Here begins our ranking of the series that we are liking the most this year, all available now to marathon as if there were no tomorrow. A mix of the most popular and the highest quality so that you have references of all of them.

 Euphoria, season 2 (HBO Max)

We are in shock. The new chapters of Euphoria reach unprecedented heights in juvenile fiction (youthful but not suitable for minors or adults with reservations) in terms of quality, which is extreme, and in terms of crudeness, which is more than extreme. Every week he wows you with an overwhelming cinematic concept and takes you by the hand to the pit of hell for each character. In the series starring Zendaya, a centennial cultural revolution of profound depth beats, and not only on an aesthetic level, although the artistic power has threatened to devour the plots at the end of this historic season. In any case, it’s wonderful. And it panics.

The House of the Dragon (HBO Max)

The other great candidate for series of the year, with a fan phenomenon comparable to The Rings of Power… but an overwhelmingly superior narrative quality. In the inevitable comparison, she wins because she is more daring and adult, especially thanks to the chiaroscuro of the main characters. There is something cloudy and poisonous in Rhaenyra, in Daemon, in Alicent… and in a good handful of secondaries that underpin a series that, yes, has flashes of visual spectacularity, but that connects with the true spirit of George RR Martin in the interior scenes , almost like a very beastly Yo, Claudio where the political and the intimate are corrupted into an insurmountable broth of human misery with a fantasy dressing even better measured than in Game of Thrones.In fact, at this point the question is no longer whether it lives up to the original series, but rather whether Game of Thrones has had a season with as much packaging and appeal as this first.

The Good Figth, temporada final (Movistar Plus+)

Many followers (and also critics) got off the series in the fourth season for its metadiscursive turn and its approaches close to mental scratching to portray what is happening in the world from a law firm. The fifth and last one plunges into a lysergic, metaphorical and literal journey, no longer to explain that liquid reality of political, social and media polarization, but to assume that it is impossible to maintain sanity in the times in which we have had to live. From our point of view, Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) is confirmed as an icon of the best current television and The Good Fight is and will be the most clairvoyant testimony of this decade.

 Separation (Apple TV+)

Be careful with Apple TV +, which is gradually designing a catalog of series that really make a difference, with a tactic more similar to that of the first HBO than Netflix. In Separation, directed by Ben Stiller, he offers an ingenious dystopia on a subject that concerns us all: work-life balance. He poses a company whose employees agree to have their brains altered so that they don’t remember anything about their personal lives once they enter the building and also have all their work memories erased as soon as they get home. He captures it in a way that is somewhere between aseptic and stylized, but with the ability for the viewer to constantly ask himself questions, some of them very profound. The more episodes you see, the more you will need to recommend it.

 Hacks, season 2 (HBO Max)

How difficult it is for a comedy to find its place among the best series of the year… and how good Hacks is. The second and last season maintains the punch of the first with sassy jokes and surreal situations and also turns up the volume of the love-hate relationship of its protagonists, a diva of humor and a teleshopping in low hours and a young screenwriter as brilliant as disastrous. The masterful dialogues and the drama in the background that great comedies hide round off a simply great series.

The Crown, temporada 5 (Netflix)

Today multiplies the relevance of the best active Netflix series. The death of Elizabeth II colors the viewers’ gaze in a season in which Imelda Stauton takes over from Olivia Colman (and Claire Foy, who appears in a magical scene) with the naturalness of the greats. It is the usual The Crown in terms of richness in the production and exquisiteness in the writing of each scene, but we cannot say that it is our favorite season because, perhaps because of how hackneyed this era of the British crown is in media terms, it does not have the ‘historical surprise’ capability of previous scenes. The focus is very much on the family breakdown, with a splendid Elizabeth Debicki adding new layers of intentionality to Lady Di,

On the road (Atresplayer Premium)

Ricardo Gomez, Claudia Salas, Alex Monner and Elisabet Casanovas are the most-attractive-impossible protagonists of a series that has started in an epic way: it narrates the key decade of ‘the bakalao route’ with an exhaustive and hard-hitting portrait of what is he cooked in that universe of clubs and out of phase. What is interesting is that it does not obsess over trying to hook the viewer with grandiose party scenes and highs, but instead focuses on the human essence of that ‘movida valenciana’ and how the explosion of that atmosphere affects personal relationships. A great previous work is perceived to understand the reality of what happened there, and that commitment of the script is transferred with conviction and honesty to the entire artistic part. For now, the Spanish series of the year.

One of the great surprises of the year, surely the favorite series of all cooking lovers. It is true that it is a very niche plot (there is a prestigious chef who takes over the family business, a sandwich bar), but its devilish rhythm, its brown humor and its high levels of tension and emotion can satisfy the appetite of the most demanding series fans. As icing on the cake, Jeremy Allen White (Shameless) marks an anthological character.

 Ozark, season 4 (Netflix)

Without making much noise at first, and with the endorsement of the awards later, Ozark has carved a niche for itself among the best series in the history of Netflix. With the passing of the chapters, the history of this family of ‘money launderers’ has become darker and darker, and for the last season, which premiered in two parts, the upsurge has been total. Great actors, scripts with packaging and a high-quality swampy background that has also achieved something so difficult for series of this level: finding an ending that lives up to expectations or even exceeds it. If you haven’t seen it, it’s mandatory.

 Unity, season 2 (Movistar Plus+)

The packaging and quality of La unidad was somewhat eclipsed because it arrived in the year of the definitive boom in Spanish series, with Riot Control, Patria and Veneno .taking all the headlines. That is why it is great news that it has a second season in which it finishes off its fantastic portrayal of international terrorism with the very agents who dismantled an attempted attack that became targets of criminals. The series is still just as good at what it was great at (dramatic tension, three-dimensional characters, excellent actors) and further sharpens the knife by raising the danger that lurks in the leads, and also by subtly raising some parallels between the two.’ bandos’, especially in terms of liturgies with religious echoes. A series that could aspire to number one if it were more ambitious in terms of its basic thesis on global terrorism… although that option remains open because it has been confirmed that there will be a third season.

If you are a movie buff who feels gustirrinin at any metafiction wink, get ready for the multi-orgasm. If those script breaks make you cringe and you have no interest in looking for references, give this recommendation a kick. What is Irma Vep? It is an ‘autoremake’ made by the filmmaker Olivier Assayas of the film that brought him to the fore in 1996, a tremendous maze of mirrors about an actress (Alicia Vikander, how good she is when the project accompanies) who shoots a new version of The Vampires in Paris, the silent classic of Feuillade, and who suffers the bite of the character he plays. He merges with her as the entire series merges with the film that preceded it and at the same time reflects on the untraceable border between reality and fiction with tremendous creative and psychodramatic discoveries.

 Industry, season 2 (HBO Max)

The ruthless world of finance in the City of London is the epicenter of a series that achieved great acceptance in its first installment and that with this second installment has become one of the current benchmarks for HBO Max. The stark (well, also carnal) ambition of the protagonists is the engine that drives a set of well-armed and better narrated stories, with moral conflicts that challenge us all but taken to limits of immorality perfectly connected with those less and less hidden forces that seem to rule the world order.

 Tokyo Vice (HBO Max)

Michael Mann’s direction in the first episode gives an air of an iconic HBO series that may not be maintained throughout the rest of the chapters, but it does serve to notice (and enjoy noticing) that it is not just another title. It is a free adaptation of the stories of the American journalist Jake Adelstein about the Tokyo police of the 90s, with a completely believable neon and alley staging and some really interesting characters. Perhaps they attract more than the plot itself, which at times progresses with little fluidity, but the whole allows you to immerse yourself in a wonderful policeman with the yakuza scaring a viewer who can be very freaked out.

What wonderful actresses and what a well-constructed story. Itziar Ituno, Patricia Lopez Arnaiz, Veronica Echegui, Emma Suarez and Ana Wagener, a tremendous player of quality actresses, give solidity, emotion and grit to a drama that starts from a premise perhaps little seen (which causes the dissemination of a video sexual) but who succeeds in approaching the subject from many different and credible perspectives. To which is added the gunpowder of the political context (the protagonist is an aspiring mayor) and the ability for the spirit of Basque society (Bilbao is the other great protagonist) to penetrate the entire plot.

Stranger Things, temporada 4 (Netflix)

 Rings of Power (Amazon Prime Video)

How very difficult to attribute a position on this list to the most expensive, most ambitious, most bombastic series, most of all in the history of television. Phew. Regarding the technical part, it obviously deserves a thousand praises: it is visually overwhelming, extremely rich in settings, costumes, characterization… The creative part is up to the mark, with more than solvent protagonists, a millimeter-structured script and a direction, initiated by our JA Bayona (how proud!) that sets a rather unexpected tone: rather than going along the lines of the Peter Jackson trilogy, it pulls towards a more Spielberian fantasy, more of well-intentioned evasion. Why don’t we give it number 1 then? Because the obsession is too noticeable not for being the best series in history, but the most watched: there is a cerebral and business calculation to conquer a very wide audience, which limits the ability to provoke something unprecedented and resorts to too many politically correct places. For discerning viewers who have not signed an eternal love pact with Tolkien’s universe, the spell has been broken: it is difficult to maintain interest, especially after an inexplicably anticlimactic ending.

The White Lotus, temporada 2 (HBO Max)

Same approach, different scenario. The second season moves the action to a resort in Sicily, with a couple of characters from the first installment as guests and many new ones. The idea was that this second part did not exist, but the success and the desire to apply the satire of social classes to more environments worked the miracle. And thanks to this we are enjoying some chapters in which pus is extracted from the good life of those winners who apparently have everything, but moral misery appears between each cocktail, between each bath, between each ride on a Vespa.

It is the big surprise of the year, to the point that it has caused a revolution in the top of the most viewed Netflix series in its entire history. Nobody, not even on the platform, expected that this production on the crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer, the Milwaukee Monster, would capture so many millions of viewers in this way. In their favor, the excellent work of Evan Peters, simply iconic, and Ryan Murphy’s intelligent vision of creating a gruesome story and, yes, morbid at times, but that never loses focus on the reflection of racism and the suffering of the victims… although they have not been directly contacted. This is how he moves in the always swampy terrain of ethics in true crime, with firm footing but stepping on the usual puddles.

Caballero Luna (Disney+)

How the twist that this version of Moon Knight has given to superhero series is appreciated. When you get to the fifth chapter you will understand the reason for this radical level up. The reason is that Moon Knight successfully mixes an exciting character with an Indiana Jones-esque air of adventure –there are Egyptian gods involved in the plot–, all spun by what for many is already the best actor of the moment in the MUC: Oscar Isaac. What he does to express the multiple personality of his character, with a well-armed, respectful reflection of mental health, is simply to get him Emmy and Golden Globe shot right now. Pure entertainment but with substance.

 Who is Anna? (Netflix)

Shonda Rhimes’ second hit on Netflix after The Bridgertons is confirmed . Here it takes a true story published in an article in New York Magazine: a journalist investigates the case of Anna Delvey, something like ‘Little Nicholas’ from New York, who conquered the jetset of that city… and stayed with much of his money. The story works on its own, but it is also intelligently articulated through the journalist’s investigation and flashbacks to Anna’s life of luxury and lies, all with that addictive house-brand cocktail of beauty, acid dialogues and conflicts. constant, Scandal -style. Best of all, it invites the viewer to flirt with the protagonist’s delirium, to dance about the possibility, even the right, to invent oneself, a reflection that will remain hidden for many because they are obsessed with criticizing the cool packaging. The worst thing is that, by stretching the story, it loses some of its steam as the chapters go by.

Movistar Plus+ brings together five great directors so that each one takes charge of one of the five chapters of Apagon, an anthology with an uncomfortably current starting point: a solar storm causes the technology of half the planet, Spain included, to stop working . Rodrigo Sorogoyen sets the tone with a realistic and fast-paced outburst, Raul Arevalo gets involved in a less effective hospital drama, Isa Campo takes the action to a suburban urbanization in the weakest chapter, Alberto Rodriguez changes the tone to a tough survival thriller and with an impressive ending and Isaki Lacuesta closes with an intimate and social reflection of those that leave their mark. An exercise that perhaps drinks too much from The Collapse,the magnificent French series, and which, despite its irregularity, manages to sow in the viewer a seed of fear and reflection that justifies the entire project.

For many Star Wars fans , the Rogue One movie is the best this universe has produced in decades. That’s why there was so much desire to see this prequel in the form of a series with Diego Luna repeating the role of Cassian Andor (if it were a sequel, it couldn’t be), and that’s why it’s been so nice that it lives up to expectations. The action takes place five years before what we saw in the movie, with the plot of how the rebellion against the Empire is organized to steal the plans for the Death Star, told through complex characters and spoiled scenes in which visual and, above all, in the narrative.

 I don’t like driving (TNT)

After the success of Vota Juan, the TNT chain is right again with another comedy with substance. Borja Cobeaga, one of the directors and scriptwriters who best captures the evolution of Spanish humor, is in charge of a story that shines in its simplicity: it deals with a group of forty-somethings who are in the process of getting their driver’s license, a plot apparently light that manages to capture those daily troubles of people who feel out of place, not only because of age, and not only inside that car. Juan Diego Botto sets the tone for a stupendous cast in which Leonor Watling shines and, above all, David Lorente, one of those infinitely skilled actors who, as soon as he takes another step in media terms, is going to become one of the greats of the home industry.

The Staircase (HBO Max)

Colin Firth and Toni Collette in a miniseries based on true events (sad and horrible). Explore the life of Michael Peterson, his extended North Carolina family…and the suspicious death of his wife, Kathleen Peterson. Also in the cast are Juliette Binoche, Sophie Turner and Patrick Schwarzenegger, who ensure the level of quality. Let’s say that it’s less impressive than the French docuseries that is at its origin, but between the fact that the case is tremendous, the scripts are great and the artistic part is out, you have a very, very solid product.

 Esto te va a doler (Movistar Plus+)

What a fine adaptation of the memoir by doctor and screenwriter Adam Kay, about the crazy day-to-day life of a resident in the obstetrics and gynecology wing of a British public health hospital. Like the great series with the BBC label (it is undoubtedly one of them), it combines irony and British black humor with grace and punch with large doses of emotion, honesty and criticism of those systemic hardships that plague English society, with direct translation to ours. To top it off, Ben Whishaw, winner of the Golden Globe, the Emmy and the Bafta for A Very English Scandal, is masterful in setting the tone and distributing the game.

 Pam & Tommy (Disney+)

 Slow Horses (Apple TV+)

A policeman with the air of a classic, with good spy plots and even better doses of black humor. It centers on a group of British MI5 agents who are referred to ‘the house in the swamp’, an administrative unit where they languish for having screwed up on some case. They are the losers but they are needed in a key investigation, and that is where the heart of the series comes from. The protagonists provide quality assurance (Gary Oldman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Jack Lowden, a fantastic Saskia Reeves…) and the plots have the reliability of the saga of Mick Herron novels on which it is based. It has worked so well that the second season premieres this year and the third and fourth have already been confirmed.

More or less (Movistar Plus+)

Bilal Baig, a young gender-fluid creator, captures her experiences in a more or less autobiographical way in one of the most interesting series of the year for those who focus on the most original narratives. What is she about? Sabi Mehboob is a millennial who moves between various identities on a daily basis: from the sexy waitress at an LGTBIQ+ bookstore, to the youngest of a traditional Pakistani family, to her role as the de facto mother of an inner-city hipster family. Transition in all aspects of life for an intelligent, respectful and very honest dramedy.

After Life, season 3 (Netflix)

There will be those who are scandalized because I give a position far from number 1 to the final season of the Ricky Gervais series… And I understand it, because I suppose that if you enter into his reflection on open-hearted duel, it must touch a lot. It’s not my case. This latest installment is more sentimental than the previous ones, with a closure that is enough to release a version in a strong self-help book, so it will fascinate those who were moved by the two previous seasons.

 Outer Range (Amazon Prime Video)

Follower of the wtf style! from Lost, The Leftovers or Westworld, but with some welcome doses of Fargo -style black humor , Outer Range is the most attractive round of pot so far this season. You better not know much before you see it, but to get your bearings it’s about cowboys from Wyoming (Josh Brolin has one in him and it shows), all very deep America, suddenly confronted with the paranormal. The hole in the photo is going to generate a lot of questions, a lot of crazy entertainment to think about (perhaps too much) and a lot of desire for a second season.

 Peaky Blinders, temporada 6 (Netflix)

So much time passed since the premiere of the fifth season that the sixth had a difficult time meeting the expectations generated for so many months. Especially since the creator confirmed that it is the last one, although with the door wide open to possible spin-offs or continuations in the form of a movie. Fans of this phenomenon led by Cillian Murphy have devoured some final chapters that, while maintaining the high level of the entire production, are perhaps unambitious given the size and popularity of the Peaky Blinders. A slight trigger that perhaps subtracts some value from the set.

The immortal (Movistar+)

Inspired by the life of the leader of ‘Los Miami’, a gang of Spanish thugs, this series travels to Madrid in the 90s to capture the underworld of extortion, drug trafficking and other niceties. Alex Garcia sets the heavy and aggressive tone of a hardcore production in which he shares a cast with Emilio Palacios, Marcel Borras, Jason Day, Maria Hervas, Teresa Riott, Claudia Pineda, Jon Kortajarena and Francis Lorenzo.

Something like Tim Burton’s Harry Potter . The director leaves her stamp on this youthful revision of The Addams Family starring Wednesday, who becomes a stupendous anti-heroine thanks to a script that places her as a sui generis vigilante within a highly worked universe. The best, the good doses of black humor and countercultural messages where the dark and supposedly evil feels like the most ethical and moral.

The Boys, temporada 3 (Amazon Prime Video)

The Golden Age (HBO Max)

The label of ‘the new Downton Abbey’ cannot be removed, nor is it intended to. Share creator, Julian Fellowes, has three wonderful actresses, Christine Baranski, Cynthia Nixon and Carrie Coon, and focuses on the high society of the late nineteenth century, only in New York instead of England. A great family and business battle in a world that, like Downton, is torn between tradition and modernity, perhaps with a more acid and less romantic vision. All with deployment of media and a very tasty production.

The graphic novel by Santiago Garcia and Luis Bustos comes to life in this production set in a present-day dystopian Spain on the brink of political chaos. Antonia (Veki Velilla), a young investigative journalist, stumbles across a conspiracy hatched decades ago: the existence of a cryogenic superagent, Garcia (Francisco Ortiz), created in a laboratory in the 1950s by Franco’s secret services. A solid action proposal that is very faithful to the original material and that successfully plays the trick of sugarcane historical memory.

How difficult to give a definitive place on this list to the highly anticipated adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s comic, a masterpiece that for years was considered ‘unadaptable’. A cross between the genre of epic mythology, superheroes and even horror that Netflix has approached with great respect to the original, perhaps so much that it lacks personality to be a round series. On a visual level it is striking but not captivating. The plot captivates but, if you don’t know the comic, that human depth that so many praise slips through your fingers like sand. The actors are solid but not overly charismatic either. Even so, it is true that there is something very attractive behind it that, with more artistic conviction (and more budget), could point to the fact that the following seasons do reach the status of a phenomenon.

 The Peripheral (Amazon Prime Video)

As it is more and more difficult to keep an innocent spectator’s gaze before this type of series that poses a close science fiction scenario (it is the story of two brothers who earn money in a simulation game that ends up moving to real life) with twists crazy and metaphysical metaphors. The Peripheral is very well done, it takes its goal of fooling the public seriously and… that said, if you allow yourself to see it as if you’ve never been disappointed with this genre, you’re going to enjoy it.

Did you like The Orphanage or The Secret of Marrowbone? Sergio G. Sanchez, the mastermind behind those twists in the script, proposes a thriller with the same coordinates about a survivor of a bus accident who wakes up in the hospital without remembering anything about the death of most of her colleagues, or anything about his previous life… But in addition to amnesia he begins to have frightening visions. Among the protagonists there are young talents such as Mireia Oriol, splendid in her first protagonist, Alex Villazan, Pol Monen and Milena Smit, and veterans of the stature of Elena Irureta (Patria).Although it is not a round fiction, especially since the mylogical-supernatural part does not finish curdling, it does raise a metaphorical reflection, deeper the more perceptive the viewer, on mourning and identity.

 The First Lady (Movistar Plus+)

Remarkable, well-intentioned (a little too much) and tricky exercise that spins the biographies of three of the First Ladies of the United States with a more prominent personality and influence. Among the fabulous main trio, Betty Ford shines clearly, to whom Michelle Pfeiffer endows with a magnetism and a sick fragility, always on the edge of the precipice. Gillian Anderson’s Eleonor Roosevelt provides a very interesting perspective of 20th century feminism, while Viola Davis’ Michelle Obama, who faces the most difficult challenge due to the proximity of the referent, borders on involuntary parody, especially in the relationship with her husband. her. In any case, a necessary vision (and somewhat forced) that claims and anticipates the historical need for a woman to govern the leading world power.

We put ourselves in marvelian-youthful mode. The protagonist of this super-series is Kamala Khanuna, a teenage admirer of the Avengers who earns her own powers. The actress Iman Vellani is chosen to play the first Muslim character in the Marvel universe… and the bet could not have been better. It has just started, but it already seems to us to be one of the best youth series of recent times, due to its finesse when it comes to spinning entertainment with commitment.

 Sagrada Familia (Netflix)

Manolo Caro (La casa de las flores) is swelling to make series for Netflix, although you only have to see the reception of Once upon a time… but not anymore to verify that the alliance does not always bear the expected results. In Sagrada familia , she makes up for it thanks to a script with more intention and poison that surrounds the concept of motherhood with a sharp fang, supported by the charisma of Najwa Nimri and, especially, of Alba Flores. Everything to tell a deluxe soap opera more along the lines of Someone has to die about a mother with a dark past who arrives with her au-pair in an exclusive neighborhood of Madrid, which revolutionizes the lives of other neighbors.

 Heartstopper (Netflix)

What good intentions and how well resolved. It is the classic adolescent romantic series that directly becomes part of the configuration about love and personal relationships that each one builds individually and collectively, and the great news is that it does so from affective responsibility and diversity. With great simplicity (and quite kitsch, it must be said), it raises the crush of a gay boy and an apparently straight rugby player, but without drama or trauma, all based on complicity and personal discovery. Much closer to the wonderful Normal People than to the sprawl of Elite.

 Las de la ultima fila (Netflix)

After the wonderful reception of the film Seventeen , Daniel Sanchez Arevalo debuts as showrunner on Netflix with this story about five friends in their thirties who get together every year to go on a trip… in the one that the series narrates, one of them has been diagnosed with a cancer and that takes their bond to another level. In addition to the fact that the protagonists (Itsaso Arana, Monica Miranda, Maria Rodriguez Soto, Mariona Teres and Godeliv Van den Brandt) convey truth in gushes, the viewing places the viewer in a vital state as bright as a sunset on a beach in Cadiz. A feelgood to laugh and cry but with nuances of quality.

 She Hulk: Friends of the Hulk (Disney+)

The mischievous impudence and freshness of the actress Tatiana Maslany triggered the appeal of the umpteenth marvelian series at its premiere. With the passing of the episodes, that very sexy grace is confirmed, but it has stagnated in the presentation of characters and does not finish entering the great plots that take place in the original comic, to which it is very faithful.

Inspired by the terrible attack on the island of Utoya, this powerful Nordic thriller narrates the formation of a far-right terrorist cell that seeks to hit Europe with ’11-S’. It is told from the point of view of two infiltrated agents, one in that neo-Nazi group and the other in the Russian mafia, in a race against time to avoid the fatal outcome. The approach is well executed and, as the plot progresses, with echoes of Homeland, the viewer is shaken by the twists in the script and by the sinister parallels with today.

Elite, season 6 (Netflix)

Two Elite seasons in the same year? Yes, and the last chapters raise the level of the previous ones a lot. There are very powerful plots to explode the arrival of Carmen Arrufat and Alex Pastrana as influencers involved in a plot of macho violence, Ander Puig with transphobia in the background, Alvaro de Juana to give nuances to the plot inspired by ‘la manada’… In addition, it is completely successful in taking the plot of homophobia in football and its consequences in the lives of the characters to the limit. Controversy of the good, in the style of the first season.

How strange what has happened with Ryan Murphy’s series on Netflix. After the resounding failures of Hollywood, Ratched or Halston, very attractive products on paper that bore his very clear stamp, he has taken on Dahmer by surprise , a completely unexpected bombshell, and also with Vigilante . It is a highly addictive thriller that works if viewed with a cursory glance. Part of a real case so heavy in itself that only with that raw material it pulls the interest of the viewer, and also has such a solid cast (Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale, Jennifer Coolidge, Mia Farrow…) that it is inevitable to think that they are something wasted. It starts off well, it looks easy, the script spreads… and you’ve already forgotten.

 Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities (Netflix)

The 8-episode anthology format seemed perfect for an intermittent Halloween, although the truth is that it lacks solvency to reach better positions on this list. The authorship of Guillermo del Toro is noted in each story due to the visual execution, always on that tightrope between the inspiring and the shabby, and also in its classic emotional springs, but there are also contributions from other creative voices from the world of terror and the fantasy that sign very, very curious episodes. Obviously there is irregularity in the proposal and a common soul is missing from the background, but the result is effective, timeless and enjoyable.

A hot-tempered Jamie Dornan is the star of this cross between a thriller and a road movie set in an Australian desert. It is a frenetic series, with its Tarantinian point and its dose of black humor in the style of the Coen brothers, about a guy who loses his memory after an ‘accident’ on a lost highway. Six hours of script twists, some more convincing than others, which starts strong and ends strong, but loses a bit of steam in the middle.

 Do you know who it is? (Netflix)

Bestselling author Karin Slaughter’s latest novel quickly becomes a series with the great Toni Collette at the helm and three executive producers responsible for projects like Homeland and House of Cards. At first it reminds of Believe me, Collette’s previous and wonderful project for Netflix, then it seems that we may be facing the Mare of Easttownof this season… But neither one thing nor the other. The beginning is very powerful, the thriller structure is well planned with the story of a mother and a daughter whose relationship explodes from a random act of violence in deep America, the complex mother-child relationship has a good core… But At the same time, it is difficult not to become a bit leaden with the advancement of the chapters.

 Los Bridgerton, season 2 (Netflix)

Less sex and better plots. Ever since Lady Whistledown announced that there would be a second season of Netflix’s most successful guilty pleasure, we’ve been wondering how the formula would go. The answer is that it has adapted more to all audiences, with that trademark lightness that is infinitely appreciated in the context we are experiencing. A superficial delight, but delight nonetheless.

 Wecrashed (Apple TV+)

Movie couple: Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto unravel the true story of the meteoric rise and even more meteoric fall of coworking startup WeWork, which lost almost all of its value in a disastrous IPO. There are 8 chapters of pyramid schemes, sexual harassment and other scandals, with a very curious direction that has generated a lot of polarization: a part of the public has been hypnotized by the game, masterfully carried out above all by Anne Hathaway, but to another part the plot it seems tiresome, with the excesses of two stars overshadowing the interest in history.

 The Newsreader (Filmin)

If you fell in love with The Newsroom (we are not overly creative in titles), that great love story for journalism, here is a new dose of the ins and outs of the media. In this case, it is set in Australia in the 80s, in the writing of a television newscast with a leader as charismatic as she is complex. It has charm and an honest air that will connect with lovers of this journalistic subgenre… and will make professionals cry who have seen how the profession has been degraded in recent decades.

Peacemaker (HBO Max)

 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Disney+)

Ewan McGregor stars in the resurrection of one of the mythical Star Wars characters, and he does so alongside Hayden Christensen as Darth Vader, Joel Edgerton as Owen Lars and Bonnie Piesse as Beru Lars. A return of cinema that moves the action a decade after the plot of Revenge of the Sith, with Anakin already completely on the dark side and the Jedis about to disappear. The production of this series has delayed the third season of The Mandalorian , since it is recorded in the same studio and with a similar technical team… but not the same effectiveness. Sorry, but for now, it seems a bit leaden to us.

 The Umbrella Academy, season 3 (Netflix)

Desparejado (Netflix)

What happens to the social (and sexual) life of a gay man when he becomes single in his late forties after more than 15 years of stable relationship? The series answers that question with a tone that seeks to resemble that of Sex and the City (Darren Star is one of the creators), with which it shares some successes -there are horny situations with a certain emotional core- and all the mistakes, starting with radical snobbery. Of course, a delivered Neil Patrick Harris provides the necessary charisma for you to see her with pleasure.

If you liked the movie El Angel, that Argentine true crime produced by Almodovar, surely you have not forgotten the face of its protagonist, Lorenzo Ferro. This young talent, who is also a singer, is the best of a short series (as long as a movie and has the structure of a movie) directed by Roger Gual (Smoking Room).Although it is sold in a supposedly cool format to capture the attention of urban music fans, it actually hides an almost Greek tragedy, the story of an idol who falls and a follower who usurps his identity. It has a very interesting and transcendental reading about the mutual cannibalism between the artist and his public that works when the action focuses on the (double) protagonist, but is diluted when the tone is buried under the modernity of Barcelona.

We are dead (Netflix)

A mix of Euphoria and Train to Busan . This is how this Korean production could be described, which takes over from The Squid Game with a plot of problematic high school students in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. It has a point that gracefully departs from the common places of this genre, perhaps because it is based on an online comic and that freshness is noticeable. Very gross and very critical.

 Anatomy of a scandal (Netflix)

Political, intimate and judicial thriller with all the ingredients to engage: the showrunner is David E. Kelley, a classic who has proven to be in top form with Big Little Lies or Nine Perfect Strangers ; the screenplay is based on a bestselling novel by Sara Vaughan; and features a tremendously attractive leading trio: Rupert Friend (Homeland) , Sienna Miller and Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey). The starting point is not very original –what happens to a politician and his entourage when he is accused of committing a rape–, but what is powerful is how this network of secrets and lies is unraveled and the personal reactions that disrupt the events. A bit too much TV movie, but it looks straight.

 Limitless (Amazon Prime Video)

Great expectations for this historic blockbuster that will premiere on Prime Video and, a few months later, on RTVE. It narrates the epic first world tour of Magallanes and Elcano, with Rodrigo Santoro and Alvaro Morte leading a cast that also includes Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Carlos Cuevas, Adrian Lastra, Pepon Nieto… Six episodes full of action – directed by Simon West , that of Con Air and Tomb Raider – shot between Spain and the Dominican Republic.

 Killing Eve, temporada 4 (HBO Max)

Perhaps it would have been better for this series if the end of the third season had been the final one. Actually, if we’re being completely honest, and as much as we love Eve and Villanelle, the project would have been more consequential if it had ended after the glorious season piloted by Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag). The other showrunners – each season is directed by one – have never reached the height and the feeling of going downhill is accentuated more than ever in the last few chapters. The best, an unleashed Eve; the worst, that Villanelle is still stagnant and the chemistry between the two is already so hackneyed that it does not pull the action.

 At the Final List (Amazon Prime Video)

It is the typical series that would have swept the open air back in 2002, because it has an engaging plot, a charismatic protagonist, well-resolved action… But we are in 2002 and the stories of Rambo-style vigilantes eager to shoot whoever they come across. in front they kind of squeak a bit. As said: it is based on successful novels (the saga is by Jack Carr) and Chris Pratt defends well the typical marine with post-traumatic stress who seeks justice after an ambush on a mission that smacks of conspiracy, but we are in 2022 and this archetype of American hero can sting.

 Operation Black Tide (Amazon Prime Video)

Alex Gonzalez gives it his all in this four-episode action miniseries directed by Daniel Calparsoro. It is inspired by the true story of the first narco-submarine intercepted in Europe, a craft vessel that crossed the Atlantic in 2019 loaded with three tons of cocaine. Alex plays the unexpected leader of that epic journey, a Galician boxer who flees from lack of success by the most reckless route. The best and worst of the series is summed up in its duration: being so short and with an explosive plot, it looks in one go… but at the same time it leaves a certain sensation that it goes a little over what could be a historion. There will be a second season, but with Jorge Lopez (Elite) replacing Alex.

 Raised by Wolves, temporada 2 (HBO Max)

If you missed the first season, know that you are missing one of the best science fiction series of today. We are not going to tell you much about the plot in case you decide to sink your teeth into these cybernetic ‘wolves’ who fight against a group of humans on a remote planet to ensure the future of the species they are programmed to protect, but for this image of the second season and you can imagine that at the end of the first what you feared did not happen. Tons of philosophical and almost biblical metaphors that sometimes make the action a bit dense, but if you get into it it can become a real addiction… Although this second season is heavily weighed down by doubts that are never resolved and for long periods of time it feels like a meaningless loop. Between how expensive it is and that it’s messed up too much,

 Archivo 81 (Netflix)

Loosely based on the popular Archive 81 podcast, it is a supernatural horror series with the producers of The File Warren and Stranger Things. James Wan, which is no small feat. The history? An archivist accepts the commission to restore a collection of videotapes from 1994 and is immersed in the investigation that a documentary filmmaker of that time carried out on a dangerous sect… Due to its watered-down promotion it might seem like one of many, but its nostalgic dialogue with horror movie classics like The Shining and its vintage invoice, they go well with a plot more of mystery than fear that jumps between decent cliffhangers .

Reacher (Amazon Prime Video)

The ex-army officer played by Tom Cruise in the movies returns (taller and beefier) ​​now a hero for television with actor, model and singer Alan Ritchson (Smallville) starring. Pure action, Jack Ryan style , with a script based on the best-selling novels by Lee Child… which nevertheless makes you miss good Tom. Because while it’s a solid production for macho entertainment, and in fact it’s taking America by storm, there’s a glaring lack of charisma.

 Elite, season 5 (Netflix)

Vikings: Valhalla (Netflix)

We change Vikings, that life does not end with Ragnar. This long-awaited spin-off focuses, a century later, on the biographies of some of the most famous members of these clans: Leif Erikson, Freydis Eiriksdottir, Harald Hardrada and William the Conqueror, the Norman king. The result is nothing like the beginning of the original series, more focused on historical rigor (it was a History Channel project) than on the mainstream epic series into which it evolved over the seasons. Valhalla follows this last style and further enhances it with a different showrunner. Michael Hirst has overseen the product, but the one in charge is Jeb Stuar, director of cinematic bombs like Die Hard .The result is a powerful, violent, overwhelming series at times, also vulgar at long moments.

 La edad de la ira (Atresplayer Premium)

At the top of this classification is a youth series that excites critics, young and old alike. The best thing about The Age of Wrath is that it does not seek the applause of the experts, but to speak face to face with real adolescents. And he does it in sad mode, with a slow tempo, bombastic reflections, realistic-cool direction and interpretations for the inside. Based on the best-selling book by Nando Lopez, it revolves around the social obstacles that today’s adolescents still encounter to live a different sexual identity in freedom and features Manu Rios (Elite), Amaia Aberasturi (nominated for a Goya by Akelarre), Daniel Ibanez (Walkers) and Carlos Alcaide (El Internado Las Cumbres).

 Fair: The Darkest Light (Netflix)

Another Spanish- style Stranger Things ? A bit yes, but rather the reference should be El labertinto del Fauno, although it is a bit big on it. Fair is a thriller with many supernatural twists about two sisters who must face the supposed and terrible crime that their parents have committed before disappearing, with 23 fatalities. Set in an Andalusian town in the 90s, the series is created by Agustin Martinez and Carlos Montero and stars Carla Campra, Ana Tomeno, Isak Ferriz, Marta Nieto, Angela Cremonte… The best? The powerful metaphor that hides historical memory and the Spanish Transition. Worst? That if you don’t get in there, it’s one more demonic fantasy.

 Welcome to Eden (Netflix)

A congregation of influencers at the most exclusive party of their lives on a deserted island. What can go wrong? Ask the clients of Nine Perfect Strangers, the thing throws that way. The cast is very attractive (Amaia Aberasturi, Amaia Salamanca, Lola Rodriguez, Sergio Momo, Begona Vargas, Ana Mena, Berta Vazquez…) and the locations are very colorful, but the mix of references (add El juego del squid, Dark, Lost, etc) generates the feeling that it is a laboratory series without its own identity. Of course, he has the opportunity to find his way in the coming seasons, as his global success augurs him a long life.

Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber (Movistar Plus+)

The creators of Billions, who know something about creating fast-paced chapters out of corporate plots, are back with this series based on the best-selling book Battle for Uber: Unbridled Ambition . The title makes the plot clear, a pure portrait of the voracious and frenetic universe that surrounds new technology companies, so we better tell you who the protagonists are so that you are encouraged to give it a try: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kyle Chandler and Uma Thurman … Or not, because the main character is so stupid that you don’t want to see him and too much cackling everywhere.

 Keep Breathing (Netflix)

The premise is powerful: a New York lawyer crashes in a private plane in an uninhabited part of Canada, and there she has to survive alone in the face of challenging nature… and before the traumas of the past that arise behind every break in the forests. She has hooked many viewers but the reality is that she goes from more to less, with a lot of flashbacks that contribute little, and ends up becoming very predictable.

The Longest Night (Netflix)

The night to which the title refers is Christmas Eve, but nothing is further from a Christmas series. It is a time trial thriller with references to 24, the mythical series, and also to The Silence of the Lambs. The plot? A jail is surrounded by a group of armed men who threaten to storm it unless they hand over a serial killer (who is Luis Callejo in Hannibal Lecter mode). The tension grows at a good pace and there are wonderful supporting roles (especially Cecilia Freire), but the characters are barely outlined and the script is so generic that it’s too hard to empathize. The end, supposedly final, ends up playing the game to the viewer.

Once upon a time… but not anymore (Netflix)

How difficult not to be primed with the new series by Manolo Caro (The House of Flowers),the first musical fiction produced by Netflix Spain that has a cast with singers such as the international star Sebastian Yatra or the winner of OT 2020, Nia Correia and renowned actors such as Asier Etxeandia or the always iconic Rossy de Palma. Defined as an anti-fairy tale (hence the title), it is about two lovers tragically separated who must meet again in another life to break the spell that has fallen on their town. The multicolored production is the most salvageable part of a story that seeks to be a cross between Almodovar and Wes Anderson but that is blurred by a script that is always on the verge of ridiculousness, which could have its point if the pot outing hid some strong intention, which sometimes it seems so, but the lack of grace kills the interest.

All the series that arrive in 2022

From here, we tell you all the series that are to come this 2022.

Wilow (Disney+) – November 30

More than 30 years after the premiere of that shabby adventure film that fell in love with a generation, Disney launches the serial version with the same protagonist, Warwick Davis, and with the very veteran Ron Howard as producer. LucasFilm is in charge of the new version of this tale of fairies and little monsters.

Easy (Movistar Plus+) – December 1

Easy reading, the book by Cristina Morales, was for many the best novel of 2018. For its daring, for its politically incorrect humor, for putting on the table a reality that is always treated with fear and condescension: it is the story of four girls with functional diversity who seek life in Barcelona. Anna R. Costa, co-author of the brilliant Arde Madrid, turns it into a series with Natalia de Molina, Anna Castillo, Anna Marchessi and Coria Castillo at the helm. Be careful because the first reviews suggest that it will be one of the best series of the year.

The Midnight Club (Netflix)

After the very interesting turn of Midnight Mass, of a quality even higher than the curses of Hill House and Bly Manor, Mike Flanagan presents his fourth horror series for Netflix. It’s about a group of seven patients of a mysterious doctor who meet every midnight to tell each other stories so they don’t sleep… and agree that the first one to die will communicate with the rest from the afterlife.

Thistle, season 2 (Atresplayer Premium)

What a joy that the public and critics have pricked their fingertips with Ana Rujas’ Cardo , which makes all those beauties bleed and also wake up, forced to fall asleep because of unfulfilled expectations, of the future cut off from so many young people in an uninhabitable society for those who get off the wheel. The second season will surely arrive at the end of the year.

La novia tiana (Atresplayer Premium)

The director Paco Cabezas gives Carmen Mola’s bestseller the form of a series, with Nerea Barros (Farina) as the protagonist. It is a thriller in which a police officer faces a ritual crime, with the film Seven as a reference in vintage and violence.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 (HBO Max)

Despite the fact that the most relevant series at the end of the last decade lost part of its effectiveness in the third season but recovered it in the fourth, its next premiere will be an event. Because his dialogue with the present is no longer an echo, it is a clamor. We trust that the desire to read it in terms of reproductive rights contributes more than subtracts to this transcendental series.

Watch out for this co-production between Spain and Brazil because it looks very good. Raul Arevalo and Bruno Gagliasso (a star in the country of Rio de Janeiro) go head to head a la True Detective in this story about two radically different policemen who share a common goal: to hunt down Santo, the most wanted drug trafficker in the world, by that no one has ever put a face on. The most interesting thing is the cross between the police thriller and the horror genre.

Cars on the road (Disney+)

Lightning McQueen is back! The Pixar movie car saga will continue in the form of a series in which the main characters will be recovered and there will be winks and cameos through an (exhaust) pipe.

Cobra Kai season 5 (Netflix)

It is still hard to understand the phenomenon that this continuation of the Karate Kid saga generates, but the fact is that Netflix has not stopped squeezing it since it took over the rights to an apparently shabby project. Here’s everything we know about Cobra Kai season 5.

The Time Traveler’s Wife (HBO Max)

We put ourselves in Outlander mode to tackle this project starring a very attractive couple, Rose Leslie (Game of Thrones) and Theo James (Divergent) . It is based on a best-selling novel by Audrey Niffenegger, it is adapted for television by Steven Moffat (Sherlock)… What counts? Well, what the title says: a very magical love story about a marriage with a small temporary problem.

The Castle, season 4 (Netflix)

Many viewers remember the first three seasons of Borgen as one of the best political shows of all time. Not only because of how well he sewed parliamentary and partisan plots with personal ones, but because of his ability to inspire a kind of hope in the ruling class when it is led by good people. In this new season, Netflix adds fuel to the Danish production with a plot in which the protagonist, Birgitte Nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen), has to manage an international crisis related to oil from the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs. We won’t see Pilou Asbaek in the role of advisor, but we will see the journalist Katrine Fonsmark (Birgitte Hjort Sorensen).

Hierro ‘s creative team , led by Pepe Coira and Fran Araujo, has created this suspense series for Movistar+ starring Javier Camara and Monica Lopez. It is set in Galicia and the title refers to the ‘rapa das bestas’ of Cedeira, a tradition in which the more than 200 wild horses that inhabit those mountains are driven. The plot? A judicial sergeant arrives in a Galician town to investigate the murder of the mayoress, witnessed by a single witness.

The Shining (Apple TV+)

A metaphysical thriller with Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) as the protagonist and producer. Intensity is coming! Based on the novel by Lauren Beukes, it’s about a Chicago newspaper archivist who didn’t become a journalist because she suffered a brutal attack, and has been perceiving reality in a distorted way ever since. With that strange filter, and with the help of another traumatized editor (Wagner Moura, from Narcos ), she investigates the criminal who apparently attacked her and who continues to commit crimes.

Russian Doll Season 2 (Netflix)

What a joy that Netflix decided to lately renew this wonder that it gave us in 2019, a fascinating loop that we did not want to get out of. The first season showed a kind of ‘Groundhog Day’ of the protagonist (fabulous Natasha Lyonne), who again and again woke up at a party and in the next 24 hours found her dead. And start again. In addition to being very horny, she had a lot of philosophical core… that she becomes more of a psychoanalyst in the second season. Change the loop for a trip the time we better not tell you anything about.

Better Call Saul, season 6 (Movistar Plus+)

The final season concludes Jimmy McGill’s (Bob Odenkirk) complicated journey of transformation into criminal lawyer and go-getter Saul Goodman. From the cartel to the courts, from Albuquerque to Omaha, the sixth installment follows Jimmy/Saul/Gene as they try to disappear from Lalo’s (Tony Dalton) radar. The new episodes will also explore where her relationship stands with Kim (Rhea Seehorn), who is facing her own existential crisis after leaving the firm and following Jimmy on her own personal odyssey. Meanwhile, Mike (Jonathan Banks), Gus (Giancarlo Esposito), Varga (Michael Mando) and Lalo continue their deadly game of cat and mouse.

The First Lady (Movistar Plus+)

Tremendous trio of actresses for a series that focuses on the biographies of three First Ladies of the United States. In the first season, Gillian Anderson is Eleanor Roosevelt, Michelle Pfeiffer gives life to Betty Ford and Viola Davis dares with Michele Obama. It is both a personal and a political journey to trace his path to that other power, very different according to each era.

The Inheritors of the Earth (Netflix)

The success of La catedral del Mar on Netflix caused the platform to lead the continuation of this medieval saga based on the novels by Ildefonso Falcones. And later it will be broadcast on Atresmedia, which was the one who first launched this project. This second part, led by Yon Gonzalez, David Solans and Aitor Luna, goes from building cathedrals to building ships, and maintains the essence of family and aristocratic intrigues in Barcelona at the end of the 14th century.

We are sorry for the inconvenience (Movistar Plus+)

Juan Cavestany and Alvaro Fernandez-Armero, the showrunners who demonstrated their state of grace with Shame, return to the fray with another comedy with Antonio Resines (he recorded it before his drama with the covid) and Miguel Rellan as protagonists. A plot in the vein of Sorrentino ‘s Youth , about a bandleader and a rock star who face retirement and old age completely unprepared for society to push them away.

Our flag means death (HBO Max)

Taika Waititi is a producer (and actor) in this peculiar comedy by David Jenkins, which also has our Nacho Vigalondo as director of three chapters. It is very loosely inspired by the adventures of a kind of 18th century pirate, Stede Bonnet, a gentleman who jumped into the sea in search of his fortune… And ended up with a half-mutinous crew. Oh, and he went up against Blackbeard, which is the character that Waititi plays.

Outlander, season 6 (Movistar Plus+)

The finale of season five left fans with their hearts in their throats (oh, poor Claire), and season six will pull that terrible thread as it gets closer to the American Revolutionary War. Since we do not want to spoil anything about this epic fantasy, if you want to know more details go to this article where you have all the information about season 6.

Terror and joke. Courteney Cox and Greg Kinnear star in this genre-blending series about a family who leaves their small New York apartment to seek a new life in a Victorian mansion…which is haunted, of course. Like The Haunting of Hill House, but with family-dysfunctional humor.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, temporada 4 (Amazon Prime Video)

One of the most awarded comedies of recent years returns with a trip to the 1960s. Seeking to perfect her show, Midge finds a job that allows her complete creative freedom. But her commitment to her craft, and the places it takes him, drives a wedge between her and her family and friends who surround her. Among the guests of the new chapters are Milo Ventimiglia and John Waters.

The Responder (Movistar Plus+)

Police drama based on the real experiences of former police officer and writer Tony Schumacher, all night key and with a good dose of action on the streets of Liverpool. There are two quality assurances: it produces the BBC and the protagonist is Martin Freeman.

The Afterparty (Apple TV+)

Created and directed by Chris Miller and Phil Lord (Spider-Man: A New Universe), it is a genre-defying series centering on a murder mystery at a high school class reunion. Each episode explores a different character’s account of the fateful night in question, all through the lens of various film genres and using unique visual effects that highlight each narrator’s perspective.

Maggie Civantos returns to the action genre that has given her so much joy with a fast-paced series that delves into the world of express kidnappings from the perspective of a criminal psychologist. She works as a negotiator and leader of an outlaw group specialized in this type of situation that touches her very personally, since she was the victim of one. She enters into the psychology of victims and executioners and also into the social derivatives of this terrible form of violence and extortion.

The mere presence of Elena Rivera already activates our interest in this thriller that has other well-known faces from the Spanish Television series, such as Rodolfo Sancho or Miryam Gallego. The starting point sounds very metaphorical: due to a drought, a town that had been sunk in a swamp sees the light again… And several corpses are found in one of its houses. From there, the protagonist detective gets fully involved in a fight between two powerful families on the border between Spain and Portugal.

Everyone lies (Movistar Plus+)

Pau Freixas has become the great specialist in deluxe thrillers, always with great actors and implacable script twists. Those chosen for Everyone Lies are Leonardo Sbaraglia, Irene Arcos, Natalia Verbeke, Juan Diego Botto, Ernesto Alterio, Miren Ibarguren, Amaia Salamanca… And the plot of lies (including murder) is unleashed when a woman begins a relationship with the son of her best friend. Most compelling is its combination of suspense and family drama woven with dark humor.

Dark Desire Season 2 (Netflix)

The second season of one of the most addictive deluxe soap operas on Netflix has arrived, with Maite Perroni and Alejandro Speitzer at the helm. A lot of drama and a lot of passion in a plot that starts with the discovery by the protagonist that her object of desire had faked her death.