Like so many of the teen stars that came before her, who came along at the same time as her, and those who have come after her, the entire world has watched Ariana Grande ‘s growth and transformation from Nickelodeon’s teen actress to one of the top references in world pop today, added to the fact that she is undoubtedly one of the best vocalists of her generation, which has earned her comparisons with the great divas of the 90s such as Mariah Carey or Celine Dion .

Ariana has represented the various stages of her life through her albums, Yours Truly was her first effort when she still maintained that sweet and angelic image of Cat from Victorious ; My Everything was the beginning of her transition to pop star where she subtly began to shed the youthful image, but with a still very teen pop sound. Dangerous Woman was the album that marked a precedent in her career where she really experienced an important maturity as well as her image, an evolution that extended to sweetener , while Thank U, NextShe represented a key point not only as a performer but as a songwriter with an album that was really a diary of her love life, but full of bangers that made the whole world dance and sing.

Then we leave you our Track by Track of Positions .

1. Shut up

Ariana kicks off her sixth studio album in style with this track, in which she gives an update on how she’s been feeling since the release of her last album and takes aim at her critics in the chorus, giving them direct instruction with the title of the song. 

2. 34+35

In an ingenious and mischievous way, the second track on the album is titled a mathematical operation that results in 69, the famous sexual position in which people give each other pleasure through oral sex.

3. Motives (Feat. Doja Cat)

The long-awaited collaboration between Ariana and Doja is a topic in which both ask their partners what they want and what they want from the relationship, all this from the signs that both have and the feelings that gave way to them make these assumptions.

4. Just like magic

Just like magicis an upbeat, swaggering tune in which Ariana celebrates her many accomplishments throughout her career. The song contains many allusions to the Law of Attraction, a philosophy that, through enough energy and attention, the universe can manifest a person’s thoughts, whether positive or negative.

5. Off the table (Feat. The Weeknd)

Both arianators and fans of The Weeknd were excited when rumors of a possible collaboration between the two singers began to emerge, after the success that turned out to be Love Me Harder , one of the best songs in the repertoire of both. 

6. Six thirty

Ariana talks about how having a fight with her lover doesn’t affect their relationship, since what they have is more meaningful. Ariana wants her partner to continue giving her her love and affection like when he was in love with her. 

7. Safety net (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

For the seventh song, Ariana recruits Ty Dolla $ign, thus marking the first collaboration between the two artists. In an interview, $ign discussed the song, calling it “an amazing melodic tune.

8. My hair

In my hair , Ariana Grande literally lets her hair down as she gets intimate with a lover. Allowing a partner to touch her hair puts her in an honest and vulnerable position, but here, she is comfortable and willing enough to do it. Letting go of hair is a phrase that means “letting go” and not putting on any facade or front; just be yourself.

9. Nasty

Following the constant of this album: sex, Ariana has no qualms about expressing her desires and what she wants from her partner in bed, an incredible physical and emotional connection.

10. West side

In this song, Ariana focuses her efforts on being demanding with the person who wants to be by her side, ensuring that she wants the commitment to be accurate and from the heart. Telling her partner to “shut the door,” Ariana asks him to end any past relationships or affairs so they can both move on to a new stage in their lives

11. Love language

Love languages ​​or love language is a concept invented by marriage counselor Gary Chapman that postulates that people show love to each other in different ways: physical touch, words of affirmation, and so on. In this song, Ariana is trying to learn her partner’s love language to be better, and expressing that she loves to be understood. 

12. Positions

The first single from this new album shows us an Ariana committed to being very flexible in any possible scenario so that their relationship works. The chorus gives the term “positions” a double meaning: in one case, it refers to Ariana changing her gender roles in the relationship. On the other hand, it refers to the change of sexual positions during the act (eg, missionary, cowgirl).

13. Obvious

In a much more romantic and reflective aura, Ariana acknowledges all the love disappointments she has had in the past for what she felt that perhaps love was not for her. 

14. Throwing

In pov , Ariana expresses that her partner truly loves her for who she is and wishes she could see herself through their point of view to understand why they love her so much, despite her flaws. Ariana wants to see her partner’s idolized perspective, which would help him accept all of her flaws and beauty and build her own love for her.