The Christmas season is a time for reunions, spending time with family and hugging the ones you love the most… and also for Christmas movies and series. In order not to run out of a plan this holiday season, among the Netflix series we can find some perfect options to watch alone or with the family. In them we find without cynicism the spirit that should reign at these festivities, the essence of family, emotion and colored lights. It doesn’t matter that they are a bit cheesy at times: whoever presses play already knows exactly what they are looking for, and there is no doubt that they will find it . Not all of them are going to be at the level of the best series in history.

Now, on Netflix we have found jewels like ‘Dash & Lily’, a charming adolescent romance that takes place at Christmas time (with the same charm as those Christmas love movies to spend a romantic party) and that has a very special approach: its two protagonists do not know each other in person, but clues are left all over New York to get to know each other better before getting face to face. We know that it will not go ahead, because Netflix canceled it in 2021, but that does not mean that we cannot continue to enjoy it as much or more as the best series of 2022, among which Netflix has already cast more than one title. Christmas? There’s still time.

Nor did we leave behind a homeland representative and one of the best Spanish series on Netflix: ‘Christmas Days’ , made up of three episodes and featuring a spectacular cast led by Elena Anaya, Victoria Abril, Veronica Echegui, Angela Molina, Nerea Barros and the late Veronica Forque. The Christmas vibes are intense in this story of a family through several eras and several generations, also with the charm that we can identify with their Spanish customs.

Now that Christmas is right around the corner, we want to go over the best Christmas series that can be found among the best Netflix original series . We know that everyone has their traditions in these festivals, movies and essential series that they associate with these very special days, but we must be constantly exploring and perhaps one of these stories has the ability to infuse us with a spirit that, in these more difficult times, that never, we really need it. If you have already taken a look at other Christmas lists from other streaming platformsLike the best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime Video, the best Christmas movies on HBO Max, and the best Christmas movies on Disney+, we leave you with this selection of series available on Netflix.

Italian production of six episodes, ‘I Hate Christmas’ is a fun romantic comedy with a Christmas touch for those who want to celebrate the holidays on Netflix. The story follows a single nurse who, after convincing her family that she has a boyfriend, desperately needs to find a partner before Christmas so she can take him to the festivities. She is 24 days old and the time trial has begun.

Christmas, hip hop, comedy, romance… A winning combination. This French Netflix production tells us the story of a famous rapper and a journalist who meet in a classic ‘meet-cute’ and end up falling in love . But that relationship will have to overcome complicated obstacles, mainly caused by the different lives and personalities of both. Will they survive Christmas? The series has a Christmas spirit and a romantic comedy, despite not having a great script.

This mixture of teenage romance, Christmas story and family drama is a marvel that you will devour in a breath, thanks to episodes that last just half an hour and a plot that unfolds shrouded in mystery for its protagonists. Dash hates Christmas and Lily loves it, but her opposite positions will end up finding a common space through a red notebook, in which they write challenges and reflections to get to know each other better. But will they be able to take the plunge and meet in person? A series that forgets the chats and returns to the old-fashioned way, with a story that fills us with expectations until its great ending.

This Spanish Netflix production fulfills the much-needed Christmas function of moving us to tears. If emotions scare you, run away. Created by Pau Freixas (‘Red Bracelets’, ‘I Know Who You Are’), it tells the story of Sofia, Valentina, Esther and Maria, four sisters whose story is built through three Christmas meals at three different times in their lives. . Thus, each of its three episodes shows us different actresses: Charo Lopez, Elena Anaya and Berta Castane play Esther; Victoria Abril, Veronica Echegui and Mar Ayala give life to Maria; Angela Molina, Nerea Barros and Carla Tous get into Valentina’s skin; and Veronica Forque, Anna Moliner and Mariona Pagesthey are Adele. Can there be a more well-matched cast? This miniseries brings us family and excitement set on Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas and stuff

Sometimes all we want for Christmas is a light, fun, conventional series. Is it a crime? This Netflix series, starring Dennis Quaid (‘You to London and I to California’) and Ashley Tisdale (‘High School Musical’), may give us exactly what we are looking for. It tells the story of a family, where the patriarch tries to deal with Christmas stress and the demands of his children, but an event puts the festivities in jeopardy: his young daughter, Emmy ( Bridgit Mendler ), arrives with her new boyfriend, Matt ( Brent Morin ), and the protagonist prepares to put his stubbornness to the test. The result is cliche situations, but endearing, and with a lot of Christmas spirit. Will there be a miracle?

Netflix is ​​always full of surprises. For example, you can turn a Norwegian series into one of the best Christmas series to watch today . In the spirit of the purest romantic comedy, ‘Christmas at home’ tells a common story on these dates (without coronavirus, of course): the thirty-year-olds who return home without a partner or too many successes under their arms to endure the shower of questions and frustrated expectations of his family. That happens to Johanne, although she is not willing to go through all that: she decides to start an exhaustive search for a fake couple to bring home for Christmas . In the style of ‘The wedding day’, but without tickets involved. Will she get it?

From Denmark comes one of the most bizarre Christmas proposals on Netflix, mixing terror, the fantastic and the spirit of Christmas to create a most surprising series. The story follows a teenager, who leaves her family on vacation to a fairly remote island, but what was going to be days of hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies ends up turning into a nightmare because of some thirsty mythological beings. of blood.

With just three episodes, this Netflix miniseries takes us on a classic Christmas reunion full of surprises, romantic dramas and grudges from the past. German production based on the book by Christian Huber, it follows a young man who returns home to spend the holidays and discovers that his brother has a new girlfriend: his ex From him. The family secrets will be revealed to the misfortune of the protagonist, who will have to navigate through the most disastrous Christmas of his life.

Less sweet and more bitter? We also have it. This German miniseries condenses another aspect of family reunions into three episodes: controversial revelations and secrets that come to light . Not even nougats can save this family from facing each other’s truth. The house in which they meet to spend the day becomes the stage to put everything (but EVERYTHING) on the table and face the consequences. What are those secrets that have been hiding under the rug for a long time?

If what you are looking for is not fiction, and you are also a fan of Masterchef, you cannot miss this incredible Netflix cooking contest , which has its corresponding Christmas edition. Nothing better to see on these important dates and even get some idea. And it is that cooking some of the ambitious desserts that we see in this program could be a great family pastime. And alone too, although later to see who eats it. ‘Sugar Rush’ gives us what its title promises: an incredibly entertaining, fun and hypnotic sugar rush , especially recommended for lovers of cooking contests.

The Holiday movies that made us

What movies are capable of defining an entire Christmas season? What stories remind us of Christmas and we never miss the opportunity to see each year? Each reader will have different answers to these questions, but perhaps some will agree with the two films explored in this documentary miniseries titled “The Vacation Movies That Made Us” (a series that has other seasons focused on other themes, from nostalgic movies to toys). mythical). Here the focus is on ‘Elf’ and ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ , two Christmas movies that could not be more different and whose creation could not be more fascinating.