Script holes can spoil the joy of watching a good movie. Sometimes it can be missed, other times it causes one irritation after another. Of course, people can’t fly or animals can’t talk, but if we see it in a movie we can empathize with it. However, when those flying people or talking animals go against the logic of the story (and thus create a plot hole), then the result is downright implausible.

To clarify, plot holes occur when the writer makes decisions that are not consistent with previous events in the story. He thinks of unlikely character behaviors or actions, illogical or impossible events, or statements that contradict previous plot events. Unfortunately, plot holes are all too common, even in some of Esquire ‘s favorite movies . These are the dumbest plot holes in movie history, from classic movies to sci-fi. Oh, and as a final note, this article contains a LOT of spoilers. You have been warned.

1 Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven is one of the best heist movies of recent times (especially in the last 20 years), but it has a rather silly plot hole that is easily overlooked. Viewers learn at the end of the film that the fake SWAT team traded the money in the safe for bags with trash inside. But the question is: how did the bags get there? Because no one on the team carries the bags when they enter.

2 Gravity

Unfortunately, there are more plot holes in Gravity . The most striking thing is when astronaut Kowalski (George Clooney) asks astronaut Stone (Sandra Bullock) to let him go through space, because the cable can’t hold them both. That could never happen in real life, because they are both in the same orbit. A simple tug would make him float back toward her.

3 Armageddon

In short: it would have been much easier to teach astronauts to drill than to make drilling specialists become astronauts. When Ben Affleck noticed this plot hole, director Michael Bay told him to shut up.

4 The Karate Kid

The referee overseeing the final match in Karate Kid pointed out on several occasions that a contestant could not kick their opponent in the face. That would be strictly prohibited. However, we later see Daniel kicking his opponent in the face with the crane kick, thus winning the fight. Hey referee!

5 Star Wars

As part of a number of other plot holes in the Star Wars franchise , this plot hole in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is, in our opinion, the most notable. In the movie, we learn that Obi-Wan Kenobi is tasked with protecting baby Luke Skywalker from his father. Her plan of action for him? Keeping Luke’s birth name and taking him to the home planet of Darth Vader himself. Good job, Obi-Wan.

6 Life imprisonment

Can someone explain how the lead actor, Andy Dufresne, managed to glue the Raquel Welch poster so perfectly over the hole in his cell, after escaping through that same hole? Some viewers speculate that the top corners of a sign can be attached from the inside, but not the bottom two. Certainly not as perfectly as we see in this movie. The plot hole is even parodied in an episode of Family Guy .

7 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Lara Croft’s ultimate goal is to destroy an enchanted triangle so the Illuminati can’t use their dark powers. Lara gets the first half of the triangle in the first tomb, after which it takes her half the time in the movie before she gets the second half of the triangle. But… Lara, think for a moment. You already had a part of the triangle and the triangle doesn’t work if a part is missing. You could have destroyed that part without having to find the other corners. Save time.

8 Titanic

Come on man… Jack fit perfectly on that board…