If due to confinement and the crisis of this last year you have not been able to practice your favorite sport. Or if you were about to start a sport, and in a certain way you have become unmotivated. Don’t worry, below, we recommend the 7 best sports movies to watch on Netflix that will motivate you.

Sports movies are characterized by having that motivational touch, basketball movies as a game of honor and path to glory. Cycling movies like the least expected day, or movies like Everest, which always teach us about the sport and the passion for it. So let’s start with the recommendations.

Coach Carter

coach carter sports movies

We start with Coach Carter , a highly motivating and emotional basketball movie. It is about the story of Ken Carter, who tells us the coach of the film. Ken Carter was a college basketball coach.

Who managed to turn a group of conflicting young people into a winning basketball team, thanks to discipline, education and perseverance. Through this beautiful basketball story, Coach Carter managed to convince the boys and instill the values ​​of the sport. He uses very original training methods, especially with the most rebellious and mischievous students of the institute.

100 meters


This sports movie is a story based on the real life of Ramón Arroyo. Who was a man who suffered from a disease called multiple sclerosis. Which decides to challenge himself with the sporting challenge of overcoming an Ironman. That is, a 3,800 meter swim, a 180 kilometer bike ride and a marathon run .

An incredible story, where we see the true improvement and motivation of an athlete. Without a doubt, it is a film that will motivate you to fight for your dreams. The story, as we said, is a real fact, about the athlete Ramón Arroyo. He prepares from the heart with his mother-in-law, who is not easy to deal with.

The less thought day

The least expected day, more than a film is a documentary, with a very interesting series format. Although it has only six chapters, each chapter is more intense than the previous one.

Since, he tells us about the adventures and journeys that the cycling team experienced, in the competition of the three grand tours in the 2019 season. The collection consisted of the Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta a España. In this production we will see the best cycling teams.



Everest, as I mentioned at the beginning, is a sports movie inspired by the events that took place in 1996 . Without a doubt, it leaves us with great teaching and motivation, through the narrative experience of two expeditions. That when climbing Mount Everest they faced the worst snow storm.

A story where we see one of the greatest versus, the man against the mountain. Motivated to fulfill their dream of reaching the roof of the world. Several climbers try their best to survive in the weather conditions never seen before. After watching this movie, you will understand that nothing is impossible for those who try.


Among the best sports movies, we also have Icarus. The American cyclist who, together with the scientist Rodchenkov, is involved in an international doping scandal . In the film we are shown how Vladimir Putin himself does his best to silence the issue.

However, the media and news complicate the situation even more when the IOC seriously considers the option of banning Russia from appearing as a Country in the Olympic Games. This film was released in 2017 winning the Oscar for the best documentary category. Since it allows us to know the psychological profile and the perverse and obsessive mind of the elite athlete.

Ronnie Coleman “The King”

sports movies Ronnie Coleman “The King”

Another of the great documentaries on sports is Ronnie Coleman’s documentary “The King”. An excellent production, very emotional, instructive and inspiring that will change our vision of the world of bodybuilding.

Although it is a short film, it lasts long enough to capture our attention. Narrated by Ronnie Coleman in the first person. He tells us about every sacrifice and all the physical and mental demands of this sport. Ronnie is the one to give visibility to the bodybuilding routine and experience. After all he is “The King” winner of 8 consecutive Mr Olympia awards.

Like Mike (2002)

basketball movies Like Mike (2002)

Finally, among the basketball movies, we have Like Mike. Which tells us the story of an orphan boy who finds some sneakers with the initials “MJ”. The initials of the famous player Michael Jordan inscribed on the sneakers, give Like Mike the abilities to play like him.

Their skills lead them to play in the NBA. Stars like Tracy McGrady, Allen Iverson, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Dirk Nowitzki, Vince Carter, among others, star in the competitions.

Do you know any other movies that motivate you?