Are you ready for the most terrifying and at the same time fun holiday of the year? Here we leave you some customs and ways to celebrate Halloween in Spain this 2022.

Although Spain has always been a very religious country and festivities such as All Saints Day are mainly celebrated, nowadays Halloween has a notable importance, especially in relation to enjoyment, dressing up, watching scary movies and even a good dinner and party.

And it is that, Spain is an international center that welcomes millions of foreigners from all over the world every year: here, especially in the largest cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, different cultures mix and match, creating new and unique traditions. 

Secondly, Halloween has finally become an international holiday and no longer belongs only to the Anglo-Saxon culture, so there is no excuse not to have something scary.

Let’s briefly review this celebration and get ready for a few tips to celebrate Halloween.

Customs and ways to celebrate Halloween that you can also do in Spain this 2022:

  • Watch your favorite horror movies
  • Throw yourself and take advantage of the bridge with a good trip 
  • Disguise yourself and why not, let’s party
  • Let’s talk about traditional dishes
  • Some theater: Don Juan Tenorio
  • A Day at the Amusement Park: The Walking Dead Experience

Watch your favorite horror movies

Just because you celebrate Halloween at home doesn’t mean you have to be bored. You can give your vacation a spooky touch by making a selection of scary movies, from timeless classics like The Exorcist, to trashy movies like Pirana 3D, and more recent releases like Smile.

Now, you may not be alone or with your partner and there are children at home. Don’t worry, there are some lighter, family-friendly Halloween movies you can watch with the little ones. 

Among the classics that you can turn to are Hocus Pocus, which has also just launched its second part on Disney+, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands or The Adams Family.

Of course, we are going to give some atmosphere to the environment, light some candles to prepare everything and buy some snacks to accompany it, to give you a good binge while watching your most terrifying movies or series.

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Throw yourself and take advantage of the bridge with a good trip 

The Cadiz Halloween Carnival is one of the most famous All Saints’ Day parties in Spain. Participants create elaborate dolls made of fruits and vegetables that look like public figures to joke about politics and current events, in true Fallas de Valencia style.

Another important carnival is celebrated in Cocentaina (Alicante) and is called “La Fira de Tots Sants”. It is one of the oldest fairs in Spain. In fact, it was declared of International Tourist Interest, because more than 800,000 people participate in the four days of the fair. 

The event is divided into several zones: the most traditional part dedicated to agriculture in the central square, an Arab souk (market), a Christian market, animal zones and attractions for children.

In Valencia, the Zombie Party is celebrated every year, a mix between the Land of the Dead and World War Z that takes place in the streets and squares of Valencia. The festival is made up of music, literature and cinema with more than 600 participants with extraordinary makeup and realistic costumes. 

In Sant Feliu Sasserra (Catalonia), a fair known locally as Fira de les Bruixes is held. This party begins with a ghost parade on the night of October 31 in the Church square and on November 1, it is common to see dancers, street artists and stalls in the city. 

Sant Feliu Sasserra also has a small Witch Museum, crafts and tarot card readings during the All Saints Day celebration.

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On the other hand, Halloween traditions in northern Spain are deeply influenced by Celtic culture. Mainly in Galicia, the festival is celebrated with more enthusiasm and in a traditional way.

The first day, October 31, is called in Galicia “Noite dos Calacus”. It means “the night of the pumpkins”. Some Galicians dress up and tell each other ghost stories. In certain places they burn bonfires and perform mystical rituals, mainly with Celtic practices.

Dress up and, why not, let’s party

Due to this wonderful bridge that awaits us, there are many who decide to dress up and wear everything related to Halloween and go to the clubs to give it their all.

And it is that, in the United States and the United Kingdom, Halloween costumes are usually chosen from pop culture, and it is not uncommon to see children and adults dressed as their favorite cartoon character, pop star or book.

However, in Spain, Halloween costumes always have a macabre touch and everyone chooses quite complicated characters like the already so famous Jeffrey Dahmer costume, which has already been banned from stores like eBay.

The clubs, especially in the capitals, dress up completely for this festivity and tickets fly, so you know, if you don’t already have one, it’s quite likely that you’ll be left out.

If you want to buy a new costume for your Halloween, think about everything that is really scary and well, if you go out to a party, don’t forget that you have to dance, so make sure that the makeup does not end up destroyed or the costume on a chair. 

Let’s talk about traditional dishes

When we mention a party, we have to talk about traditional foods. And it is that, there is no Halloween in Spain without the already so famous Bones of Saint. It is believed that they come from Madrid, although at present they are fully extended.

These are made with marzipan paste and sweet yolk filling. These bone-shaped delicacies are usually served on All Saints’ Day, November 1.

On the other hand, the Castanyada (Catalonia) is the roasted chestnut that is also famous for being served during the Halloween season. It is believed that the chestnuts were offered to the bell ringers on the first day, October 31. Around this date, it is typical to eat chestnuts, panellets, sweet potatoes and candied fruit, in addition to accompanying meals with a traditional drink, muscatel.

Some theater: Don Juan Tenorio

No All Saints night in Spain is complete without the arrival on stage of Don Juan Tenorio. The theaters fill up to see the seductive protagonist of Zorrilla in this romantic drama. Of course if you have the opportunity, because we already tell you that it is not, do not miss this event.

Throughout time, this theatrical event and All Saints’ Day have been linked, a link of drama and the memory of those who have already died. Taking into account that this work takes place for the most part in a cemetery, it seems that we are talking about the perfect time. 

A Day at the Amusement Park: The Walking Dead Experience

If you are a fan of the AMC series and of Halloween in general, the Madrid amusement park offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in some of its most mythical settings and characters with The Walking Dead Experience and a multitude of decorations and events that are carried out in a daily in the park.

Terminus station, the governor’s house, the jail and the hospital where Rick began his adventure are some of the locations that this experience offers, all of them designed by the official team of the television series. 

L’Oceonografic, Terra Mitica theme park and Valencia’s Bioparc also offer Halloween-themed attractions inspired by the living dead, so you’re spoiled for choice if you fancy a little spooky.

Parque Warner, for those who are wondering, is designed for more than all ages. For the kids there are plenty of fun shows, and for the bravest there are three horror experiences based on the movies IT and A Nightmare on Elm Street. 

As last year there will also be a maze that brings together all the best scenes from the Conjuring Universe, including The Conjuring 1 and 2, Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation, The Nun and now also Annabelle Comes Home.

With all this, you will surely spend a Halloween that we do not know if it will be scary or not, but it will surely be entertaining, whether it is traveling, enjoying the night or a good play, or ending all the popcorn on the floor with some What another scare for the movie you see.