Interstellar is finally available on Netflix ! If you have seen it, there is only one question left! When does Intestellar 2 come to our screens?

It certainly wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Christopher Nolan the director and writer of our time. Nolan doesn’t just make movies, he creates visual experiences. Where each experience is filled with a unique and incomparable intensity. The genre that compels its viewers to become active participants in every story it weaves together with intricate detail. Each story is meant to be seen with his mind and heart. Nolan’s ambitious 2014 masterpiece Interstellar is of course no different.

I interstellar , that’s a lot of things. It is a time travel sci-fi space epic that explores the depths of space, passing through time and galaxies. Explore complex concepts like wormholes and black holes. Relative time, the fragment and the beings of five dimensions. It is a larger than life story about the survival and evolution of mankind. And the possible death of the earth. In many ways, it’s also a love story between Cooper and Amelia. But basically Interstellar is still a father and daughter story, Cooper and Murphy.

Interstellar is also a monumental feat in the cinema of our time. A coup like no other, with its complex stories. Its non-linear stories, its game with time and space and the grandeur of its visuals. He leaves his audience exhausted by his intensity, while asking for more. Therefore, here we ask ourselves. And wait, if this masterfully crafted space epic will ever have a suite . Here’s everything we know about Interstellar 2 !

What can we expect from Intestellar 2?

Christopher Nolan’s Intestellar takes place in a land of the mid-20th century. The latter is facing a major environmental disaster that could wipe out all of humanity. It revolves around the story of Joseph Cooper, a farmer and former NASA pilot, played by Matthew McConaughey. Cooper accidentally stumbles upon a secret NASA base run by Professor Brand while exploring the strange gravitational patterns appearing on the floor of his daughter Murphy’s bedroom.

This eventually led to Cooper being hired as an endurance pilot. A spaceship for interstellar travel, with the goal of exploring other habitable planets. He sets out on a mission to find a way to save humanity, promising Murphy that he will return. The rest of the film explores Cooper’s space journey and his journey to fulfill his daughter’s promise.

With Interstellar, Christopher Nolan gives viewers and Cooper a relatively happy ending. It also means there’s more chance of a sequel. As the characters embark on their new journeys. If there ever was Intestellar 2 , it would undoubtedly be as complex and intense as the first part, if not more. I think the plot of Interstellar 2 could revolve around life on Edmund’s habitable planet. As well as concepts of morality and politics in the future and what will happen next.

The first part ends with the reunion of Cooper and Murphy, and a sense of closure between the two. Interstellar 2 Then you could focus on the relationship between Cooper and Amelia. As well as their own conflicts and personal losses. It could also focus on Cooper’s relationship with his son, Tom, about whom the film tells us very little. But that also leaves him behind. As the movie is mostly about time travel. The Interstellar sequel could also see Cooper interacting with his deceased wife in the past. With concepts like these and the spirit of Nolan, the possibilities are limitless.

Within Interstellar 2 , it would also be fascinating to further explore the concept of five-dimensional beings. From which we eventually learn that they are highly evolved human beings from the future. As the movie is based on complex concepts that have not yet been fully tested. Concepts like quintuality and relative time have endless possibilities in the way they can be explored by someone as brilliant as Nolan.

Who could be in the cast of Interstellar 2?

Matthew McConaughey has mentioned in previous interviews that he would definitely be interested in being part of a suite on Interstellar if the opportunity arose, but only if the project seemed solid to him.

Like Interstellar is essentially the story of Joseph Cooper. McConaughey would definitely have to play the lead there, reprising his role in the Interstellar sequel . Ideally, the movie should also star Anne Hathaway as Amelia Brand. It would make sense to start where she left off the first part. And to further explore the relationship that Cooper and Amelia share. Personally, it would also be great to see TARS and Case, the rectangular robots, played by Bill Irwin and Josh Stewart respectively. Because they ended up becoming characters that the audience loves in the movie. On top of that, the movie could definitely have other characters from the future and the past.interstellar 2

What is the release date for Interstellar 2?

if Intersterral 2 is done, it definitely won’t be created in the next 2-3 years. The chances of an interstellar following are generally very low. Since Nolan’s masterpiece was, in many ways, more than self-sufficient. But if a sequel is released, it won’t be in the near future, as Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg have prior commitments for their other works to be published in the next few years.

It can be estimated with little enthusiasm that Interstellar 2 will not have a release date before 2023 in the cinema. And therefore 2026 on TV on Netflix following the French rule of law.