If you are reading this post, surely you are one of mine. I also love nature documentaries, and I don’t understand those people who get bored with them either. Is it because they have seen the typical documentaries that are broadcast on general television to fill in a bit of grid? I think that perhaps this is one of the problems of the reduced public attraction that this audiovisual style has. The little access and, above all, the little commitment to quality material. As you and I well know, there are documentaries that are authentic wonders and I am sure that they would change their opinion quickly if they saw any of these five works of art.

Before talking about these nature documentaries, it would be great if you went through other posts with similar recommendations such as the best documentaries for technology lovers or the other list we made for those who are gawking at the stars. Also, a selection of the best documentaries that you can see on Movistar+, which has a huge and interesting catalog of this genre.

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Now yes, we start with our list of five nature documentaries that you cannot miss. Which will you choose to see first?

1. Seven worlds, one planet

We started strong with this series directed by the well-known David Attenborough, with the BBC label and set with music by Hans Zimmer . You really can’t ask for more from a documentary. It will teach you the enormous differences between the seven continents that make up our planet, both in terms of flora and fauna.

2. Africa

A classic of nature documentaries, also with the BBC and the voice of David Attenborough. This six-episode series will take you fully into never-before-filmed territories of the African continent and will show you aspects of wildlife that you could not have imagined.

3. Dancing with the birds

A somewhat peculiar documentary that could not be missing from this list. Netflix launched at the end of 2019 this marvel that combines humor and incredible images to talk about the reproductive process of the most colorful birds. You will be able to see birds strutting, in ways you never imagined, accompanied by a novel realization and, above all, with a very funny touch of humor.

3. Our Planet

To close this list, we end with another Netflix documentary . In this case, the team behind the well-known BBC documentary series ‘Planet Earth’, which is not on the list because it is impossible for you not to know it, signed a contract with the North American platform to launch this eight-part documentary series also at the end of of 2019. It has narrations by Penelope Cruz and, of course, by David Attenborough.

5. Planet Azul II

We close the list with the umpteenth jewel of the BBC, which is the continuation of the worldwide success ‘Blue Planet’. In this second installment, further investigation is made into the fauna and flora of the oceans and seas, with a critical message to the contamination of man included.