Coreen and Ted Regan fell in love as soon as they met, but he refused to admit his feelings, pushing her away, practically throwing her into the arms of her cousin Barry, whom she ended up marrying. 

The marriage ended up being a true hell for the young woman, since her husband mistreated her, jealous of the love that she still felt for Ted. Two years later, Barry, who was driving drunk, was killed in a traffic accident. During all this time, Ted had believed his cousin’s lies about how Coreen’s contempt had pushed him to drink, but little by little he would discover the horror that the young woman had gone through, while he would have to face his feelings.

Coreen, is a girl who lives in a town. From a humble family, she has studied at the university and met Sandy, the sister of our protagonist, Ted. Coreen, at 21 years old, was madly in love with him, but he makes her react by telling her that she is just a teenage love and that she should forget it. Shortly after she meets Barry, Sandy’s cousin, he is interested in her. When Coren’s father dies, he proposes to her and she accepts because she feels indebted to him. Three years later, her husband has died in an accident, relieving her of the hell she has lived with him. She mistreated her both physically and psychologically, because she knew that she loved Ted and blamed her for her impotence.

Ted, at forty years old, is a mature and hard-working man. When his cousin Barry dies, he blames Coreen, because his cousin told him through lies that he was unhappy in his marriage. He blames her and insults her, not knowing the harsh reality that his cousin’s wife has gone through. When he finds out he tries to make amends the best he can. Little by little he realizes who Coreen really is and that he hasn’t been able to get over her in all this time.

Sandy, Ted’s sister, I like a lot. She’s a fantastic friend, and though she feared what was happening to Coreen she never knew to what extent. She always defended and helped her, and now that her cousin has died, she doesn’t abandon her. There is a very noble friendship between the two.

But…what I have to say… seems incredible…seriously. How strong! There are always similarities with some books by different authors or that have similar plots. But this! That’s too much! I explain:

I started reading this book and what is my surprise that it is a copy of another book that Diana Palmer already did. Change the names, the place where everything takes place, some character and VoliĆ”! I do not lie to you! If you read We have the Best (by far the most beautiful) and this book, you will see how similar they are.

Obviously, it’s not all the same, but come on, the author hasn’t taken any pains… It’s just that copying herself… is the last thing!

What can I say…it’s like I read the same book with different characters…and I feel a little outraged.

I don’t like it at all, and I feel repetitive but that’s the way it is, the constant memory of the deceased husband becomes tiresome. The age difference between the protagonists is emphasized at all times, they are 16 years apart. And all because of Ted, because his mother was younger than her father and she left them for another younger man, and it caused her trauma.

I did like it, that Coreen is strong and independent and decides to leave and start a new life.

The story sometimes gets heavy with discussions and reproaches… Yes, it’s a book to pass the time, but it’s clearly a copy. Also to say that Ted is not exactly very affectionate… It’s very hard even though he has nice details afterwards…