The recent premiere of ‘The Batman’ has brought the legendary DC superhero back to the big screen .

A character who had already enjoyed several previous incarnations in live action, but there are many who have been so delighted with Robert Pattinson ‘s version that they already consider it the definitive one to date.

Before getting into the matter, you might want to take a look at this selection of the best superhero movies of the past decade, this review of the best action movies in history, or this list of the best film franchises of all time. Without further ado, let’s talk about Batman :

12) ‘Batman and Robin’

Batman and Robin

A delirious film that it is true that it seems to take everything a bit as a joke, but also that it ends up being an uncontrolled party that will cause disbelief in most of the public. All in all, George Clooney is more convincing as Batman than Val Kilmer is, but he’s not in the right place to make that shine.

11) ‘Justice League’ (‘Justice League’)

League of Justice

A film weighed down by all the problems that occurred during its production – it still sucks everything related to the digital eraser of Henry Cavill ‘s mustache -. The arrival of Joss Whedon served to add a lighter touch that drove Zack Snyder ‘s biggest fans to despair and those less interested in that approach crazy either. For my part, I think that helped make it more entertaining.

10) ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’

A concession to fan pressure or a mere attempt to try to increase interest in HBO Max? Whatever the true reason for its existence, this very long film gives more unity to the story, but in return it has a heavier pace than the version we saw in theaters. Some people adore it -in the end it is still the sublimation of its director’s style, both for good and for bad-, but for my part I think that both versions are almost at the same level. In fact, perhaps the most interesting thing is the way forward that it proposes in its outcome and that Warner has ruled out exploring.

9) ‘Batman’ (1966)

Batman 1966

A natural extension of the mythical series from the 60s that worked as a bridge between the first and second seasons. In it, that innocent and goofy humor is used again, but using it being very clear at all times what its objectives were. If you accept his approach, it’s easy to get carried away and enjoy this meeting of super villains and their crazy plan, but if you want something different, you may end up frustrated.

8) ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ (‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’)

Batman V Superman Dawn Justice

Somewhat affected by the necessary footage cuts so that the length did not shoot up even more, it is my favorite Snyder film for DC. Ben Affleck ‘s Batman is a success and his confrontation with Superman is an interesting common thread. Also, that overwhelming touch that Snyder gives from the staging works better than expected.

7) ‘Batman Forever’

Batman Forever

A film quite criticized at the time, since it is true that there is quite a contrast with respect to Burton’s films and also that Val Kilmer is the worst live-action Batman we have had so far. There’s something seductive about the delicate balance between serious approach and villainous excesses, though, especially from an unleashed Jim Carrey as Enigma.

6) ‘The Dark Knight: The Legend Reborn’ (‘The Dark Knight Rises’)

The Dark Knight Rises

The Christopher Nolan film that loses the most with the reviewers -the first time I was very satisfied but afterwards things have not stopped getting less-. His prologue is still impressive and works quite well until the first confrontation between the dark knight and Tom Hardy ‘s Bane , but then everything turns out to be quite irregular, also leaving us with some scene whose existence it would almost be better to forget.

5) ‘Batman’


A historical film that took the character to another level, definitively leaving aside the comic approach but without renouncing the peculiarities of Tim Burton . It didn’t take long for it to be shown that the signing of Michael Keaton was a total success, as was convincing Jack Nicholson to become the Joker. Mythical.

4) ‘Batman Begins’

Batman Begins

A very meritorious relaunch, since the failure of ‘Batman and Robin’ had condemned the character to have to start from scratch. After another promising attempt that came to nothing, Christopher Nolan took the reins, successfully outlining the bases of the myth, giving special importance to his training and betting on an intense but not excessive tone that suited him like a fable. Great success the choice of Christian Bale .

3) ‘The Batman’

Robert Pattinson ‘s first adventure bringing the character to life is marked by a closer approach to detective stories, something that his adaptations on the big screen had tended to ignore – although that does not mean leaving aside the action, where everything is impressive -. In addition, the director Matt Reeves gives an air to the city of Gotham reminiscent of David Fincher’s ‘Seven’ that suits the film like a fable.

2) ‘Batman Vuelve’ (‘Batman Returns’)

batman returns

The success of the previous installment allowed Tim Burton to unleash his concerns in a darker and more twisted film that pays special attention to the villains – excellent both Danny DeVito and Michelle Pfeiffer -. It also helped to have a more ambitious budget – it cost 80 million dollars when the budget of ‘Batman’ was only 35 – to shape what remains a rarity in superhero cinema.

1) ‘The Dark Knight’ (‘The Dark Knight’)

The dark knight

The unforgettable Joker played by Heath Ledger forever marked this second installment of the trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan, but everything in it works with precision. From the obvious improvement in the action scenes to the rest of the characters that make an appearance – also keep an eye on Aaron Eckhart ‘s Dos Caras -. One of the titles that has to sound yes or yes in any discussion about the best superhero movie of all time.