What to watch as a series? This is the question we ask ourselves when we want to embark on a new program. Except that very often, choosing what to discover becomes a huge headache given all that is at our disposal. To help you in your choice, here is the list of series to have seen at least once in your life.

If in our list below is a series that you have never seen: go for it. Because yes, this list is made up of programs that have either marked the world of series, or have been acclaimed by critics. So, do not hesitate to launch the first episode of Plus Belle la vie , Game of Thrones or even The Returned , if it has not already been done. Here’s why.


Lost is a very ambitious project that has marked the world of series. Its pilot alone cost almost 10 million dollars, which proves the magnitude of the program. The starting premise is simple: a plane crashes on an island. The survivors try to survive in this hostile land, which is much more mysterious than it seems. During its story, Lost takes an unexpected direction that will captivate you. The series made an impression since it arrived on the air when the internet was booming. Thus, fans gave many theories on the forums and tried to unravel all the mysteries. This is the first series that has been so popular outside of broadcasts. For these reasons, Lostis to be seen, since it was a precursor in many aspects.

” Breaking Bad “

Breaking Bad is one of the best series in the world. We do not weigh our words when we write these lines. You follow the character of Walter White who learns that he has incurable lung cancer. To support his family, he started producing and selling methamphetamine. Through this story, the series manages to tell, with accuracy, the tipping of an ordinary man into an infernal gear, which will make him forget his values ​​and his morals. In Breaking Bad, you understand that anyone can become a horrible person when they have a vital need to achieve their ends. The series is composed of five seasons, all as well written as each other. The end of the program is also one of the best series endings. A nugget that you can discover in the French catalog of Netflix.

” Ghosts “

Les Revenants  is a French series that has also made an impression. It tells the story of dead people, who mysteriously come back to life. Very quickly, the program met its audience and became a real hit, both with audiences and critics. The success has been such that foreign countries have heard of this series, which will soon be exported to Great Britain, Australia, South Korea and the United States. Moreover, the latter will make an American adaptation entitled The Returned . Unfortunately, she will not meet the same success as her big sister. 

” Game Of Thrones “

Game Of Thrones is adapted from the novels of the same title by George RR Martin. It tells the story of the power struggle between several enemy families, all in a fantastic universe. Very quickly, the series became cult following its success. Even if you’ve never watched a single episode of Game Of Thrones , you know the story, and you pretty much know what’s going on in it, since when a new episode was online, everyone was talking about it. It was impossible to miss the program as the enthusiasm was enormous, especially when the last season was broadcast. This is why you need to watch Game Of Thrones, to understand why there was such admiration from many viewers. The series is also sublime, whether in its scenario or its aesthetics. You have to watch even one episode to understand the extent of the phenomenon that she was. 

“The Sopranos”

“The Sopranos is perhaps the greatest popular culture masterpiece of its time” . Here’s what Vanity Fair wrote about The Sopranos , and it’s not the only media that’s praising it. Indeed, the series is one of the best television programs of all time, according to several specialists in the field, such as TV Guide, which for example has raised it to fifth out of a hundred. The same goes for the English channel Channel 4 and The Time magazine . The pitch is simple, Tony Soprano is a head of the New York mafia, but also a father. Suffering from anxiety, he surrenders to Dr. Jennifer Melfi, his psychiatrist. The series is monstrous in complexity, which will earn it much deserved praise. The Sopranosis a masterpiece of the world of series, it is for this reason that you absolutely must watch it.  

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Immerse yourself in the fantastic world of vampires and other demons in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy Summers is a teenager who must defeat Evil in each episode. A childish story at first sight, but the series is much more complex than it seems when you pay more attention to it. Indeed, it addresses several important social facts by breaking many taboos along the way. Like homosexuality, the passage between adolescence and the adult world, the fight against patriarchal figures, etc… It is for this reason that you must watch this program, because in addition to having a good time watching the episodes, you will realize that it was ahead of its time in many aspects. 


Initially, Kaamelott is a small humorous tablet that will make you cry with laughter. But as the series progresses and the seasons follow one another, it transforms its format to become more serious and touching. This is undoubtedly the greatest masterpiece of the talented Alexandre Astier. This is why you must embark on the chivalrous adventure of King Arthur. You will laugh because of the many lines that have become cult, such as “it’s not wrong” or “we have a lot of them” . You will undoubtedly cry afterwards in the face of the drama that the character of Alexandre Astier will experience. Kaamelott is a cult French series that is worth its weight in gold.

” Bugged “

Wiretapped shows how the police are trying to dismantle a drug trafficking ring in Baltimore. The originality of the series is that each season represents a different aspect of the city, keeping the plot of drug trafficking in the main plot. Why is this series to be seen at least once in your life? Quite simply because it would be, and the opinion seems to be unanimous, the best series of all time. Several popular newspapers, such as Time Magazine, The New York Post, Entertainment Weekly and Variety, to name a few, have defined The Wire , its original title, as the best American series in the world.  


How to miss Friends when talking about the series to see at least once in your life? This is the best comedy series in the world, according to many viewers. A deserved title since indeed, Friends manages to chain the gags without doing too much. For 10 seasons, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Monica become our friends, and it’s heartbroken that we leave them in the last episode. The sitcom has managed to break all audience records, both in the United States and in France. It has become cult all over the world, which is why you absolutely have to watch it. To do this, do not hesitate to launch the first episode on Netflix!

” More beautiful life “

Whether we like it or not,  Plus Belle la vie  is by far one of the most cult French series. It is for this reason that you must have watched it at least once in your life. The program aims to reflect reality as much as possible, which makes it very original. Few screenplay projects have this ambition, which is very honorable and important to mention. Moreover, this concept has inspired other French series, such as  Tomorrow belongs to us  or  Un si grand soleil. Add to that its daily format that makes the series a highly anticipated appointment. What happened in the day of our favorite characters? What awaits them? These are the questions we ask ourselves at the start of each episode. It also addresses societal themes to break taboos, such as homosexuality, drugs, transidentity or prostitution. Thus, these three points make the viewer quickly hooked on the story.