow, we all grow, we are made to grow. Either you evolve or you disappear.

This is nature as a property that has life. With his simple and direct words, Tupac teaches what he thought of growth within the various human spheres.

14. Wars come and go but my soldiers are eternal

Within his songs he wrote lyrics of resistance and struggle. This is an illustration of that fact, where he demonstrates the unfading of the cause.

15. Revenge is the best pleasure after sex.

Living in his conditions allows us to understand the various grudges he may have had. This is an example of his belief system.

16. Before we find world peace, we have to find peace in the war in the streets.

The partial gives way to the general. This phrase is a denunciation of the ideas of peace expressed by politicians, when they have no control over the sources of conflict within the management of their nations.

17. The lie is not a lie, it is the truth.

Misinformation and misrepresentation of what was presented in the media was a way of maintaining racial hatred. Here, in this short but profound sentence, the author expresses his position on the matter.

18. I am neither poor nor rich, by discriminating race it is lost and the world will become a fan.

His lyrics were full of harsh criticism of the racial hatred that prevailed in his social context, in addition to his denunciation of social inequality.

19. Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live, and let’s change the way we treat each other. You see, the way we do it isn’t working, so it’s up to us to do what we have to do to survive.

A principle within social relationships is to respect the other. In this unfortunate case, the people who belonged to the population that was sullied by hatred are not even respected. Therefore, their position was more one of survival than of normal interrelation.

20. We have to make a change. It is time for us as people to start making changes.

And it was important for the evolution of society that change that Tupac expected so much.