Selection of the best music videos:

10. Land Whack, Dora | Directed by Alex Da Corte

It was not very unreasonable to think that given the title of the song, the video has some reference or child charge included. Alex Da Corte created a video for Tierra Whack ‘s single that channels the aesthetics of children’s television and classic stop-motion animation to create the perfect accompaniment to the song. 

9. Dua Lipa, Physical | director. CANADA

Once again Dua appears in our countdown thanks to the creativity and ingenuity that was shown in the video for Physical , Directed by CANADA (the mastermind behind the Rosalía videos ) the British transformed a shed into a celebration of love, in different shades solid that were being represented with the passage of the theme, along with incredible dance steps, and combining animated elements to give more power to the narrative of the song.

8. Taylor Swift, cardigan | Dir. Taylor Swift

Over the years, Taylor perfected his art and fine-tuned his vision to make his music videos true cinematographic pieces, and after debuting in the directing arena with The Man , it was logical that the cardigan video was under his vision.

7. The Weeknd, Blinding Lights | Dir. Anton Tammi

One of the best songs of the year (perhaps the best) could not afford to have a video that was not up to par. Blinding Lights was not only the hit that gave us life in 2020, but it was also a wild experience from every point of view: starting with all the energy that we had and the adrenaline that made us feel as if we were playing a race. 

6. SZA, Hit Different (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign) | Dir. Solana

SZA also made her directorial debut with this incredible audiovisual piece that accompanies her collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign . In the video we saw the singer dancing on different stages and in different outfits, including a junkyard surrounded by dancers wearing neon orange “ Aaliyah -inspired”.

5. Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande, Rain On Me | Directed by Robert Rodriguez

Let’s go with another moment that stopped the internet and generated a lot of expectation not only among arianators and little monster, but also in a good part of the pop culture consuming public in general that was waiting to see what they had to offer two of the most great pop divas Gaga and Ariana took us to another space to rise from the ashes and waste all the energy with incredible dance steps and fascinating outfits, all this while their tears turned into diamonds to give the world an anthem of resilience and power with Rain On Me . . Robert Rodriguez was the architect of all this creative exercise, which is undoubtedly one of the best of the year.

4. Kali Uchis – The Light (Feat. Jhay Cortez) | Dir. Kali Uchis & Lauren Dunn

The singer took us to the skies on a journey through the clouds for the video for La Luz, which was also Kali’s directorial debut. The video opens with the singer texting in her bathtub. 

3. BLACKPINK, How You Like That | Dir. Seo Hyun-Seung

The queens of K-pop enter the honor roll of this list with the epic video that broke any number of records on YouTube. Among the brands it held at the time are the most viewed premiere in the history of YouTube with 1.66 million people tuning in to the premiere of the video and it was also the most viewed video in the first 24 hours with 86.3 million views (a record it held until the arrival of Dynamite from BTS). 

2. Harry Styles, Watermelon Sugar | Dir. Bradley & Pablo

The video of this controversial ode to the desire for one of the pleasures of the human being, which Harry Styles very cleverly knew how to camouflage through analogies, was the work of Bradley & Pablo and had the city of Malibu as the ideal setting. Harry filled this video with hidden references, from the glasses he wore for a Rolling Stone cover, to the similarities of the shots to the views in the Lights Out and Kiwi videos , to the inspiration he took from Jack Nicholson for one of You take them biting the watermelon. 

1. Arca, Nonbinary | Dir. Frederik Heyman

Any project that bears the Arca stamp undoubtedly has an intrinsic futuristic element, but we never imagined what he had in store for us for the Nonbinary video . Frederik Heymanhe took it upon himself to transform the singer into a hyper-modern, futuristic venus crouched in a clam shell wearing a pair of white marabou heels and a white satin glove with roses scattered all over her body. At the end of the futuristic film, she appears to be in a heated argument with herself (although only the back of her interlocutor’s head can be seen) and is surrounded by flames. The diva is symbolically transformed in this video, amply demonstrating what being non-binary truly represents and that is something that the same person is in charge of defining for himself, which led this video to be placed at the top by the powerful message it sends and for the amazing creative exercise it represents.