Luis Miguel’s life is not only known for his talent on stage, but also for the romances he had throughout his career. In the second part of the series dedicated to his artistic career, more enigmas appear than expected. The romance with the singer Mariah Carey is one of those stories that is already causing a stir among fans.

The first chapter of the second season that premieres this Sunday, April 18, has shown, through the official Netflix trailer, moments in which the episode is nourished by the love story between the artists. This new installment will take up the events at the end of the first one and will focus on telling what happened to the musician between the years of 1990 and 2005. In that period of unbridled success, Luis Miguel met Mariah Carey, with whom he quickly began a relationship. Next, we tell you some details of what was learned.

How was the love story of Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey?

In her autobiography The Meaning of Mariah Carey, the singer devotes an entire chapter to narrating her relationship with Luis Miguel. She explains that they met in 1998 through a mutual friend, and her first date was at a restaurant in Aspen.

Although the first impression the singer left was not the best, Luis Miguel knew how to apologize and the next morning he sent his assistant to Mariah’s hotel along with a Bulgari diamond necklace. And so began a courtship that for three years would be the center of all eyes in the world.

The cradle of their romance was the mansion of the interpreter in the bay of Acapulco, which on many occasions served as a refuge from the public eye.Mariah describes the place as “terrific”. A huge house with balconies overlooking the pool, flamingo, roses in the garden. In addition, “the sun of Mexico” always made sure that there was a mariachi ready to play while they ate dinner.

Why did Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey end their relationship?

It is said that one does not live on love alone and neither does money, and that is what, apparently, happened with Mariah and Miguel. Despite the fact that both were successful in their careers, there were details that were consuming their romance. The time they spent together did not seem to be entirely complete, since being the most sought-after stars of the moment, they could not maintain their relationship off camera, despite all their efforts.

Added to this was the character of the singer, who, just as he could exude sweetness, had bitter moments that Carey was not willing to put up with. But not only that, it happens that at that time, Luis Miguel was coping with the death of his father, the custody battle for his brother and, in addition, he was living at the peak of his career.

All these factors and others that are not known were the steps that the couple could not climb, and while “the sun of Mexico” shone more and more in front of millions of followers, their love nest was submerged in the darkness of the that could never resurface.

What did Mariah Carey write about Luis Miguel in her autobiographical book?

“The Latin Elvis” is a chapter of the book The Meaning of Mariah Carey, which Mariah Carey dedicated to her romance with Luis Miguel. In these pages, she tells how they met and how detailed Luis was from the day after their first date.He also narrates his personality and the surprises he always prepared for him, such as bringing him mariachis at dinner time or building a bathtub in the style of a planetarium so that both of them could feel like they were swimming under the stars. Another of the follies of love that she did was fill a private jet in which Mariah was going to travel with red roses.

In the book he also describes the reasons for the breakup of the relationship, which only lasted three years and did not have an ending like fairy tales.

What will we see from Mariah Carey in the Luis Miguel 2 series?

The singer is likely to be played by British actress of Jamaican descent Jade Ewen. In this new installment, which will consist of eight chapters, passages of the love life between the two artists and their outcome will be seen. Since it covers the glory years of his fame, he will not be exempt from how they carried out their relationship being two great musical phenomena of the moment.