What will be the best series of 2023? How difficult to answer that question in a year that is presented as a new great battle between all the platforms, perhaps not so much to see which one has the greatest media projection but rather to consolidate a business model that threatens to burst several bubbles after five years of mass production.

In this panorama of conquest and balance, Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video and company are moving their chips more cautiously than ever, especially after the uneven impact, especially economically, of the great assets of 2022, with The rings of power and The House of the Dragon as the most spectacular premieres. And with the confirmation that Disney+ surpassed Netflix for the first time in subscribers, a surprise in the leadership of the platforms whose consequences can be better assessed in the coming months.

That’s the business part, but this list goes headlong into the creative zone. So again we ask, better in the plural: what will be the best series of 2023? The most anticipated series of Disney+ in 2023 are clearly committed to a line of continuity, with the new seasons of The Mandalorian or Loki as an example of their always irregular extensions in the Star Wars and Marvel universes. Secret invasion or Echo are among the new titles that try their luck in 2023.

What about the most anticipated series on Netflix in 2023? The Bridgertons, Lupin, Sex Education, You or Elite franchises will pull the bandwagon waiting for Dahmer -style surprises . As for the Spanish production, there are a number of thrillers that look very attractive, starting with The Snow Girl .

We jump to the most anticipated HBO Max series in 2023. The first bombshell comes with The Last Of Us, probably one of the titles that will give the most talk. An echo that will expand with the new chapters of Succession, And Just Like That, 30 coins or Hacks .

On Amazon Prime Video, this time without the power of the rings, two proposals based on comics stand out (The Continental and Gen V) and, above all, some Spanish productions that look strong: Los Farad, Romancero, Sin huellas … The Spanish series They will also be the highlight of Movistar Plus+: the third part of La unidad will be joined by El hijo zurdo, El otro lado, Poquita fe… Apple TV+ will continue to bet on titles that are out of the easy mainstream, just like Atresplayer Premium and those other platforms less massive that always premiere high-quality series. We will be attentive to all of you to update this calendar constantly throughout 2023.

Kaleidoscopio (Netflix) – premiere January 1

The first series of the year is a curious narrative experiment. We start from a plot that is not very original: it is about a gang of robbers committing the biggest robbery in history, and it is told from 25 years before the coup to 6 months after. The funny thing is that each viewer will see the chapters in a random order; They are not numbered, they go by color. The only condition is to watch the ‘White’ chapter last. In this way, the public will perceive this plot of betrayals and unexpected turns in a different way until reaching the same outcome. Oh, and there’s Paz Vega, what more do you want.

Interview with the Vampire (AMC+) – Premiere January 12

The serial version of Anne Rice’s classic had a fantastic reception upon its premiere in the United States and aims to be one of the revelations of the year. Exuberance and chemistry in abundance with Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid in the roles that Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise immortalized in the cinema.

Vikings Valhalla, season 2 (Netflix) – premiere January 12

Although the sequel to Vikings has not had the favor of critics, the public did agree with the hack of the first season. To the point that before the second was released, the third was already being filmed, so there are Vikings for a while. There will be more battles and also a little more love, as we tell you in this “everything we know” about Vikings Valhalla 2.

Sky Rojo, season 3 (Netflix) – premiere January 13

The final season of Sky Rojo brings together all the protagonists (Veronica Sanchez, Asier Etxeandia, Lali Esposito, Miguel Angel Silvestre and Yany Prado) except one, of course, for the final firecracker. There will be 8 chapters that take place six months after the escape of the girls from the Canary Islands. Lali herself confirmed a bomb signing: we will see the acting debut of Rauw Alejandro.

Christ and the King (Atresplayer Premium) – premiere January 15

High voltage in this biopic with a double focus that covers the stormy relationship between Barbara Rey and Angel Cristo. Belen Cuesta and Jaime Lorente get into the shoes of the vedette and the tamer in this production by Daniel Ecija and Montse Garcia that tries to capture the contradictory spirit of the eighties in Spain, of festive exaltation of success and recalcitrant machismo. And with a stellar appearance by the king emeritus, of course.

The Last of Us (HBO Max) – premieres January 16

Expectations through the roof before this serial version of one of the highest quality video games in history, also adapted by the creator of Chernobyl and with Pedro Pascal as the protagonist. The plot takes place in a post-apocalyptic America, after a disease outbreak has devastated the population, turning those infected into zombie-like creatures.

The Snow Girl (Netflix) – Premiere January 27

Milena Smit is the protagonist of the adaptation of the successful novel by Javier Castillo. The writer himself has been heavily involved in designing the scripts for this thriller about a journalist who investigates the disappearance of a girl. The cast also includes Jose Coronado, Aixa Villagran, Tristan Ulloa, Loreto Mauleon…

Terapia sin filtro (Apple TV+) – premiered on January 27

Part of Ted Lasso ‘s creative team puts itself at the service of Jason Segel ( How I Met Your Mother) and a whole Harrison Ford in one of his first important roles in a series to mount a comic version of In Therapy . The spark jumps when a therapist who is going through a personal duel decides to tell his patients what he really thinks, without taking professional or personal ethics into account. And she messed up.

Succession, season 4 (HBO Max) – premiere in January

It’s going to more. The degree of addiction to Succession reached its peak with the end of the third season and in the fourth a total war looms between Logan Roy and his children, now separated from the control of the family business. Possibly the best current series in terms of sharp fang and enjoyment of dialogues and situations.

You, season 4 (Netflix) – premieres February 9

Close to Valentine’s Day, what a good vibe. Although it seemed that the plot did not give more of itself (that almost happened in the first season), one of the most watched series on Netflix in recent years continues, about a manipulative stalker who moves through life leaving corpses under a tremendous scheme of romantic comedy. In the new chapters we will see if Joe’s (Penn Badgley) plan to start a second life in another city and with another identity after faking his death works.

Poor devil (HBO Max) – premiere in February

It is the first animated series on HBO Max Spain and comes with the chanante label of Joaquin Reyes and Ernesto Sevilla. This is the synopsis: “Stan is an ordinary boy except for the fact that he is the Antichrist. In addition, he has just turned 665 months. There is one month left until the prophecy is fulfilled and he has to fulfill his destiny: to plunge humanity into horror and chaos, and bring about Armageddon. But he’s more interested in singing and dancing in a Broadway musical.”

The Mandalorian, season 3 (Disney+) – premiere March 1

What will the series be like without Baby Yoda? It is the great doubt that arises before the best expansion of the Star Wars universe in recent years. More questions: how will Grogu fit in? What will Mandalore be like? Rafael Galan, our Star Wars expert, better tell you in this everything we know about The Mandalorian 3 .

Up to the sky (Netflix) – premiere in 2023

It is the serial adaptation of the film by Daniel Calpalsoro. It is actually a continuation, because it follows the gang of thieves after putting the Madrid Police force in check. Calparsoro repeats as director and Jorge Guerricaechevarria as scriptwriter in a plot that travels from Madrid to Nigeria passing through Lisbon, Paris… The protagonist this time is Alvaro Rico (he has warned us that a series is coming) together with Luis Tosar, Asia Ortega, Leiva Alana Porra, Patricia Vico…

Berlin (Netflix) – release in 2023

The body on fire (Netflix) – premiere in 2023

Ursula Corbero and Quim Gutierrez, an ardent couple for a miniseries based on true events that will burn in views. It is inspired by ‘the crime of the Urban Guard’, the case of a police officer who appeared burned in a car and in the network of suspicions, betrayals and toxic relationships that unravels as his partner is investigated (Cobero ) and her ex-boyfriend (Gutierrez). Jose Manuel Poga, Isak Ferriz and Eva Llorach are the luxury secondaries.

A Perfect Tale (Netflix) – premiere in 2023

Another scandalous couple, Anna Castillo and Alvaro Mel, to star in another adaptation of a book by Elisabet Benavent, the author of Valeria . The story will sound slightly familiar to you: it tells of the seemingly impossible love between the heiress of a hotel empire and a boy who is struggling to make ends meet. Well that, very cuqui everything.

The Silence (Netflix) – release in 2023

Another outstanding Elite student , Aron Piper, stars in the new series by Aitor Gabilondo (Patria) in which Manu Rios also participates. It’s a very tough story about a boy who gets out of prison six years after murdering his parents, and during all that time he hasn’t said a word. A young psychiatrist tries to break that secrecy to find out her true intentions and whether or not she is a danger to society.

Elite, season 7 (Netflix) – premiere in 2023

The Elite factory is at full capacity, especially after the revolution that season 6 brought about with that provocative spirit and debate generator that marked the first installments. In the 7th, the open plots about adolescent abuse, transphobia and nocturnal mafia are delved into, new students arrive… and Omar Ayuso returns!

The Bridgertons, season 3 (Netflix) – premiere in 2023

Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton) are the starring couple of the third season of the great success of Shonda Rhimes on Netflix. In this way, the order of the literary saga is altered and the door is also opened to rumors that Rege-Jean Page is going to return.

Sex Education, season 4 (Netflix) – premiere in 2023

The third season of Sex Education was the best of all and, above all, it confirmed that this production, which started on Netflix with discreet expectations, has earned a wonderful place as a benchmark for youth. The fourth, much to our regret, may be the last. Joining the cast is Dan Levy, the actor Schitt’s Creek , in the role of Thomas Molloy, a famous writer and tutor for Maeve’s course at her Ivy League university in the US. Other new cast are Thaddea Graham, Marie Reuther , Felix Mufti, Anthony Lexa, Alexandra James and Imani Yahshua.

Lupine, season 3 (Netflix) – premiere in 2023

What can happen in the third season of Lupine? Pretty much anything, really, because the Netflix version is only loosely inspired by Maurice Leblanc’s books, so the possibilities are endless. This is the good thing about this successful franchise, which has managed to surprise viewers with its fanciful scripts and a totally magnetic protagonist, Omar Sy.

Iron Hand (Netflix) – release in 2023

The seaport of Barcelona and its potential to sneak drugs through the 6,000 containers it receives every day are the conflictive enclave in which this thriller takes place. 6 chapters about mafias, betrayals, reckoning and revenge directed by Lluis Quilez ( Bajocero) and with a very powerful cast: Chino Darin, Eduard Fernandez, Natalia de Molina, Jaime Lorente, Sergi Lopez and Enriq Auquer.

The Idol (HBO Max) – premiere in 2023

It seems that the third season of Euphoria will not be ready by 2023, but there is good news from its creator, Sam Levinson. He already has the series The Idol ready to premiere , which is presented as “the most sordid love story in Hollywood.” The protagonists of this sleaze are Lily-Rose Depp and Abel Tesfaye, who play a pop star and the leader of a kind of sect that traps the jet set.

30 Coins, Season 2 (HBO Max) – Premiere in 2023

Alex de la Iglesia already warned us that in his head there were three seasons of 30 coins . The second defines it as “an epic and hellish storm” where there may be deaths and resurrections, so be prepared for macabre and crazy script twists. Crazy are the protagonists of the first installment at the start of this one, some literally in the psychiatric hospital, and everything that will happen later will not help their sanity. To finish off the finished off, Najwa Nimri is incorporated into a very heavy character.

And Just Like That, season 2 (HBO Max) – premiere in 2023

The sequel to Sex and the City causes complete polarization: either you love it or you hate it. Here we unconditionally love Carrie and company, so we’re laying out the red carpet for the new chapters in which the protagonist will have already overcome the duel for the death of Big and is about to explore the personal and professional relationships that have evolved so much since the years that the original series portrayed, one of HBO’s best of all time.

Hacks, season 3 (HBO Max) – premiere in 2023

For many it is the best HBO comedy in recent years, due to the extreme quality of the dialogues and the wonderful relationship between a diva of comedy in low hours and a young screenwriter who is out of place. It seemed that the end of the second season was definitive, but the platform gives us one more installment in which we will see how the protagonists evolve once their employment relationship is broken.

The Sisterhood (HBO Max) – release in 2023

It will be necessary to see if HBO Max has to wait for the premiere of the second part of Dune in theaters (in principle, on November 17, 2023) to launch this spin-off about the Bene Gesserit, the order of women with supernatural powers that already appeared in the movie. Emily Watson and Shirley Henderson lead a cast in which Indira Varma and Travis Fimmel are also confirmed.

Echo (Disney+) – release in 2023

Even before releasing the Hawkeye series, it was leaked that Disney+ is already working on a spin off with one of its characters, Echo. Who is Maya Lopez? Click there to know everything about this new superheroine.

Ahsoka (Disney+) – release in 2023

Ahsoka Tano is something like Luke Skywalker for the new generations, with Rosario Dawson as the protagonist of the flesh and blood version. She is an alien Jedi who was Anakin’s pupil before he became Darth Vader, so she is in the same timeline as The Mandalorian.

What If, season 2 (Disney+) – premiere in 2023

Lovers of the Marvel multiverse got their boots on with the first season of these alternative stories to Marvelian dogma, and the second round is already well advanced. If you are a fan, better go through our Everything we know about What If 2 because it is all too complex to explain in a short paragraph.

Loki, season 2 (Disney+) – premiere in 2023

The first season raised the bar for the Disney+ Marvel series, so the second is expected to exceed expectations again. The plots will be very marked by how Tom Hiddleston’s character advances in other films and series of the Marvel Multiverse, so for more information click on the following link.

Ironheart (Disney+) – release in 2023

And more heroines. In this case, it is one of the most current in the Marvel universe, since it did not appear in the comics until 2016. The main character is Riri Williams, a young engineer with a prodigious brain who takes over from Iron Man after his death in the Last of the Avengers.

Agatha: Coven of Chaos (Disney+) – release 2022

Kathryn Hahn reprises the character of Agatha Harkness in WandaVision to star in her own spin-off. Little is still known about this side adventure of the witch, although fans insist on placing the villain Mephisto in this series.

Without Footprints (Amazon Prime Video) – release in 2023

Qualified as ‘paella western’, I smelled the creativity in the genres there, it is the story of two women, a gypsy (Carolina Yuste) and the other Mexican (Camila Sodi), who start working as cleaners in a mansion in Alicante… And they They find the body of a woman. As they have unknowingly cleaned up the crime scene, they become the main suspects and must flee from the police, from some Russian hitmen, from their millionaire relatives, from their own ghosts from the past… A very good-looking chaos.

The Farads (Amazon Prime Video) – release in 2023

Mariano Barroso, responsible for some of the most solid Spanish series in recent years, has none other than Miguel Herran and Susana Abaitua as protagonists to portray a story of luxury and mafia in Marbella in the 80s. A great production with a background on arms trafficking in the jet set enclave of the Costa del Sol.

Operation Black Tide, season 2 (Amazon Prime Video) – premiere in 2023

Jorge Lopez takes over from Alex Gonzalez in the second part of a series that bears the action stamp of Daniel Calparsoro. He plays the same character, the one who crossed the Atlantic in a narco-submarine to the coast of Galicia. Two years later, he is in prison and around him is a story of family revenge and police corruption. Nerea Barros does continue and she is joined by Oscar Jaenada, Esther Acebo, Patricia Vico, Belen Lopez…

Gen V (Amazon Prime Video) – release in 2023

Another spin-off of The Boys, this time in a flesh and blood version and with younger protagonists. It maintains the sadistic and horny essence of the original series but with a plot that moves away from political satire to delve into another, obviously brutal, criticism of life in the United States’ institutes. In the attractive cast, the presence of Patrick Schwarzenegger stands out.

Romancero (Amazon Prime Video) – release in 2023

Fernando Navarro (Veronica, Venus) writes and Tomas Pena (director of the most iconic video clips of Rosalia and C Tangana) directs a very attractive supernatural and Lorca horror story. With a “desert and cruel” Andalusia as the setting, two young people flee from a traumatic childhood and also from monsters, demons, witches and vampires. Sasha Cocola (Roof and Food) and newcomer Elena Matic lead a great cast with Ricardo Gomez, Guillermo Toledo, Belen Cuesta and Alba Flores.

The Continental (Amazon Prime Video) – release in 2023

Prime Video bid hard for the rights to the John Wick prequel, set in the underworld of 1970 New York. The protagonist is a hotel manager , a young Winston Scott, played by Colin Woodell. The cast includes none other than Mel Gibson.

The left-handed son (Movistar Plus+) – premiere in 2023

Rafael Cobos, double winner of the Goya for Best Screenplay (La isla minima, El hombre de las mil caras), makes his debut as showrunner in his third project on Movistar Plus+ after co-directing La peste y un capitulazo de Apagon with Alberto Rodriguez . El hijo zurdo is defined as an emotional thriller focused on the vital crisis that the protagonist, played by Maria Leon, is going through due to the serious behavioral problems of her son.

The other side (Movistar Plus+) – premiere in 2023

A horror series created and starring Berto Romero? It sounds like a joke, and we intuit that some joke must also have to see the characterization of Berto and Andreu Buenafuente, who has a prominent role in this production of El Terrat directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera and Alberto del Toro (Superlopez, Malnazidos). It is “a ghost story” that seeks a trademark tone between naturalistic joking and mystery.

The Kabul unit (Movistar Plus+) – premiere in 2023

The unit of Dani de la Torre and Alberto Marini is in our top favorite Spanish series of all time for its amazing narrative pulse and its ability to turn up the volume of humanity in an action thriller. The third (and in principle last) season has been filmed in Pakistan as well as in Madrid and Almeria to recreate the terrorist conflicts in Kabul, with the protagonists transferred to that hot spot on the planet at the time the Taliban returned to power in August of 2021.

Little Faith (Movistar Plus+) – premiere in 2023

Montero and Maidagan, the creators of Just before Christ and before Camera Cafe, return to the fray this time with a more realistic and everyday comedy. Almost bordering on social cinema, because the heart of the plot is those little things that happen to ordinary people in any neighborhood. The protagonists are Raul Cimas and Esperanza Pedreno.

Masters of the Air (Apple TV+) – estreno en 2023

Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks join forces again after Blood Brothers and The Pacific. This third part addresses the true story of a group of bomber pilots during World War II.

The Lady of the Lake (Apple TV+) – release in 2023

Natalie Portman and Lupita Nyong’o, two Hollywood goddesses, star in the adaptation of Laura Lippman’s novel of the same name, with director Alma Har’el serving as showrunner. Girl power in a story about a housewife who becomes an investigative journalist after a crime in 1960s Baltimore.