Zack Snyder ‘s version of Justice League is already considered one of DC’s best works, far surpassing Joss Whedon ‘s version . And among all the changes and improvements that it has, there is the addition of several characters that contribute a lot to the story and make it into something bigger than we expected. 

During a scene showing humanity’s first battle against Darkseid , Zeus , the Greek god, can be seen alongside Ares , as well as a Green Lantern and other Atlanteans and Amazons . However, the list of new characters in Zack Snyder’s Justice League is longer (as is the list of differences from the other film). These are the names: 



Portrayed by Ray Porter , this villain was cut from Joss Whedon ‘s version , in which only Steppenwolf was featured as the sole antagonist. In this film, he has a more relevant role since Steppenwolf wants to redeem himself before him by recovering the three Mother Boxes, in addition to telling us his background and what his current mission is: find the anti-life equation. 

In this film, he’s even more relevant because he witnesses Steppenwolf ‘s murder firsthand after learning that Earth has the anti-life equation he seeks, setting the stage for a future invasion. 



Peter Guinness plays Darkseid’s closest servant , Desaad, who is the first Steppenwolf communicates with , and who doubts his ability to be able to retrieve the Mother Boxes. 

Silas Stone


Although the character of Silas Stone, played by Joe Morton , appeared briefly in Joss Whedon ‘s version , in this cut he has a much more relevant role, being presented as an absent father figure, giving a stronger role to the Mother Box who returns to Victor Stone’s life after a car accident. Also, in this version he sacrifices himself so that his son can locate the box. 

Elinore Stone


While in the first version we do not see Victor Stone ‘s mother , played by Karen Bryson, now we can see her as the figure closest to the superhero, who dies after a car accident while trying to cheer him up. A tragic fate that adds power to the character’s background. In our Justice League review we mentioned that Stone turns out to be one of the most interesting. 

Ryan Choi


Comic book fans will know that Ryan Choi is the name of the character who embodies the second version of The Atom in the comics. Here we see him as a colleague of Silas Stone at STAR Labs , and after he dies, Choi is left in charge of his operations, suggesting that he would eventually become the character. Zheng Kai plays him.

Iris West


Although her introduction isn’t complex at all, Iris West (Kiersey Clemons) appears in a scene leaving a place where Barry Allen is asking for a job, and the two stare. After her he saves her from a car accident, revealing her identity to him. This would have made a step for the Flash tape. 

Martian Manhunter


Martian Manhunter , played by Harry Lennix (who had previously) appeared as General Swanwick in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman , has two scenes in this version of Justice League . In the first he appears consoling Lois Lane, while in the second he officially introduces himself to Bruce Wayne , warning him that he might need support in the future. 



Jared Leto ‘s Joker wasn’t originally going to appear in Justice League but Zack Snyder managed to convince him to add one more scene to this version. The character is part of another apocalyptic vision in which Wonder Woman and Aquaman have already died , so Batman is looking for allies and he is one of them. Leto does not disappoint and does a better job than we saw in Suicide Squad.