Netflix has a large number of titles, some that are new releases and others that come to the platform as part of the weekly renewal of its catalog. One of the titles that surprised this week is Mother/Android , the science fiction movie that became the most viewed on the service.

The fiction has as its protagonist Georgia ( Chloë Grace Moretz ), a young pregnant woman who undertakes a dangerous journey with her boyfriend Sam, in order to escape from their country, which is in a ruthless war against androids and thus reach a safe place. to be able to give birth.

If you liked this captivating science fiction thriller and you want to see something similar, here are other productions of the genre that you can find on Netflix and that are highly recommended.

A Quite Place 

A Quiet Place became an exponent of the science fiction genre. Not only because of its captivating plot, but also because of its innovative staging, especially with regard to the use of sound.

The film is directed by and stars John Krasinksi alongside his real-life wife, actress Emily Blunt . The land is plagued by a host of dangerous sightless creatures, which respond sensitively to the slightest noise. The Abbott family lives as best they can in a permanent state of alert and, above all, in total silence, trying to lead as normal a life as possible. One small mistake will lead them to become prey to these predators and they must do whatever it takes to protect themselves and survive.

In addition to being set in a post-apocalyptic world , the film also addresses themes related to motherhood, parenting, and sacrifice. Not to mention that it has a rhythm and constant tension atmospheres that will have you on the edge of your seat. The film has a sequel, but it is not available on Netflix. In Spain it can be found on Amazon Prime Video.

Ex Machina

Another of the recommendations that you can find on Netflix is ​​Ex Machina , the genius created by Alex Garland in his directorial debut. 

This film stars Nathan, a successful programmer who doesn’t have much contact with the outside world and who one day decides to select an employee from his company and thus subject him to an experiment. That is when Caleb enters the scene, the young man who has been chosen to spend a week in a remote and hidden house with the aim of participating in a test with Nathan’s latest creation: Ava, an android who will cross the limits of life. artificial intelligence.

The film stars Oscar Isaac , Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar winner Alicia Vikander . An exciting story about the relationship between humans, technology and the danger of creating artificial intelligence. Available on Netflix Latin America (and on Movistar+ for Spain).

Bird Box: Blind

This production directed by the prolific Susanne Bier also offers us another story about motherhood, the protective instinct, survival and the hope of finding a better path for future generations.

It is precisely what is proposed in this post-apocalyptic thriller starring Sandra Bullock . In the midst of a ruthless alien invasion decimating the world’s population, Malorie must escape with her two children in order to reach a safe place. To achieve this, she must embark on a dangerous journey across the river blindfolded. Disturbing, disturbing and with a significant message.