After their small television exile, the Golden Globes return “in a big way” with their 80th edition, that of 2023. It will be at dawn from Tuesday 10 to Wednesday 11 January (Spanish time) when we will know their winners at a gala presented by Jerrod carmichael.

And let’s go to what we like: the cheers, the pools. After reviewing the film categories, it’s time to forecast who will be the winners of the television categories.

Best Supporting Actor in a Series

Between veterans and people of advanced age the game is going and a sublime John Turturro seems to be the great bet for this year thanks to his role in ‘Separation’. But be careful, because both John Lithgow and Jonathan Pryce sound quite strong in the pools, however, the very complexity of the characters in the Apple TV+ series tips the balance in favor of Turturro.

The nominees are:

  • John Lithgow (‘The Old Man’)
  • Jonathan Pryce (‘The Crown’)
  • John Turturro (‘Separation’)
  • Tyler James Williams (‘Colegio Abbott’)
  • Henry Winkler (‘Barry’)

Best Supporting Actress in a Series

The masterful Sheryl Lee Ralph stood us up at her Emmy reception for her role in ‘Abbott College’ and she has every chance that it will happen again this coming Tuesday. However, we cannot deny that Elizabeth Debicki’s Diana has been liked a lot and is positioned as a tough contender. The nominees are:

  • Elizabeth Debicki (‘The Crown’)
  • Hannah Einbinder (‘Hacks’)
  • Julia Garner (‘Ozark’)
  • Janelle James (‘Colegio Abbott’)
  • Sheryl Lee Ralph (‘Colegio Abbott’)

Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy

As the Golden Globes really like novelty, I think that here the balance is going to tip (above the sure value that is Jean Smart) by Jenna Ortega ‘s very own Wednesday Addams . Even if it is only in recognition of the rising star that is the actress, that she is nailing each and every one of the roles that she has done in 2022. The nominees are:

  • Fifth Brunson (‘Abbott College’)
  • Kaley Cuoco (‘The Flight Attendant’)
  • Selena Gomez (‘Only Building Murders’)
  • Jenna Ortega (‘Wednesday’)
  • Jean Smart (‘Hacks’)

Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy

Three Words: Jeremy Allen White. That’s it. All the years in ‘Shameless’ have hardened him for battle and he has shown that he has mastered ‘The Bear’, which is not only one of the great series of 2022 but also one of the most demanding on the current scene. The nominees are:

  • Donald Glover (‘Atlanta’)
  • Bill Hader (‘Barry’)
  • Steve Martin (‘Only Building Murders’)
  • Martin Short (‘Only Building Murders’)
  • Jeremy Allen White (‘The Bear’)

Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy

Here we have to remember that we are talking about the Golden Globes… or well, awards in general and although I think that both ‘The Bear’ and ‘Hacks’ are much better than the rest, I think the big prize will go ‘Abbott College’, for being one of the favorites of the public and critics and, in addition, vindicating a bit of free-to-air television. The nominated series are:

  • ‘Abbott College’
  • ‘The Bear’
  • ‘Hacks’
  • ‘Only murders in the building’
  • ‘Wednesday’

Best Actress in Drama

One of the great surprises of the Golden Globes would be to give the award to Laura Linney in recognition of the end of ‘Ozark’, but I think that Zendaya has all the ballots to win the award, thus getting a first balloon in front of both Emmys that she already accumulates as best actress. The nominees are:

  • Emma D’Arcy (‘La casa del dragon’)
  • Laura Linney (‘Ozark’)
  • Imelda Saunton (‘The Crown’)
  • Hilary Swank (‘Alaska Daily’)
  • Zendaya (‘Euphoria’)

Best Actor in a Drama

Although stars like Kevin Costner are very Golden Globe meat, we have to claim the award for the end of the origin of Saul Goodman with a splendid Bob Odenkirk, who starts in this category as a favorite and deserves it. The nominees are:

  • Jeff Bridges (‘The Old Man’)
  • Kevin Costner (‘Yellowstone’)
  • Diego Luna (‘Andor’)
  • Bob Odenkirk (‘Better Call Saul’)
  • Adam Scott (‘Separation’)

Best dramatic series

Probably the most complicated category of the night, at least in terms of series. ‘The Crown’ is very popular with Globes voters and we have an ultra-powerful novelty like ‘The House of the Dragon’ (but ‘Game of Thrones’ never won this category) and one of the revelation series of 2022 like ‘Separation’. Personally I’m going to lean towards Ben Stiller’s. The nominees are:

  • ‘Better Call Saul’
  • ‘The Crown’
  • “La casa del dragon”
  • ‘Ozark’
  • ‘Separation’

Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Series, Anthology or Movie

While they could give the award to anyone and it would be a fair award, I think what Paul Walter Hauser does in ‘Locked With the Devil’ is out of this world. A role as delicate as it is neatly executed.

  • F. Murray Abraham (‘The White Lotus’)
  • Domhnall Gleeson (‘The Patient’)
  • Paul Walter Hauser (‘Locked Up with the Devil’)
  • Richard Jenkins (‘Dahmer – Monstruo: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer’)
  • Seth Rogen (‘Pam & Tommy’)

Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series, Anthology or Movie

With what this woman likes in Hollywood , I would find it extremely strange if Jennifer Coolidge did not get the award this upcoming gala for her role as Tanya in ‘The White Lotus’. However, if there is someone who could take it from her, it would be Niecy Nash. The nominees are:

  • Jennifer Coolidge (‘The White Lotus’)
  • Claire Danes (‘Fleishman is in Trouble’)
  • Daisy Edgar-Jones (‘By Heaven’s Command’)
  • Niecy Nash (‘Dahmer – Monstruo: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer’)
  • Aubrey Plaza (‘The White Lotus’)

Best Actress in a Limited Series, Anthology or Movie Made for Television

Be careful because having Julia Roberts around (and we already know how the Globes spend it with these things) I wouldn’t rule out that she was the one who raised the statuette for her role in the miniseries about the Watergate case. However, of this batch I think her favorite is, without a doubt, Amanda Seyfried’s Elizabeth Holmes. The nominees:

  • Jessica Chastain (‘George & Tammy’)
  • Julia Garner (Who is Anna?)
  • Lily James (‘Pam & Tommy’)
  • Julia Roberts (‘Gaslit’)
  • Amanda Seyfried (‘The Dropout’)

Best Actor in a Limited Series, Anthology or Movie Made for Television

If there is a role for which an actor deserves all the awards in the world, it is the one that Evan Peters has executed with excellence. His Dahmer is one of the characters of 2022 and the Globes have the opportunity to give him some great recognition.

  • Taron Egerton (‘Locked Up with the Devil’)
  • Colin Firth (‘The Staircase’)
  • Andrew Garfield (‘By Heaven’s Mandate’)
  • Evan Peters (‘Dahmer – Monstruo: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer’)
  • Sebastian Stan (‘Pam & Tommy’)

Best Limited Series, Anthology or Movie Made for Television

Complicated category too (practically all of them I liked a lot) but I think that here they are not going to want to make too much noise and go for season 2 of ‘The White Lotus’. That is if they don’t go for either Murphy’s ‘Dahmer’ or ‘The Dropout’, since both have sounded very powerful throughout this past year.

  • ‘Locked up with the devil’
  • ‘Dahmer – Monstruo: The story of Jeffrey Dahmer’
  • ‘The Dropout: The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes’
  • ‘Pam & Tommy’
  • ‘The White Lotus’